Impact Assessment of Terahertz Technologies (TechVision)

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The Terahertz (THz) spectrum is located between lower frequencies of microwave band and higher frequencies of the optical band in the electromagnetic spectrum. These frequencies ranging from 300GHz to 3THz are called Terahertz waves or THz waves. THz waves have been gaining increased attention in recent years due to the development of effective THz sources and detectors. This has enabled technology developers to leverage the unique properties of THz waves. The waves are non-ionizing in nature and are thus do not pose safety issues when used on humans. Moreover, the waves have the property to penetrate through various dielectric materials and thus can be used for a multitude of security and imaging applications.

Table of Contents

1.0 Executive Summary1.1 Research Scope1.2 Research Methodology1.3 Research Methodology Explained1.4 Key Findings2.0 Technology Status Review2.1 THz Technology is in the Emerging Phase with High Impact Potential in the Future2.2 Current Trends in Research and Development of THz Technology2.3 Untapped Available Bandwidth and Potential to Develop Advanced Imaging Systems Act as Major Drivers for Adoption of THz Technology2.4 Low Signal to Noise Ratio is amongst the Key Factors Hindering Adoption3.0 Innovation Indicators3.1 Increasing Patent Filing Trend with Intense Activity in China3.2 Canon is the Most Prominent Company Terms of Patent Filing3.3 R&D Focus Areas – THz Wave Generation, Detection, and Electronics3.4 Assessment of Government Funding – US3.5 Assessment of Government Funding – Japan and China3.6 Assessment of Government Funding – Europe3.7 Global Perspective – High Intensity of Development in the US, Europe, and APAC4.0 Impact Assessment of Key Innovations4.1 Passive Terahertz Scanner for Screening Purposes by Digital Barriers4.2 Rapid Cooling of THz Sensor Enables Fast Response Time4.3 Advanced THz Emitter by Canon Inc.4.4 THz Products Impacting a Wide Range of Applications in Diverse Industries4.5 Integrated Circuit (IC) Amplifier with Operating Speed of 1 THz4.6 De-multiplexing of THz Radiation for Wireless Communication 5.0 Application-based Impact Assessment5.1 Impact Assessment for Pharmaceutical, Medical Imaging, Semiconductor Inspection, and Solar Industry5.2 Impact Assessment for Security Scanning, Wireless Data Transmission, and Aerospace Industry 5.3 Impact Assessment for THz Interconnects, Food, Packaging & Agriculture, and Material Classification6.0 Strategic Perspectives6.1 Technology Roadmap6.2 Companies to Watch6.3 Key Questions for Strategy6.4 Growth Opportunities7.0 Key Patents and Contacts7.1 Key Patents – THz Wave Generation and Application7.2 Key Patents – THz Wave Generation Device7.3 Key Patents – THz Wave Generation/Detection Device7.4 Key Patents – THz Wave Generation and Detection Device7.5 ContactsLegal Disclaimer8.0 The Frost & Sullivan Story8.1 The Frost & Sullivan Story88.3 Global Perspective8.4 Industry Convergence8.5 360º Research Perspective8.6 Implementation Excellence8.7 Our Blue Ocean Strategy

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