Defense Market Research Reports

  1. 16 Mar 2016  |  Europe  |  Market Research

    Defence Market in Poland, Forecast to 2025

    Focused, Realistic, and Cost-effective Projects to Gain Preference as Ambitious Technical Modernisation Programme Unleashes Growth Opportunities

    The Polish defence forces are undergoing the most ambitious modernisation programme in the countrys history. The countrys Technical Modernisation Programme, along with military activities in neighbouring Ukraine, relaxed offset regulations, and the newly introduced mandatory 2% spending of GDP on defense, all continue to drive consistent government...


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  2. 30 Dec 2015  |  Europe  |  Market Research

    Analysis of the Global Military Training & Simulation Market

    Achieving Combat Readiness for Asymmetric and Conventional Warfare

    The analysis of the global military training and simulation market is broken down into four end-user segments: air, land, naval, and joint. Accessible revenues are analyzed by region (Africa, Asia-Pacific, Central Asia, Europe, Latin America, Middle-East, and North America), training equipment, and training services. This study covers 85 countries....


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  3. 08 Jul 2015  |  Europe  |  Market Research

    Rapidly Evolving Defence Markets, Part 2

    From Domestic Demand Fulfilment to Military Export Targets

    In this 2015 edition, 10 new countries with rapidly evolving defence spending have been selected. This study comprises a thorough market assessment for 2015-2025 of Angola, Azerbaijan, Peru, Qatar, and South Korea, including projected defence spending by appropriation: procurement (equipment), personnel, operations and maintenance, infrastructure, ...


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  4. 08 Sep 2014  |  Europe  |  Market Research

    Aerospace & Defence Market Opportunities in Central and Eastern Europe

    Major Programme Opportunities are to be Found in Poland

    Despite the economic slowdown and defence budget cuts in Western Europe, the Central and Eastern European (CEE) military markets will present positive dynamics fuelled by defence procurement programs in the CEE countries. Therefore, the study assesses the market opportunities for industry participation in the aerospace & defence sector in the CEE r...


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  5. 10 Jun 2014  |  Europe  |  Market Research

    Global Military Training and Simulation (T&S) Market Assessment

    Augmented Training Solutions Continue to Gain Traction

    The global military T&S market has been broken down into three end-user segments: Air, Land and Naval end users. It provides an analysis of accessible revenue to the market by regions (Africa, Asia-Pacific, Central Asia, Europe, Latin America, Middle-East, and North America), training equipment, and training services. Revenue for training equipment...


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  6. 05 Jun 2014  |  Europe  |  Market Research

    Rapidly Evolving Defence Markets: 10-country Budget Assessment

    From 'Know-how' to 'Know Why'

    This research service analyses the rapidly evolving defence markets for 10 selected countries: Algeria, Brazil, Chile, India, Indonesia, Japan, Oman, Poland, the Russian Federation, and the United Arab Emirates. From a global perspective, the countries' defence budgets are most significantly driven by modernisation programs and arms threats due to ...


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  7. 29 Oct 2013  |  Europe  |  Market Research

    Global Military, Parapublic and Commercial Helicopter Systems Market Assessment

    Systems to Bring a Second Youth to Helicopters

    This global research service on helicopter systems is broken down into three end-user segments which are military, parapublic, and commercial end users. It provides analyses of helicopter avionics, mission systems, vehicle systems, and weapon systems at the regional level for Africa, Asia-Pacific, Central Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle Eas...


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  8. 23 Jul 2013  |  Europe  |  Market Research

    Revenue Opportunity and Stakeholder Mapping in the Turkish Defence Market

    Modernisation and Localisation Drive the Turkish Defence Market

    Turkeys unique geo-strategic position, as the most eastern member state of the NATO, continues to influence the countrys defence procurement policies, and Turkeys defence budget continues to rise. In order to encourage domestic defence production, the Turkish defence market will be increasingly difficult for foreign companies to penetrate, conse...


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  9. 22 Dec 2011  |  Europe  |  Market Research

    European C4ISR Market Assessment

    Towards Integrated European and NATO Defence Forces

    This study covers the state of the European C4ISR Market, examining drivers and restraints for growth, challenges, technology, demand and geographical trends. Following from these, market growth for regional and market segments are forecast. In addition,analysis of the competitive situation is performed, along with detailed profiles of the key op...


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