Defense Market Research Reports

  1. 07 May 2024  |  South Asia, Middle East & North Africa  |  Market Research

    Middle East Military Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Growth Opportunities, 2024 2027

    Accelerating Demand Will Transform the Region s Defense Space

    This analysis examines the military unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) industry in the Middle East in light of the rapid evolution of drone technology and the dynamic nature of modern warfare. As UAV proliferation intensifies among GCC members and prime regional adversary Iran, budget allocations continue to increase. Efforts to localize UAV manufa...

  2. 11 Dec 2023  |  South Asia, Middle East & North Africa  |  Market Research

    Middle Eastern Defense Budget Overview, 2023

    Incremental Spending and Modernization Efforts Pave the Way for Market Growth

    The Middle Eastern defense market is constantly growing in light of significant regional geopolitical changes, military modernization efforts, and the Russo-Ukrainian War, accelerating demand for advanced weapon systems. Accordingly, the regional defense market is expected to grow at a higher rate than the global average, to more than 2.5% per annu...

  3. 19 Jan 2023  |  South Asia, Middle East & North Africa  |  Market Research

    Middle East Defense Competitive Landscape Overview, 2022

    Strategic Partnering to Transform Indigenous Defense Industries

    The Middle East defense market is in the midst of a transformation driven both by regional and international geostrategic processes and by the changing national security needs of the countries in the region. Among these is the intensification of the Iranian military's emerging challenges, which requires a response in all military clusters. The m...


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  4. 21 Nov 2022  |  Latin America  |  Market Research

    South American Commercial Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Growth Opportunities

    Increasing Commodity Prices Encourage Competitive Intensity for Commercial Drone Services in the Region

    This study analyzes the current position of South America in the global commercial unmanned aerial system (UAS) market and examines how current international events will shape its development in the upcoming years. Relevant growth opportunities have been highlighted to show which market segments will experience the highest growth rate in the region...


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  5. 01 Nov 2022  |  South Asia, Middle East & North Africa  |  Market Research

    Middle East Defense Artificial Intelligence Growth Opportunities and Use Cases—2022

    Data Weaponization to Accelerate Military Operational Readiness

    In future conflicts, it will be essential for warfighters to maintain a robust and data-driven operational decision-making process. Supporting this capability, artificial intelligence (AI) is critical to enabling action at the speed of the digital battlespace, which will be far faster than the human ability to process and act on data. Practically, ...


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  6. 29 Jun 2022  |  South Asia, Middle East & North Africa  |  Market Research

    Middle East Missile Defense Growth Opportunities

    Strategic Partnering to Transform Indigenous Defense Capabilities and Drive Growth Strategies

    Middle Eastern countries increasingly acquire and develop missile defense (MD) capabilities to counter regional threats posed by Iran’s projected aggression in expanding the range, accuracy, stealth, and lethality of its offensive missiles and integrating them into military concepts of operations and coercive threats. This trend catalyzes regiona...


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  7. 04 Apr 2017  |  South Asia, Middle East & North Africa  |  Market Research

    Middle East Homeland Security Market, 2015

    Post-Arab-Spring Opportunities to Bring in $17.05 Billion by 2021

    The Middle Eastern Homeland Security market will grow at a CAGR of 15.5% to achieve $17.05 billion by 2021, strongly driven by government initiatives to create a smart and secure environment amidst high terrorist activities in the region. The Middle Eastern Homeland Security market registered a revenue of $7.19 billion in 2015. Frost and Sullivan ...


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  8. 21 Nov 2016  |  South Asia, Middle East & North Africa  |  Market Research

    Opportunities in Defence Electronics Manufacturing in India

    India has one of the largest budgets for Defence. The allocated Defence budget for 2015-16 is INR 2,467.27 Billion, which is 7.7% more than 2014-15’s allocation of INR 2,290 Billion. This Whitepaper tries to highlight the opportunities in manufacturing of defence electronics. It is one segment where in there is huge unexplored potential for priva...


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  9. 21 Sep 2015  |  South Asia, Middle East & North Africa  |  Market Research

    Arabic PeninsulaDefence Market Overview

    Tackling Obsolescence and Future Industrial Developments

    Declining oil prices, regional threats, and changes in political intent are drawing new trends and perspectives across the Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) countries. This private market insight assesses future military spending, new equipment requirements, and best-positioned local companies in the Middle-Eastern countries of Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman,...


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  10. 20 Feb 2013  |  Latin America  |  Market Research

    Latin America Defence Market Assessment

    Defence Modernization Needs Generate Market Opportunities for Foreign Weapon Suppliers

    The Latin American defence market is an attractive market for the defence suppliers during the forecast period (20122021). Stable market revenue is mainly driven by the strong need to replace legacy defence platforms. On the other hand, defence procurement projects offer the Latin American countries the opportunity to not only increase security bu...


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