Over the Top (OTT) Video Market Update, India, 2016

OTT to Energize the Indian TV Market; Intensify Competition, and Create Strategic Partnerships and Subscription Models

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This research study provides an analysis of the over-the-top (OTT) video consumption in India. It gives an insight into the market scenario and growth prospects of key market participants, new entrants and the impact of telecom services in bringing about a drastic change in the way television is consumed in India. A competitive analysis of the stakeholders will provide a deeper understanding of the content strategies, mobile data packages, internet and smartphone penetration which is causing this rapid wave of online video consumption. This study includes the drivers and challenges that will influence the growth of OTT viewers (total and subscription-based), and revenue from digital video advertising as well as

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
Key Findings
Current and Future Outlook
2. The ‘Digital India’ Overview for Multiscreen Video
Key Social Catalysts for Online Videos
Evolution of TV Viewing
Cord-Cutting will be the Next Disruption in the Industry
Internet Scenario in India
Global Overview of Internet Penetration Rates
Mobile Internet Revolution
Level of Wi-Fi Penetration in India, 2016
Digital India Campaign—Bharat Net
Rural India in the Digital Race
3. Consumption Patterns and Content Preferences
Video Viewership Analysis
Activities on Mobile
YouTube—Market Activities and Business Models
YouTube—Viral Videos
Top 10 Most Subscribed YouTube Channels
Burst in Viewership during Live Sports Events
Marketing Strategies
Content Mix
Content is King
Remonetizing Old Content
4. Over-the-Top (OTT) Video Ecosystem
OTT Video Ecosystem
Ecosystem Key Stakeholders in India
OTT Platforms of Leading Network Companies
India OTT Competitive Landscape—OTT Provider Profiles
5. Drivers, Challenges and Restraints
Market Drivers and Challenges
Market Drivers
Market Challenges
Market Restraints
6. Revenue Models and Forecast
Digital Advertising
Increased Ad Revenues on Digital Platforms
Advertising Strategies
Broadband Video Viewers Forecast, India
OTT Video Subscribers Forecast, India
OTT Video Revenue Forecast, India
Licensing Cost Dynamics
Business Models—OTT in India, 2016
What the Future Looks Like in 2020
The Future Trend
OTT for the Future, India
7. Conclusions
Key Conclusions
The Last Word—Three Big Predictions
Legal Disclaimer
8. The Frost & Sullivan Story


List of Figures & Charts

1. Total OTT Video Market: Key Findings, India, 2016
2. Total OTT Video Market: Current and Future Outlook, India, CO 2016 and FO 2017
3. Total TV Market: Evolution of TV Viewing, India, 2016
4. Total OTT Video Market: Drivers for Cord Cutting, India, 2016
5. Total OTT Market: Internet Usage, India, 2016
6. Growth of Rural Internet , India, 2013-2018
7. Total OTT Market: Viewership Analysis, India, 2016
8. Total OTT Market: OTT Video Ecosystem, India, 2016
9. Profiles of leading OTT Service Providers, India, 2016

1. Key Social Trends, India, 2011–2025
2. Growth of Internet User Base, India, 2016
3. Total OTT Video Market: Percentage Split of Internet users, Global, 2016
4. Growth of Mobile Internet Users, India, 2016
5. Urban/Rural Breakup of Internet Users, India, 2016
6. Total OTT Market: User Activities on Mobile, India, 2016
7. Total OTT Video Market: YouTube, India, 2016
8. Total OTT Market: Viral Videos on YouTube, India, 2016
9. Spike in IPL Viewership, India, 2016
10. OTT Market: Increase in Percentage of Old Content in Digital Platforms, India, 2016
11. Total OTT Market: Key Stakeholder Examples, India, 2016
12. Total OTT Market: Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) OTT Platforms, India, 2016
13. Total OTT Market: Pay TV / Cable TV Providers OTT Platforms, India, 2016
14. Total OTT Market: Drivers and Challenges, India, 2016
15. OTT Market: Percentage of Ad and Time Spend, India, 2016
16. OTT Market: Advertisement Spend in OTT Video, India, 2015-2020
17. OTT Market: Percentage of Advertisement Spend on Various Medium, India, 2016
18. OTT Market: Percentage of Ad and Time Spend, India, 2016
19. OTT Video Subscribers Forecast, India, 2015–2020
20. OTT Subscription Revenue, India, 2015–2020
21. OTT Market: Business models for the Content Owner and OTT Player, India, 2016

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ott video in india

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