Eight Transformational Trends Influencing the Global Trucking Industry’s Growth Trajectory

Green, Safe, Connected, and Smart Technologies Enabling Transition from Product- to Service-Based Business Model

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Technological, demographic, environmental, and geopolitical shifts are altering the commercial truck market globally. Integration of digital technologies primarily for resource management and total cost optimization will result in the evolution of truck technology from basic telematics services to advanced traffic modeling, weather prediction, and social media analytics. Autonomous driving technologies are gaining traction and are expected to garner significant OEM support to reach scalability by 2025, when level 3 autonomous trucks are expected to reach the market. Significant portion of global truck market growth in the next decade will come from Next 11, ASEAN, Middle East, and African countries. Africa’s

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
Executive Summary—Top 8 Transformational Shifts Shaping the Future of Commercial Trucking
Digital Transformation
Autonomous Trucking
Rise of Value Trucks
Urban Trucking
Beyond BRIC
Rise of Asian OEMs
Executive Summary—Industry Transformation
Executive Summary—Top 5 Insights
2. Research Scope, Objectives, Background, and Methodology
Research Scope
Research Aims and Objectives
Research Background
Research Methodology
Research Methodology
Secondary Research
Primary Research
Note on Images
Key OEMs Compared in this Study
3. Definitions and Segmentation
Commercial Vehicle Definitions and Vehicle Segmentation
4. Top 8 Transformational Shifts Shaping the Future of Commercial Trucking
Transformational Shift No.1—Digital Transformation
Subtrend 1—Technology Enabling New Modes of Fulfillment
Subtrend 2—Uber for Trucks
Subtrend 3—Digital Services Value Stream Stakeholders
Big Data Analytics
Logistics Management
Data Sharing
Wireless Networks
Enterprise Integration
Application Providers
Subtrend 4—Emergence of Smart Payment Service in Trucking
Key Strategic Implications for the Trucking Industry
Tier I Suppliers
End Users
Transformational Shift No.2—Autonomous Trucking
Safety Technologies
Rising Interests Among Fleets
Government Regulations
Connectivity and Convergence
Subtrend 1—Technologies Enabling Autonomous Trucking
Subtrend 2—Skilled Driver Shortage
Subtrend 3—Shortage of Trained Technicians
Key Strategic Implications for the Trucking Industry
Tier I Suppliers
End Users
Transformational Shift No.3—Rise of Value Trucks
Key Focal Points for Product Planning in a Value Truck
Global Truck Sales
Key Strategic Implications for the Trucking Industry
Tier I Suppliers
End Users
Transformational Shift No.4—Platformization
Time to Market
Regulatory Harmonization
Convergence of Consumer Requirements
Alliances & Partnerships
Subtrend 1—Medium- and Heavy-Duty Truck Platforms
Medium- and Heavy-Duty Truck Platforms of Key OEMs
HD Engine Platform Design Harmonization
Key Strategic Implications for the Trucking Industry
Tier I Suppliers
End Users
Transformational Shift No.5—Urban Trucking
Future Packing
Hub and Spokes
Last-Mile Retailing
Logistical Efficiency
Driver-Friendly Trucks
Subtrend 1—Evolving Customer Base for Urban Logistics
Subtrend 2—New Business Models in Logistics
Key Strategic Implications for the Trucking Industry
Tier I Suppliers
End Users
Transformational Shift No.6—Beyond BRIC
Subtrend 1—Winds of Change in Next 11 and Others
Future Corridors of Africa—Road to Prosperity
Africa Truck Sales Growth Forecast
Key Strategic Implications for the Trucking Industry
Tier I Suppliers
End Users
Transformational Shift No.7—Rise of Asian OEMs
Growth of technological prowess
Low-cost/value truck market focused product strategy
Growth opportunities in Next 11 and other emerging markets
Chinese truck market slowdown
Subtrend 1—Asian OEMs Dominate Some Value Truck Markets
Timeline of CNHTC’s Strategic Partnerships
Snapshot of Indian OEMs’ International Operations
Hyundai’s Strong Intent to Grow its Commercial Vehicle Business
Key Strategic Implications for the Trucking Industry
Tier I Suppliers
End Users
Transformational Shift No.8—Dealership Evolution
Subtrend 1—Dealership and OEM Convergence Opportunities
Subtrend 2—Predictive Analytics: Big Data Leverage by Dealerships
Renault Truck eRetailing
Alliance Truck Parts
Key Strategic Implications for the Trucking Industry
End Users
5. Conclusions
Summary and Recommendations
The Last Word—3 Big Predictions
Legal Disclaimer
6. Appendix
Abbreviations and Acronyms Used


List of Figures & Charts

1. Commercial Vehicle Market: Definitions and Segmentation, Global, 2015

1. Transformational Shifts: Top 5 Insights, Global, 2015–2025
2. Transformational Shifts: Evolution of Digital Technologies in Trucks, Global, 2015
3. Transformational Shifts: Modes of Order Fulfillment, Global, 2015
4. Mobile-Based Freight Brokerage Market: Revenue, North America, 2014 and 2025
5. Transformational Shifts: Mobile-Freight Brokerage Cycle, Global, 2015
6. Transformational Shifts: Stakeholders, Digital Services for Trucking, Global 2015
7. Transformational Shifts: Digital Money Applications in Trucking, 2015
8. Trucking Industry: Driver Demographics—Percent of Age Group, Canada, 2012
9. Trucking Industry: Demand and Supply of For-Hire Drivers, Canada, 2012–2020
10. Transformational Shifts: Shortage of Trained Technicians, Europe and North America, 2015–2025
11. Transformational Shifts: Truck Segmentation, Global, 2015
12. Transformational Shifts: Truck Segment Features, Global, 2015
13. Transformational Shifts: MD-HD Truck Sales, Global, 2015 and 2025
14. Transformational Shifts: Truck Platform Key Drivers, Global, 2015–2025
15. Transformational Shifts: Platforms of Key OEMs, Global, 2015
16. Transformational Shifts: Truck Platforms of Key OEMs, Global, 2015
17. Transformational Shifts: Harmonization of HD Engine Platforms, Global, 2015 and 2022
18. Transformational Shifts: Urban Trends Impacting Trucks, Global, 2015–2025
19. Transformational Shifts: Evolution of Customer Base, Urban Logistics, 2015–2025
20. Transformational Shifts: Economic Reforms, Key New Markets, Up to 2015
21. Transformational Shifts: MD-HD Truck Sales, Next 11, 2015–2025
22. Present and Future Corridors of Africa, 2015–2030
23. Transformational Shifts: MD-HD Truck Sales, Africa, 2015–2025
24. Transformational Shifts: Value Truck Partial Product Portfolio, Select Markets, 2015
25. Transformational Shifts: CNHTC Strategic Partnership Timeline, China, 1983–2015
26. Commercial Vehicles Market: Indian OEM Assembly Manufacturing Footprint, Global, 2014–2022
27. Hyundai Motor Group Commercial Vehicle Business Outlook: Regional Market Position, Global, 2015
28. Transformational Shifts: Degree of Digitization in Dealership Retailing, Global, 2015–2025
29. Transformational Shifts: Dealership and OEM Convergence Strategy Analysis, Global, 2015
30. Transformational Shifts: Dealership Big Data Opportunities, Global, 2015–2025
31. Transformational Shifts: eRetailing Value Stream, Europe, 2015
32. Transformational Shifts: Multipronged Dealership Strategy, Alliance Truck Parts, 2015
33. Transformational Shifts in the Trucking Industry: Opportunities, Global, 2015–2025

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