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22 Sep 2023  |  Global

2023 Voice of the Enterprise Security Customer Survey Summary: Cloud Security Perceptions, Priorities, Challenges, Strategies, and Adoption

Disparities in Enterprise Cybersecurity Technology Adoption Potentially Fragment an Already Splintered Cloud Security Market

Frost & Sullivan's Voice of the Enterprise Security Customer study on cloud security is a high-level overview of trends in the cloud security sector that also groups vendors based on ranges of net promoter score (NPS). A more granular view of the survey data, including specific NPS for vendors, is available in the full version of Frost & Sullivan'...


In this insight, Stratecast assesses two recent AWS service offerings that have a direct bearing on subduing enterprises’ security wariness in public cloud, specifically with AWS; and, correspondingly, accelerating enterprise AWS adoption. These service offerings are AWS Managed Services and Amazon Macie. First, we summarize cloud security viewpo...


In this SPIE, Stratecast describes how AWS is breaking the cloud not secure enough adoption barrier and, in the process, injecting innovation into the competitive dynamics of the security market.


In this SPIE, Stratecast examines cyber liability insurance in the context of its potential to help cloud service providers protect and grow their businesses. We examine challenges faced by providers, especially small and midsized cloud service providers. We look at initiatives that can drive providers to take on greater responsibility for customer...


Today, the industry is more in a state of aspiration, with ideas and frameworks beginning to materialize. One such framework is the RSATM Cloud Trust Authority. In this SPIE, we examine the merits and execution challenges of this framework.