Medical Devices

  1. This research service summarises the developments occuring in the biosensing industry.

  2. 18 Dec 2014  |  North America

    Analysis of the North American Cardiac Monitoring Products and Services Markets

    The Landscape During ACA Implementation and Beyond

    The cardiac monitoring market will benefit from healthcare delivery challenges by promoting advanced monitoring solutions that help providers reduce 30-day readmissions for cardiac-associated conditions. Interest in the remote patient monitoring space is altering portfolio approaches across products and services. Changes in payments, particularly g...

  3. 31 Oct 2014  |  North America

    Analysis of the Global Orthopedic Implant Market

    Potential Growth in a Mature Market

    The global orthopedic implant market is in the mature stage. With enhanced research, product development is improving to suit patient requirements and support more successful surgical outcomes. The growth potential for orthopedic implants is more in emerging markets than in mature markets. This study provides revenue forecasts, market share analyse...

  4. 29 Oct 2014  |  North America

    Briefing for the Bracing Devices and Support Market in the United States

    Orthopedic Products Present Opportunities in a Mature, Fragmented Market

    The US market for bracing devices and supports consists of bracing products for the upper and lower extremities such as the knee, ankle, lumbar back, elbow, and wrist. Such braces are used for supporting various orthopedic joints for prophylactic, post-trauma, and/or post-surgery use. This market is in a mature state and growth avenues are modest. ...

  5. 07 Oct 2014  |  Europe

    Global Wound Care Market Outlook

    Analysis of Wound Care Technologies

    The global wound care market is at a growth stage. It is driven by the increasingly aging population as well as rising rates of diabetes and obesity. These chronic health problems lead to diabetic ulcers, venous leg ulcers, and major surgeries requiring treatment solutions, thereby driving the usage of the wound care products, which increases the r...

  6. 15 Sep 2014  |  Europe

    Automated Endoscope Reprocessor Market Trends in Western Europe

    Replacement Market Drives Mergers, Acquistions and Partnerhsips

    The western European automated endoscope reprocessor market is in mature stage. It is largely a replacement market with fewer new installations due to endoscopy suite expansion. The mergers, acquisitions and partnerships are redefining competitive landscape in western Europe. This research service provides details about revenue forecasts, unit ship...

  7. 12 Sep 2014  |  Europe

    Medical Technologies Distributor Profiles in Eastern Europe

    Assessment for Growth Opportunities Using Distributors in Eastern Europe

    The Eastern European medical device industry is in the growth stage. Both established medical-device providers as well as new medical-device manufacturers are constantly trying to penetrate the Eastern European region, while simultaneously looking at ways to reduce the cost incurred for placing their products in this sector. Using distributors is o...

  8. 07 Aug 2014  |  Asia Pacific

    China Wound Care Market

    Is the Local Potential Much Higher than the Exports?

    The Chinese wound care market is in the growth stage. Growing ageing population and rise in the incidence of lifestyle diseases, coupled with the increase in risk of chronic wounds and in affordability of better quality of wound care products provide the impetus for the Chinese wound care market. Universal coverage of public health insurance scheme...

  9. 21 Jul 2014  |  North America

    Analysis of the Global Endoscopy Devices Market

    Advances in Technology Create New Business Opportunities

    This study explores the 2 broad segments of the global endoscopy devices market, namely applications (scopes) and solution components. An in-depth analysis of products/services, applications, and technologies available to end users is provided. The key topics covered include innovations and developments occurring within the endoscopy devices market...