Medical Devices

  1. 31 Dec 2013  |  Global

    Technology Breakthroughs in Sleep Apnea (Technical Insights)

    Sedentary lifestyle and late work habits leading to increase in sleep disordered breathing.

    Sleep apnea is a sleeping disorder that is slowly increasing in people of all age demographics. Sedentary lifestyle and erratic work habits have increased the prevalence of sleep apnea. Sleep apnea can lead to various morbidities can eventually decrease longevity leading to premature death. New technologies and products are being developed to allev...


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  2. 26 Dec 2013  |  Europe

    Hand Hygiene Market in Western Europe

    Rise of Hand Hygiene and Compliance Monitoring in Prevention of Healthcare-acquired Infections

    The hand hygiene and compliance monitoring market in Western Europe is a growing market. Periodical outbreaks such as Norovirus and bird flu are fueling the market revenue. The research service is based on the findings of secondary and primary research. The analysis includes market dynamics, revenue forecasts, market share, and competitive structur...


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  3. 19 Nov 2013  |  Asia Pacific

    Analysis of the Endoscopy Devices Market in Australia, South Korea, and Southeast Asia

    Opportunity for New Installation Spurs Market Growth

    This research service presents an analysis of the endoscopy devices in focusing on Australia, South Korea and Southeast Asian market. The elderly population in Asia-Pacific is increasing at a rapid rate. The growing aging society translates to increase in lifestyle disease leading to chronic diseases and age-related surgeries. With innovations in h...


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  4. 09 Aug 2013  |  North America

    Analysis of Opportunities in the US Hand Hygiene Market

    Forecasts and Trends for Hand Sanitizers, Surgical Scrubs, and Preoperative Skin Preparation

    The market profiled in this Frost & Sullivan research service is hand hygiene. The hand hygiene inclusion categories cover three segments: hand sanitizer, surgical scrub, and preoperative skin preparation. Included in this research service are an executive summary, market forecasts and trends, market drivers and restraints, a competitive analysis b...


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  5. 30 Jul 2013  |  Global

    Next Generation Stent Technologies (Technical Insights)

    Milestones in stent technologies achieved through proper funding sources

    This research service (RS) is a study on the funding prospects in the stent market. Stents are one of the most breakthrough medical devices in the cardiology market. The RS delivers content on the prevalent investor climate in this industry, and attempts to shed light on different channels available for obtaining funds. Higher patient safety and hi...


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  6. 23 Jul 2013  |  Asia Pacific

    Analysis of the Wound Care and Wound Closure Market in Asia-Pacific

    A Blend of Traditional and Advanced Products for Effective Wound Healing

    This research service presents an analysis of the wound care and wound closure market in Asia-Pacific. The elderly population in Asia-Pacific is increasing at a rapid rate. In 2012, there were approximately around 420.0 million people above the age of 60 years living in this region. This increasingly aging society translates into increase in lifest...


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  7. 22 Jul 2013  |  North America

    Analysis of the US Neurovascular Intervention Market

    Large Opportunities in Expanding Treatment Options and New Technologies

    This research service considers products and companies in the neurovascular intervention market in the United States. This market expects to witness many technology advancements in the next decade. A thorough analysis of revenue forecasts, unit forecasts, technological advances, and pricing are provided for the markets various segments, including:...


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  8. 16 Jul 2013  |  North America

    2013 Global Medical Devices Outlook

    Positioning for the Future

    This 2013 Frost & Sullivan outlook study provides projections for the global medical devices market. Specifically, the research included identifies market sectors and sub-sectors poised for expansion; discusses key opportunities in emerging markets; identifies the four Rs in the medical device spectrum; and covers strategies for success in the new ...


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  9. 09 Jul 2013  |  North America

    Strategic Analysis of US Infusion Pumps Market

    Interoperable Smart Pumps to Assure the Growth of Original Equipment Manufacturers

    This research service considers various infusion pump technology and companies in the US infusion pumps market. The market will be impacted by legislation and initiatives that are being implemented by the government to improve overall healthcare. A thorough analysis of revenue forecasts, unit forecasts, technological advances, and pricing are provi...


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  10. 28 Jun 2013  |  Europe

    Western European Infusion Pumps Market

    The infusion pumps market in Western Europe experienced slow growth over the past few years. The expected increase in insulin and ambulatory infusion pumps, complemented by the expected growth in the home care and long-term care sectors are expected to aid growth in the infusion pumps market. This research comprises secondary and primary research. ...


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