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19 Aug 2016  |  Africa

Enabling eHealth Technology in South Africa, Kenya, and Ghana

Accelerating Healthcare with mHealth, Healthcare IT, and Telemedicine

African nations are adapting eHealth (mHealth, video tele-medicine, and healthcare IT) technologies to streamline their healthcare systems and catch up with the healthcare systems in other parts of the world. Kenya, South Africa, and Ghana are ahead of other African nations in East, South, and West Africa, respectively. This study explores how Keny...

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This edition of the Drug Discovery TOE depicts developments associated with innovations in eHealth for pharmaceutical development in Europe. The corresponding patent scenario and industry interactions are depicted, illustrating the advent of eHealth platforms in pharmaceutical development, with a special focus on European countries. The Drug Disco...

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28 Dec 2015  |  Latin America

eHealth Initiatives Across Latin America (LATAM)

Impact and Future Direction of eHealth

While some governments in Latin America (LATAM) struggle to provide adequate basic medical supplies, others aspire to establish healthcare infrastructure that meets international standards and drives improvements in healthcare services through evidence-based medicine. In either case, healthcare information technology (healthcare IT) plays a key rol...

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21 Nov 2014  |  Asia Pacific

eHealth Initiatives Across Emerging Markets in APAC

On the Fast Track to Healthcare Digitization—China, Indonesia, Malaysia, The Philippines and Thailand

The study covers the eHealth initiatives across the emerging markets in Asia-Pacific. Government initiatives and incentives that encourage technology adoption in healthcare are key drivers for private sector investment in the Asia-Pacific eHealth industry. However, inadequate infrastructure and regulatory framework development have adversely affect...

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20 Nov 2014  |  Asia Pacific

eHealth Initiatives Across Japan and South Korea

Technological Advancements Need to be Accompanied by Progressive Policies

Significant investment in health technology has helped improve the quality of healthcare services but has done little to reduce costs and make healthcare more accountable in the developed countries of Asia-Pacific. This insight explores future challenges that Japan and South Korea might face in terms of seamless healthcare integration.

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