The energy and environment industry is undergoing rapid transformation from a static and conventional system to the fluid and dynamic Internet of Energy. Renewables are a significant portion of the world’s energy production, with rapid growth of the last decade spurring advanced solutions in grid technologies and energy storage. Nevertheless, fossil fuels continue to dominate much of the world’s power portfolio, from the adherents and detractors of fracking for oil and gas, to the continued high volume of coal used in key global regions. Services to the industry are rapidly evolving to leverage the influx of information from the Industrial Internet, creating new solutions and business models such as advanced predictive maintenance, optimized generation and storage, innovative energy efficiency solutions and X-as-a-Service. And all of this is driven by the push and pull of increasing demand for cleaner air and water alongside the need for more power and energy.

Frost & Sullivan works closely with the world’s largest OEMs, utilities, service providers and IT firms to help them find the opportunities in this sea of change. Our experts and consultants constantly engage with markets from oil and gas to electricity, grids to homes and buildings, and the critical needs for power, water, and environmental solutions across all sectors of the global economy.

  1. 16 Dec 2019  |  Latin America

    Disruptive Trends Impacting the South American Power Rental Market, Forecast to 2024

    Transformation from Transaction-based Approaches to Solution-based Models

    The focus of this research service is to analyze the drivers and restraints that affect the growth of the South American power rental market. Despite the current economic and political crisis, the region has strong economic conditions in place to ensure continuous market development. Factors including increased awareness among customers, demand con...

  2. 25 Oct 2013  |  Latin America

    Analysis of the Brazilian Genset Market

    Major Opportunities in the Growing Economy

    The deficiencies of the grid power supply and an extensive growth of the Brazilian economy drive the genset market in Brazil. A succession of sports events and the stable growth in the construction industry increase the demand in the rental distribution channel. Meanwhile, the oil and gas industry is the key driver for import substitution in the la...

  3. 17 Jul 2013  |  Latin America

    Analysis of the Andean Region's Renewable Energy Market

    New Projects Shift the Nascent Market toward a Growing Phase

    This research service examines the renewable energy generation market in the Andean Region, which is divided into the following segments: small hydropower, biomass generation, solar photovoltaic power generation and wind power. The region will have a significant growth due to commissioning of wind and solar photovoltaic power plants in the short te...

  4. 03 May 2013  |  Latin America

    Analysis of the Argentinean and Chilean Stationary Genset Market

    Lack of Proper Infrastructure Boosts Genset Power Provision

    The need to rapidly increase electricity production means that both Argentina and Chile will encounter major power generation issues. Due to funding issues, inconsistent policies, and other project implementation barriers, the programs for power expansion are frequently postponed. Hence, power generation capacity shortfall results in the potential ...

  5. 06 Mar 2013  |  Latin America

    Analysis of the Latin American Large Hydro Turbine Markets

    Investments in the Brazilian Market Provide Medium-term Momentum

    This research service examines the large hydro turbine market in Latin America, which is segmented into the following product segments: Kaplan, Pelton, and Francis turbines. The region has significant potential due to Brazils Energy Expansion Program. In this study, the market is strictly associated with hydro power plants, which can be developed ...