Global Precision Medicine Growth Opportunities, Forecast to 2025

Strategies and Tactics for Accelerating Growth in a Transforming Market

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Precision medicine aims to integrate personalized health data both from direct (quantifiable) and indirect (quantifiable) sources probing the deepest mysteries affecting individual health and well-being. Rising pressures to decrease healthcare cost globally, emergence of value-based reimbursement models, and healthcare digitization trends are transitioning the treatment model from ‘One-size-fits-all’ to stratified and outcome-based targeted therapies called precision medicine. In the past few decades, our scientific knowledge and technological advancements around genomics has increased exponentially, making cost and time no longer a barrier for population-level genome profiling. Integration of these genomic

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
Key Questions
6 Big Themes for Precision Medicine
Precision Medicine—Regional Market Overview
Heat Map—Precision Medicine Readiness Index by Selected Countries
Strategic Imperatives—Growth Opportunities by Key Segments
Precision Medicine—Patient Stratification Data Sources
2. Research Scope and Market Definition
Research Scope
What is Precision Medicine?
What is the Difference between Personalized vs Precision Medicine?
Frost & Sullivan Definition—Precision Medicine
Precision Medicine—Key Segments and Data Sources
Omics Factors
Clinical and Remote Care Factors
Lifestyle and Exogenous Factors
3. Growth Environment—Introduction and Overview
Global Precision Medicine Market—Macro to Micro Visioning
Micro Industry Challenges
Failing Blockbuster Medicine Model—One Size Doesn’t Fit All
Evolving Pharma / Biotech Business Model
Population Health Management, Central to VBR, is Difficult Business for Providers
Patients Bringing a Consumer Mindset to Healthcare Interactions
New Paradigm Shift in Treatment
What Will Precision Medicine Achieve?
Precision Medicine Essentials—Patient Stratification Data and Sources
Characteristics of Relevant Big Data Types for Precision Medicine
Precision Medicine Data Sources—Current and Future Scenarios
Precision Medicine Vendor Landscape
Precision Medicine—Multiple Stakeholders
Precision Medicine Landscape—Drug and Diagnostic
Precision Medicine Landscape—Device and Technology
Precision Medicine Landscape—Provider and Payer
4. Precision Medicine Market Projections (2015–2025)
Scenario Contingent Projections for Core Precision Medicine Segment
Forecast Assumptions for Core Precision Medicine Segment
Core Precision Medicine Segment—Revenue Forecast Scenario Analysis
Core Precision Medicine Segment—Revenue Forecast by Sub Segments
Growth Opportunity by Major Market Segments
Personalized Medicines in the Late-stage Pipeline
Selected Population-Scale Genome Sequencing Projects Globally
Major Regulatory Developments and Future Implications
United States
South Korea
5. Opportunity Analysis—CDx Biomarkers and Targeted Therapeutics Segment
Integrating Companion Diagnostic (CDx) into Pharma Drug (Rx) Development Value Chain
Growth Opportunity 1—Companion Diagnostics Biomarkers and Targeted Therapeutics
Limitations in the Market Puts Us Far Away from the Reality of Precision Medicine
Precision Therapeutics’ Biomarkers and Available Test Counts (2016)
Top Areas of Companion Biomarker Research
Selected Countries—Companion Diagnostic (CDx) Attractiveness
Precision Medicine Drug (Rx) to Diagnostic (Dx) Journey
Pharma Rx / Dx Partnership Deals Continue to Rise
How Much Does it Take to Commercialize a Low-end CDx Test?
Current Pharma’s CDx Participant Strategies Discussion
Growth Opportunities in CDx Technology Providers
Role of CDx in Optimizing Clinical Trials—Developing Cancer Therapies
Evolving Patient-centric Clinical Trials Models for Precision Therapeutic
Insilico Medicine—Deep Learning Platform Solutions for Drug Repurposing and Biomarker Development
Companion Diagnostic Stakeholders and Their Expectations
6. Opportunity Analysis—Omics and Diagnostics Segment
Precision Medicine Patient Stratification by Omics / Diagnostic Factors
Growth Opportunity 2—Genomics Technologies for Precision Diagnostic
Evolution of Molecular Diagnostics (MDx) and Sequencing Technologies
Lifecycle Analysis—Genomics Technologies for Precision Diagnostic
Growth Opportunity Discussion—Genomics Technologies for Precision Diagnostic
Companion Diagnostics by Disease and Technology—PCR is Highly Prevalent in CDx
Opportunity Analysis—MDx Technologies in Precision Medicine Practice
Opportunity Analysis—Future of POCT in Precision Medicine Practice
Large IVD Players Expanding Product Portfolio to Include Liquid Biopsy
Liquid Biopsy will Become Mainstream Within 1-4 Years in the United States
NGS Provider and Pharma Important Collaborations
Genomic Data Analysis Pipeline and Phases
Growth Opportunity 3—NGS Informatics Solutions
Evolving Genomics-based Precision Diagnostic Business Model
Selected NGS Vendor Landscape
Genomics Data Workflow—From Sample to Clinical Reports
Iggbo—On-Demand Anytime / Anywhere Blood Draw Service
Business Model—Illumina’s End-to-End Genomics Solution
23andMe Business Model
Selected Companies—DTC Business Model for Genome Data Services
Selected Companies to Watch
Precision Medicine Patient Stratification by Molecular Imaging Diagnostic
Commonly Used Radiotracers in PET or SPECT Studies
Growth Opportunity 4—Molecular Imaging Diagnostics and Informatics Solutions
Visionary Scenario for Molecular Imaging Informatics in 2025
Molecular Imaging Diagnostic Solutions Vendor Landscape
Precision Medicine Patient Stratification by Biobanking Solutions
Growth Opportunity 5—Human Specimen and Imaging Biobanks
Biobanks Types and Role in Targeted Therapy Development
Biobanking Automation Tool Types and Selected Vendors
Human Specimen Biobank Global Penetration
7. Opportunity Analysis—Non-omics Patient Stratification Solutions
Precision Medicine Patient Stratification beyond Omics / Dx Factors
Major Non-Omic Patient Stratification Technologies into Precision Medicine Practice
Growth Opportunity 6—Remote Patient Monitoring Solution
Growth Opportunity 7—Exogenous Factors and Lifestyle Monitoring
Validic API—Cloud-based Asset Light SaaS Model
physiQ—Personalized Predictive Analytics Solution
Alternate Business Models—Innovation Beyond the Pill
Omada—Next-Generation Digital Behavioral Therapies
Zipongo Inc.—Digital Nutrition Company
Healint—Global Platform for Patient Monitoring, Research, and Clinical Data (Singapore)
MolecularMatch—Democratizing Cancer Clinical Trial Process
8. Opportunity Analysis—Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) Bridging the Last Miles for Precision Medicine Practice
Healthcare Digital Transformation Setting the Stage Right for Precision Medicine Practice
Internet of Medical Things Enabling Patient Stratification and Lifestyle Tracking for Precision Medicine Practice
CDSS Bridging the Last Miles for Precision Medicine Integration into Clinical Practice
Growth Opportunity 8—Clinical Decision Support Systems
Current Barriers to CDSS Adoption into Clinical Practice
Business Model—N-of-One’s Molecular Decision Support for Precision Oncology
Case Study—NantHealth’s CLINICS Solutions
Company to Watch
9. Key Conclusions
Global Precision Health Overall Market Opportunity (2015–2025)
Strategic Imperatives for Pharma (Rx) and Diagnostic (Dx) Companies
Timeline for Precision Medicine Opportunity Realization
Quest’s Cancer Diagnostics Now Powered by IBM Watson Health
Partnering to Innovate—Beyond Conventional Boundaries
Intel’s 2020 Vision for Precision Medicine
Selected Open Source Vendors in Precision Medicine Ecosystem
Legal Disclaimer
10. Appendix
List of Acronyms and Explanations
Population Genome Sequencing Initiatives—International Level
Population Genome Sequencing Initiatives—National Level


List of Figures & Charts

1. Core Precision Medicine Segment: Regional Market Share, Global, 2016
2. Core Precision Medicine Segment: Growth Potential by Targeted Therapeutic Areas and Technologies, Global, 2016–2025
3. CDx Adoption and Easy of Reimbursement—Comparative Analysis by Selected Countries, Global, 2016
4. Relevant Diagnostic Technologies for Precision Medicine: Segment Lifecycle Analysis, Global, 2016
5. Human Tissue Biorepository Penetration by Major Region and Selected Countries, Global, 2016
6. Opportunity Analysis—Digital Medicine Market in the United States

1. Core Precision Medicine Segment: Revenue Forecast Scenarios Analysis, Global, 2016, 2020 and 2025
2. Pharma Market Performance: Industry Average, Global, 2010—2015
3. Healthcare Industry: Investment Trends by Key Segments, Global, 2011–2015
4. Core Precision Medicine Market: Revenue Forecast Scenario Analysis, Global, 2015, 2020, and 2025
5. Core Precision Medicine Segment: Revenue Forecast Scenario Analysis, Global, 2015–2025
6. Core Precision Medicine Segment: Revenue Forecast by Sub-Segments, Global, 2015–2025
7. Personalized Medicine in Late Stage Pipeline: Percent Contribution by All Disease Areas; Global, 2014–2015
8. Personalized Medicine in Late Stage Pipeline: Percent Contribution by Oncology Only, Global, 2014–2015
9. Precision Medicine: Variation in Pricing of CDx Tests, US, 2016
10. Number of Companies and Companion Biomarkers of Interest Based on On-going Phase 3 Trials, Global
11. Top Disease Conditions of Interest: Based on On-going Phase 3 Companion Drug-Diagnostic Marker Usage, Global
12. Selected Pharma Companies Precision/Personalized Phase 3 Pipeline, On-going Clinical Trials, Global
13. Selected Pharma Companies Proprietary Biomarkers in Precision Drug Trials, Global, 2015
14. Pharma Rx/Dx Related Partnership Deals, Global, 2011–2013 and 2014–2016 (till Q3)
15. Low-End CDx Total Commercialization Cost by Manufacturing, Development and Lunching Costs, Global, 2016
16. High-End CDx Total Commercialization Cost by Manufacturing, Development and Lunching Costs, Global, 2016
17. Companion Diagnostics Deals: By Major Technologies and Disease Area, Global, 2016
18. Timeframe of Liquid Biopsy Replacing Solid Tumor Tissue Biopsy in the Future, US, 2015

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