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08 Jan 2024  |  Global

Breakthrough Advancements in Wave and Tidal Renewable Energy Generation

The ability to provide stable and predictable output for coastal areas enhances the future growth potential of wave and tidal energy

This research study focuses on breakthrough advancements in wave and tidal renewable energy generation. The study draws attention to the unique ability of these technologies to provide a stable and predictable energy output and their potential to address some of the challenges presented by the irregularities and other disadvantages of solar and win...

16 Sep 2022  |  Global

Frost Radar™: ​ Digital Platforms for Renewable Energy and Battery Storage Optimization and Trading, 2022 Front-of-the-Meter Focus​​

A Benchmarking System to Spark Companies to Action—Innovation that Fuels New Deal Flow and Growth Pipelines

Flexible generation capacity and storage are key elements of the energy transition and the continued expansion of intermittent renewable energy (RE) because they offer unparalleled flexibility to optimally deliver energy and ancillary services. Frost & Sullivan forecasts global grid-scale battery energy storage systems (BESS) to experience rapid ex...


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10 Dec 2020  |  Global

Demand for More Efficient and Maintenance-free Equipment Directing the Global CASE Market in Renewable Energy Applications

New Product Development Fuels Competitive In-house R&D and Strategic Acquisitions

This study presents an assessment of the current status and future prospects of the global market for coatings, adhesives and sealants, and elastomers (CASE) in renewable energy applications: solar, wind, and other (hydroelectric, fuel cell, biomass, biogas, bioenergy, geothermal, and tidal energies). The research accounts for volume shipment and r...


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30 Apr 2020  |  Global

Global Renewable Energy Inverters Market, Forecast to 2026

Growing Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Installation and Increasing Popularity of Solar Plus Storage Systems to Drive Growth

The growing adoption of renewable energy (RE) generation across the globe is expected to drive the growth of the RE inverters market over the coming years. The continually declining prices of RE, coupled with country-specific clean energy targets and increasing corporate procurement, are driving the growth of the global RE inverters market. The mar...


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06 Sep 2019  |  Asia Pacific

ASEAN Renewable Energy Market, Forecast to 2023

Solar Power is Becoming a Mainstream Source of Energy Across the Region

The ‘ASEAN Renewable Energy Market, Forecast to 2023’ focuses on the past, current, and future growth potential of Renewable Energy (RE) in the ASEAN region. The focus of this study is on three major technologies: solar PV, wind power, and bioenergy (biomass and biogas). The markets in Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, an...


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17 Aug 2018  |  Global

Global Renewable Energy Outlook, 2018

Renewable Power Generation Capacity to Grow by 13.3% in 2018, Led by Solar PV and Wind Power

Frost & Sullivan’s renewable energy outlook finds that the global market will close out 2018 with 154.6 GW of new renewable power generation capacity and $228.3 billion in investments. The investments in power generation is forecast to decline slightly by (-0.7%) over 2017 due to reductions in solar capacity additions in China, but this restraint...


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27 Mar 2018  |  Global

Global Renewable Energy Inverters Market, Forecast to 2022

Growing Solar PV Installations in Asia to Drive Inverter Market Growth

The rapid expansion of renewables based power generation is expected to play a significant role in the growth of the inverter market in the coming years. The market is expected to grow steadily over the medium term and decline after 2020. The growth will be driven mainly by solar photovoltaic (PV) installations mainly in Asia and North America whic...


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12 Apr 2017  |  Asia Pacific

Asia-Pacific Renewable Energy Inverters Market, Forecast to 2021

Market Enters Mature Stage and Renewable Energy Projects in Japan and Australia Slow Down

The Asia-Pacific Renewable Energy (RE) inverters market is entering the mature stage, especially in developed countries such as Australia and Japan. However, growth potential still exists in Southeast Asia, as RE adoption growth is still promising. The market registered a revenue that was close to $2.5 billion and is forecasted to expand by less th...


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15 Sep 2016  |  Africa

Renewable Energy in North Africa

Opportunities for Wind and Solar Power Development

The electricity supply industry in Morocco, Egypt, and Algeria is heavily reliant on fossil fuels. Economic development and rapid urbanisation in the region have created a market where electricity demand has been growing at an average 6-8%. Thus, the governments of these countries have begun to implement strategies for the development of wind and s...


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25 Sep 2015  |  Africa

Large-Scale Renewable Energy Power Development Opportunities in Sub-Saharan Africa

A Story About Bankability, Affordability, and Grid Capacity

This research service on renewable energy (RE) power development opportunities in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) provides market drivers and restraints, overview of RE support policies prevalent in the region, ranking of countries offering the best market opportunities as well as a detailed list of operating and RE power projects under development. In...


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28 Aug 2015  |  Asia Pacific

Global Perspective on the Integration of Renewable Energy into the Grid

Rise of the Prosumer and Advent of Smarter Storage Systems Will Spur the Growth of Decentralized Renewable Power

Over the last decade, the development of renewable energy installations across many countries has surged. Given the stochastic nature of renewable energy sources, some countries are tackling the challenges of integrating larger shares of renewables into their power grid systems. This global market insight looks into some of the best practices adopt...


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12 Jul 2015  |  Global

Innovations in Portable Renewable Energy and Its Impact on Key Sectors-Technical Insights

Safer, Lightweight and Environment Friendly Alternative to Generate Electricity On The Go

Portable diesel and gas generators has been used since the early 1900s to provide electricity for electrical appliances that are disconnected from the electricity grid. However, diesel and gas generators pose environmental, safety and health issues. As the world shifts towards low-carbon solutions, alternatives are being sought for portable diesel ...


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22 Dec 2014  |  Global

Annual Renewable Energy Outlook 2014

Growing Cost-Competitiveness Drives Market Opportunities

Renewable energy has made strong advances in the power generation fuel mix in many developed and developing nations in the past decade. Energy-hungry nations are increasingly turning to renewables in order to meet their rapidly increasing demand. While some better established sources of renewable power, such as small hydro, biomass, wind, and incre...


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10 Oct 2014  |  Global

Use of Renewable Energy in Powering Data Centers in Emerging Markets

Does Your Green Footprint Strategy Leverage Emerging Market Potential?

Information technology and service provider companies are turning to renewable energy to meet sustainability goals because of high energy consumption and excessive emissions from data centers. Companies are investing in on-site renewable energy projects or partnering with utility companies to expand their green footprint. This study establishes tha...


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19 May 2014  |  Europe

Strategic Analysis of Renewable Energy Market in Turkey

Promising Market with High Growth Implications

Turkeys renewable energy market is posed for rapid expansion as the country is pushing to reach its ambitious 2022 target for renewable energy deployment. As the energy demand is forecast to continue growing, a strong mix of local and international participants has emerged to put the government plants into reality. The development in certain marke...


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13 Mar 2014  |  Africa

The Renewable Energy Services Market and its Potential in South Africa

Finding Pragmatic Solutions to Investor Questions

The South African renewable energy services market is in a nascent phase when compared to markets such as Spain, the United States, Germany, Australia, and other developed countries. This research service focuses on the job creation potential for the South African renewable energy services market. Because the market is still in the developmental st...


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31 Dec 2013  |  Global

Materials and Sensors for Renewable Energy (Technical Insights)

Optimizing Design for Enhanced Performance

This research service report presents insights on nine dimensions of materials and sensors technologies for renewable energy, highlighting their penetration, opportunities and prospects, and roadmap till the year 2020.


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12 Dec 2013  |  Global

Small-scale Distributed Generation Opportunities from Renewable Energy

The Emergence of Low-carbon Distributed Generation and Virtual Power Plants

The deployment of small-scale distributed generation technologies using renewable energy has 2 main benefits for the energy mix: reduction of carbon emissions and generation of energy close to the point of consumption; thus, reducing the need for investment in centralised power generation. Technologies are mostly well established and have seen stro...


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28 Nov 2013  |  Asia Pacific

Southeast Asia Renewable Energy Market

Clear Policy Framework to Spur Growth

This research service explores policy developments supporting the growth of renewable energy (RE) in 5 Southeast Asian countriesMalaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Indonesia. It also tracks RE projects that have been announced and are expected to be completed by 2018. The projects are in 5 different RE technologiessolar, wind, bioma...


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19 Aug 2013  |  Latin America

Strategic Analysis of the Southern Cone Renewable Energy Market

Supportive Policies and Primary Resources Expected to Sustain A Nascent Market

This research service examines the renewable energy (RE) market, which is set to experience significant growth in the forecast period, in South Americas Southern Cone (Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay). This market insight strictly covers RE power plants, which can be developed or restrained according to RE support policies. Installed capacity and re...


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