Over-the-top (OTT) Video Services to Transform TV Viewing in Middle East and North Africa, Forecast to 2021

Market Competition Gaining Momentum with a Number of New Participants and Premium Content

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Scope of the Study This research study includes the following segments: Scope: Over-the-top (OTT) video viewing, live streaming, segmented by viewership, business models, smartphone usage, social media interactionGeographic scope: Middle East, Levant, GCCRevenue, subscriber analysis and forecasts, drivers and restraints, and segment-wise analysis have also been provided for the MENA OTT market.What makes Frost & Sullivan's deliverables unique? Frost & Sullivan provides one of the most comprehensive market segmentation chains in this industry.A detailed market positioning, product positioning, and competitive positioning has been conducted. Entry strategies, gaps, and opportunities are identified for all the sta

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
Key Findings
Current and Future Outlook
2. Industry Overview
TV Landscape in Key Markets
TV Market Participants
Population Demography
Evolution of TV Viewing
Cord-Cutting or Cord Shaving
3. Overview of Internet Scenario in MENA
Internet Scenario in MENA
Internet Penetration
Mobile Internet Revolution
Government Initiative to Boost Connectivity
Bandwidth Costs and Affordability
Mobile and Fixed Broadband Prices
4. OTT Market Ecosystem
Media Content Marketplace Ecosystem
OTT Platforms
Telecom Operators
Telecom Partnerships and Alliances
Payment Modes
Infrastructure Solutions
5. Drivers and Restraints
Drivers and Restraints—Middle East
Drivers and Restraints—North Africa
6. Revenue Models and Forecast
Revenue Models
OTT Video Viewers Forecast
OTT Video Subscribers Forecast
OTT Video Revenue Forecast
7. Company Profiles
STARZ Play Arabia
8. Consumption Patterns and Viewership Trends—MENA, UAE, KSA, and Egypt
Languages Preferences
Most Watched Genres
Consumption Preference by Devices
Regional Video Viewing Trends
YouTube Incumbency
Spike in Ramadan
Social Network Trends
Trends in Developing Economies
Sports Dominance
9. Last Word
Future Outlook
10. Appendix
Market Classification
Key Economic—Political Trends
Social Media Trends in MENA
Influence of Social Media
Global Overview of Internet Penetration Rates
11. The Frost & Sullivan Story

List of Figures & Charts

1. Population Breakdown, the MENA, 2012 and 2025
2. Total Broadcast Content Market, Evolution of TV Viewing, the MENA, 1980–2015
3. OTT Video Market: Drivers for Cord Shaving, MENA, 2016
4. Total OTT Market: Internet Scenario, MENA, 2016
5. Mobile Broadband Monthly Internet Fees, MENA, 2016
6. Media Content Marketplace Ecosystem and Examples of Market Participants, MENA, 2016
7. OTT Market: Partnerships with Telecom Operators, MENA, 2016
8. OTT Market: Drivers and Restraints in Middle East, MENA, 2017–2021
9. OTT Market: Drivers and Restraints in North Africa, MENA, 2017–2021
10. YouTube Trends, MENA, 2016
11. Total Internet Market, Global, 2016
12. Technology Adoption, Egypt, 2016

1. Internet Penetration Rates in Major Countries, MENA, 2016
2. Mobile Subscribers and Smartphone Users, MENA, 2016
3. 4G Data Fees (per GB), MENA, 2016
4. Broadband Prices (per GB in USD), MENA, 2016
5. OTT Video Viewers Forecast, MENA, 2016–2021
6. OTT Video Subscribers Forecast, MENA, 2016–2021
7. OTT Video Revenue Forecast, MENA, 2016–2021
8. Internet Users (in Million) by Language, MENA, 2010 and 2015
9. Language Preference by Content, MENA, 2016
10. Movies Preferred by Genres, MENA, 2016
11. Series Preferred by Genres, MENA, 2016
12. Device Distribution Based on Traffic, MENA, 2016
13. Ramadan Spike in Video Views, MENA, 2016
14. Most Used Social Networking Websites, MENA, 2016
15. Online Video Consumption by Device, Egypt, 2016
16. Top 3 Sports Watched, MENA, 2016
17. Market Classification, MENA, 2016
18. Social Media Users (in Million), MENA, 2012–2018
19. Percentage Split of Internet Users, Global, 2016




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