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Indonesia has become one of the most attractive markets for investors during 2014-2015. Implementation of the Jaminan Kesehatan Nasional (JKN) scheme, initiated in January 2014, has been one of the major drivers besides the initiatives by the new government elected in 2014. As per the initial reports, patient volumes have significantly increased after the implementation of the scheme. (A few clinics in Bandung reported up to a 200% rise in patient volumes in the first 2 months after the scheme’s implementation). The market anticipates a high requirement of hospital beds, medical devices, affordable and low-cost medicines, and diagnostic services to meet the growing demand. This study explores the broad compe

Table of Contents

Executive SummaryWhat Does the Indonesian Healthcare Market Offer?Who Will Benefit the Most from National Health Insurance?What are the Teething Issues Post Implementation of National Health Insurance (JKN)? Has the Patient Volume Increased as Anticipated?How can the Private Investor Benefit from the JKN Scheme?How can the Private Investor Benefit from the JKN Scheme? (continued)How can the Private Investor Benefit from the JKN Scheme? (continued)Which Companies are Already Ahead of Others?What are the Current Roadblocks?Market Segmentation—Healthcare Markets in IndonesiaKey Questions This Study Will AnswerCEO’s PerspectiveMergers, Acquisitions, and Partnerships—Some Key DealsKey Companies to Watch Out—Hospital MarketKey Companies to Watch Out—Medical Technology (MT) MarketKey Companies to Watch Out—Pharmaceutical MarketHealthcare Market in IndonesiaIndonesia—Demographical OverviewIndonesia—Healthcare ExpenditurePESTLE AnalysisWhat are the Market Attractions in Indonesia?Market Engineering MeasurementsMarket Engineering Measurements—Segments to Watch OutSWOT Analysis of the Indonesian Healthcare MarketDrivers and RestraintsMarket DriversDrivers—ExplainedDrivers—Explained (continued)Market RestraintsRestraints—ExplainedRestraints—Explained (continued)Private Hospital Market in IndonesiaIndonesian Hospital Market—OverviewIndonesian Healthcare Delivery System by InfrastructureIndonesian Hospital Classification by ClassIndonesian Hospital Market—Number of Hospitals (Public and Private)Indonesian Private Hospital Market—HighlightsRegulations for Non-Indonesian Stakeholders Planning Entry into the Private Hospital Market and ImplicationsEase of Entry for Stakeholders in the Private Hospital MarketRevenue Forecast—Private Hospital MarketRevenue Forecast DiscussionPrivate Hospital Market Competitors in IndonesiaPrivate Hospital Market Competitors in Indonesia (continued)New Market Opportunity—Private Hospital MarketIn-Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) Market in IndonesiaIndonesian IVD Market—OverviewIndonesian IVD Market—Overview (continued)Regulations for Non-Indonesian Stakeholders Planning to Enter the IVD Market and ImplicationsEase of Entry for Stakeholders in the IVD MarketRevenue Forecast—IVD Market IndonesiaRevenue Forecast DiscussionIVD Market Competitors in IndonesiaNew Market Opportunity—IVD MarketMedical Technologies (MT) Market in IndonesiaIndonesian MT Market—OverviewIndonesian MT Market—Overview (continued)Indonesian MT Market—SegmentationIndonesian MT Market—HighlightsRegulations for Non-Indonesian Stakeholders Planning to Enter the MT Market and ImplicationsE-Catalogue—Medical Devices E-Catalogue—Medical Devices (continued) Ease of Entry for Stakeholders in the MT MarketRevenue Forecast—MT Market IndonesiaRevenue Forecast—Consumables Market IndonesiaRevenue Forecast—Medical Imaging Market IndonesiaRevenue Forecast—Radiation Devices Market IndonesiaRevenue Forecast DiscussionMedical Imaging Market Competitors in IndonesiaMedical Devices Market Competitors in IndonesiaMarket Opportunity—MT Market IndonesiaPharmaceutical Market in IndonesiaIndonesian Pharmaceutical Market—OverviewIndonesian Pharmaceutical Market—Domestic CompaniesIndonesian Pharmaceutical Market—Communication Channel OverviewIndonesian Pharmaceutical Market—Distribution Channel OverviewIndonesian Pharmaceutical Market—HighlightsRegulations for Non-Indonesian Stakeholders Planning to Enter the Pharmaceutical Market and ImplicationsRegulations for Non-Indonesian Stakeholders Planning to Enter the Pharmaceutical Market and Implications (continued)Ease of Entry for Stakeholders in the Pharmaceutical MarketRevenue Forecast—Pharmaceutical Market IndonesiaRevenue Forecast DiscussionCompetitors in the Pharmaceutical Market IndonesiaNew Market Opportunity—Pharmaceutical Market IndonesiaStrategic RecommendationsOpportunities for Foreign InvestorsFuture of the Indonesian Healthcare Market3 Key PredictionsThe Last WordFrost & Sullivan Awards for Indonesian Healthcare Market in 2014Legal DisclaimerAppendixAbbreviationsMarket Engineering Methodology

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