Intelligent Sensors for Connected Home Appliances

Sensors and AI Enable Ubiquitous Homes

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Intelligent sensors transform conventional home appliance devices to connected ones leveraging Internet. Connected home appliances integrated with intelligent sensors are smart electronic devices, which can be remotely accessed, monitored, and controlled using personal computers, laptops and smartphones. The key research focus areas in connected home appliances include: increasing the energy efficiency; resource conservation; and ability of appliances to communicate with each other (for example: a refrigerator can instruct an oven to achieve a certain temperature for cooking an item); and reduce costs by allowing the consumer to achieve energy efficiency and by using components, such as lower

Table of Contents

1.0 Executive Summary1.1 Scope of the Technology and Innovation Research1.2 Research Methodology1.3 Research Methodology Explained1.4 Summary of Key Findings2.0 Technology Landscape Assessment – Trends, Enabling Technologies2.1 The Need for Sensors in Connected Home Appliances2.2 Significance and Potential Benefits of Sensors in Connected Home Appliances2.3 Emerging Technology Trends Driving Innovations in Home Appliances2.4 Key Sensor Technologies Enabling Smart Home Appliances3.0 Factors Influencing Technology Development and Adoption3.1 Factors Influencing Connected Appliances Adoption 3.2 Microcontroller-based Sensing and Increasing Demand for Intelligent Sensors for Connected Home Appliances are Driving Factors3.3 Providing Convenience to Customers and Advent of IoT Drives Development3.4 Factors Hindering Connected Appliances Adoption 3.5 Lack of Consumer Awareness, Interoperability, and Data Security Concerns are Challenging Factors3.6 High Implementation Cost and Complicated Installation Hinder Adoption 4.0 Patent and Funding Scenario4.1 Patent Publication Trends4.2 Funding Initiatives5.0 Key Stakeholders and Industry Initiatives5.1 SmartThings by Samsung Driving Market Adoption5.2 LG’s SmartThinQ Device Makes Home Appliances Smart5.3 Touch Sensing Technology Providing Immersive User Experience5.4 Security and Surveillance Camera Enabling Smart Homes5.5 Gas Sensing Technology for Detection of the Presence of Indoor Hazardous Molecules5.6 Single Sensor Solution Enabling Connected Homes5.7 Smart Climate Sensor for Indoor Temperature Monitoring5.8 Remotely Controlled Doors through Smart Locks5.9 Key Innovators and Initiatives – GE Appliances, Apple, and Google5.10 Key Technology Developments and Innovations – Research Universities5.10 Key Technology Developments and Innovations – Research Universities (continued)5.11 Disruptive Innovations Driving the Smart Home Market5.11 Disruptive Innovations Driving the Smart Home Market (continued)6.0 Growth Opportunities and Strategic Recommendations6.1 Convergence Scenarios Boost Growth Opportunities6.2 Need for Autonomous Home Devices and IoT Bolstering Intelligent Sensor Developments6.3 Formulated Standard Regulations for Connected Home Appliances6.4 Requirements for Policy Makers to Drive the Connected Home Appliance Market 6.5 Connected Home Appliances as Service-based Model Expected to Transform the Home Automation System6.6 Smart Home Technology Roadmap – From Smart to Ubiquitous Homes6.7 Companies to Watch6.8 Strategic Viewpoint7.0 Key Patents7.1 Key Patents – User Interface and Operating Methods for Smart Home Appliances7.2 Key Patents – Commissioning and Controlling Methods of Smart Home Appliances 7.3 Key Patents – Dynamic Distributed Sensor Thermostat Network and Smart Objects Interaction7.4 Key Patents – Controlling Home Appliances and Deploying the Devices to Secured Wireless Networks8.0 Key Industry Contacts8.1 Key Industry ContactsLegal Disclaimer

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