Enabling eHealth Technology in South Africa, Kenya, and Ghana

Accelerating Healthcare with mHealth, Healthcare IT, and Telemedicine

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African nations are adapting eHealth (mHealth, video tele-medicine, and healthcare IT) technologies to streamline their healthcare systems and catch up with the healthcare systems in other parts of the world. Kenya, South Africa, and Ghana are ahead of other African nations in East, South, and West Africa, respectively. This study explores how Kenya is leading the eHealth revolution in Africa and how local start-ups are dominating the digital health market. The study also lays out a road map (for mHealth, video tele-medicine, and healthcare IT) to depict expected benefits to the healthcare ecosystem of the aforementioned nations for the forecast period.

Table of Contents

Executive SummaryMethodologyKey InsightsScope and SegmentationKey Questions This Study Will AnswerCEO’s PerspectiveKey Companies to WatcheHealth Market Ecosystem, Africa, 2016–2020Future Perspectives—3 Big PredictionsMarket Overview—South Africa, Kenya, and GhanaEconomic Outline and Public Health Structure—South AfricaEconomic Outline and Public Health Structure—KenyaEconomic Outline and Public Health Structure—GhanaComparative Analysis—Demographic IndicatorsComparative Analysis—Socio-economic IndicatorsComparative Analysis—Health Expenditure Comparison with Other Similar Nations/Regions in the WorldComparison of Macroeconomic Indicators—South Africa vs. SpainComparison of Macroeconomic Indicators—Kenya vs. MalaysiaComparison of Macroeconomic Indicators—Ghana vs. QatarComparative Analysis—Economic RankingseHealth—Africa vs. EuropeeHealth and its Utilities in South Africa, Kenya, and GhanaeHealth Market Ecosystem, Africa, 2016—2020Contextual Utility of eHealthBenefits for Stakeholders in Employing eHealtheHealth Services Framework for Strengthening HealthcareeHealth—Government’s Strategy for South AfricaeHealth—Government’s Strategy for KenyaeHealth—Government’s Strategy for GhanaCompetitive PlaybookNew Market Opportunities—Breadth of Digital Healthcare SolutionsStrategies to Tap on New Market OpportunitiesDrivers, Restraints, and Trends—Total eHealth MarketForces Driving eHealth MarketForces Restraining eHealth MarketDefining eHealth Trends in the FutureDefining eHealth Trends in the Future (continued)eHealth MatrixTM—Discussion mHealth Segment AnalysismHealth—AfricamHealth—Market at PresentmHealth—Ecosystem in AfricamHealth—Public Private Partnerships, South AfricamHealth—Public Private Partnerships, KenyamHealth—Public Private Partnerships, GhanamHealth—Market ShareVideo Telemedicine Segment AnalysisVideo Telemedicine Delivery Models in AfricaVideo Telemedicine—BenefitsVideo Telemedicine—Public Private Partnerships, South AfricaVideo Telemedicine—Public Private Partnerships, KenyaVideo Telemedicine—Public Private Partnerships, GhanaVideo Telemedicine—Point of Care Testing (POCT)Video Telemedicine—Market ShareHealthcare IT Segment AnalysisHealthcare IT—Framework of EHRHealthcare IT—EHR Structural Framework ExplainedHealthcare IT—Core Benefits of an EMR or EHRHealthcare IT—Evaluation Criteria for Purchasing an EMR or EHR SystemHealthcare IT—Framework of a HIEHealthcare IT—HIE: Core BenefitsHealthcare IT—Framework of a Patient PortalHealthcare IT—Patient Portals: Types Healthcare IT—Patient Portals: Types (continued)Healthcare IT—Patient Portals: BenefitsHealthcare IT—Public Health: South AfricaHealthcare IT—Public Health: KenyaHealthcare IT—Public Health: GhanaHealthcare IT—Market ShareGrowth Opportunities8 Growth Opportunities Critical for Future Strategy 8 Growth Opportunities Critical for Future Strategy— DiscussionMarket Analysis—mHealthMarket Analysis—Video TelemedicineMarket Analysis—Healthcare ITKey Companies to WatchList of Key Companies Offering eHealth List of Key Companies Offering eHealth (continued)Key Companies Offering eHealthKey Companies Offering eHealth (continued)Key Companies Offering eHealth (continued)Key Companies Offering eHealth (continued)Key Companies Offering eHealth (continued)Key Companies Offering eHealth (continued)Key Companies Offering eHealth (continued)Future Perspectives Future Perspectives—3 Big Predictions Future Perspectives—DiscussionFuture Perspectives—Discussion (continued)Future Perspectives—Discussion (continued)Concluding Thoughts mHealth Roadmap for South Africa, Kenya, and GhanaTelemedicine Roadmap for South Africa, Kenya, and GhanaHealthcare IT Roadmap for South Africa, Kenya, and GhanaImportant Market MetricsMarket SummaryLegal DisclaimerAppendixLearn More—Next StepsThe Frost & Sullivan StoryThe Frost & Sullivan StoryValue Proposition—Future of Your Company & CareerGlobal PerspectiveIndustry Convergence360º Research PerspectiveImplementation ExcellenceOur Blue Ocean Strategy

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