Growth Opportunities for District Heating and Cooling in Asia, Forecast to 2021

Increasing Adoption of DHC Creates Abundant Opportunities for Growth

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District heating and cooling is not a new concept, but this technology is gaining traction in Asia in the current era of urbanization, energy insecurity, and climate change mitigation. The study period is 2014–2021, with the base year as 2016, and forecast period as 2017 to 2021. This research covers East Asia (Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan) and Southeast Asian countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, and Vietnam). The district heating and cooling market in Asia is expected to register a compound annual growth rate of (CAGR) of 4.1% by the end of the forecast period. Japan and South Korea are big on district energy, while the market for district cooling is slowly opening up in ot

Table of Contents

1. Executive Dashboard
Purpose of this Experiential Study
5 Step Process to Transformational Growth
Strategic Imperatives for District Heating and Cooling Providers
2. Market Overview
Market Segmentation
Overview of a District Energy System
District Energy Typical Value Chain
Why District Heating and Cooling?
Business Models
Drivers and Restraints
3. Market Forecasts
Revenue Forecast
Percent Revenue by Segment
Percent Revenue by Region
4. Technology Insights
District Energy Generation Technology
Technology Roadmap—District Heating
Technology Insight—District Heating
5. Key Solution Providers
East Asia
Southeast Asia—Singapore
Southeast Asia—Malaysia
6. Trends
Macro to Micro Visioning
Trends Impacting District Heating & Cooling Market
Top Predictions for the District Heating and Cooling Market
7. Case Studies
Case Study—Tackling Increasing Energy Demand
Case Study—Changing Business Models
Case Study—World’s Largest Underground DC System
8. Growth Pipeline
Levers for Growth
9. Vision and Strategy—Growth Opportunities
Growth Opportunity 1—Smart District Energy Systems
Growth Opportunity 2—Stratified Thermal Network
Growth Opportunity 3—Flexible Pipes
Growth Opportunity 4—4th Generation Thermal Systems
Growth Opportunity 5—Smart Energy Meters
Growth Opportunity 6—Sustainable Business Models
Growth Opportunity 7—Data Gathering and Analytics
Growth Opportunity 8—District Energy Liberalization
Growth Opportunity 9—Strategic Partnerships
10. Brand and Demand—Growth Opportunities
Growth Opportunity 10—Energy Services
Growth Opportunity 11—Return on Collaboration (ROC)
11. Growth Opportunities Matrix
Identifying Your Company’s Growth Zone
Growth Opportunities
Growth Opportunities Matrix
12. Growth Strategy and Implementation
Growth Strategies for Your Company
Prioritized Opportunities Through Implementation
Legal Disclaimer
13. Appendix
Abbreviations and Acronyms Used


List of Figures & Charts

1. Total DHC Market: Key Market Drivers and Restraints, Asia, 2017–2021
2. Total DHC Market: Generation Technology, Global, 2016
3. Total DHC Market: District Heating Technology Insight, Global, 2016

1. Total DHC Market: Value Chain Overview of a Public/Private model, Asia, 2016
2. Total DHC Market: Revenue Forecast, Asia, 2014–2021
3. Total DHC Market: Percent Revenue by Segment, Asia, 2016
4. Total DHC Market: Percent Revenue by Region, Asia, 2016
5. Total DHC Market: District Heating Technology Roadmap, Global, 2016

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