Pharmaceutical Market Access Strategy for Ethiopia

Landscaping New Investment Opportunities Across the Pharmaceutical Value Chain

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Scope of the report The research report includes the following segments:Product scope: Pharmaceutical ProductsGeographic scope: EthiopiaEnd-user scope: Pharmaceutical manufacturers, Pharmaceutical distributors, Healthcare providers, Contract Manufacturing Organisations (CMO)Revenue analysis and forecasts, drivers and restraints, business opportunities, market trends, and distribution trends have also been provided for Ethiopian pharmaceutical market.What makes our reports unique?We provide one of the longest market segmentation chains in this Market.We conduct detailed market positioning, product positioning, and competitive positioning. Entry strategies, gaps, and opportunities are identified for all the stake

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
Why Ethiopia
Strategic Location
Stable Political & Economic Condition
Investor Friendly Policies
2. Country Overview
About Ethiopia
Macroeconomic Overview
Economic Overview
Political Overview
Healthcare Industry
Healthcare Infrastructure
Current Strategies to Improve Healthcare Utilisation and Access
Disease Profile
Healthcare Financing Indicators
Regulatory and Legislative Framework
Regulatory Bodies
Ease of Doing Business and Attractiveness
3. Pharmaceutical Market in Ethiopia
Pharmaceutical Market: Products and Segment Definitions, Ethiopia, 2015
Market Overview
Generic Drugs
Essential Requirements for Drug Registration
Procurement and Distribution
Dispensing of Pharmaceutical Products
Revenue Contribution of the Public and Private Sectors
Federation of East African Pharmaceutical Manufacturers
4. External Challenges—Drivers and Restraints: Pharmaceutical Market
Key Drivers, Ethiopia, 2016–2020
Progressive growth of Ethiopian population and economy
Increasing disease burden, both communicable and non-communicable
Alliances between multinational and local firms
Expansion of healthcare coverage and infrastructure improvements allow
Key Restraints, Ethiopia, 2016–2020
Lack of world-class infrastructure, high cost of raw materials along with limited skilled labour
Weak regulations in the pharmaceutical market
5. Business Opportunities and Market Trends—Pharmaceutical Market
Investment Policy and Incentives
Industry Zone Development
Key Regulatory Bodies for Pharmaceutical Investments in Ethiopia
Market Trends
6. Conclusions and Recommendations
Supply and Demand Gap
Pharmaceutical Value Chain
Key Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Companies in Ethiopia
Addis pharmaceutical factory S.C
Asmi PLC
Cadila Pharmaceuticals(Ethiopia) PLC
Sino-Ethiop Associate
Key Pharmaceutical Exporters in Ethiopia
Pharmacure PLC
East African Pharmaceuticals PLC
Sino-Ethiop Associate
Labora International Trading PLC
Key Pharmaceutical Distributors in Ethiopia
Caroga Pharma Ethiopia PLC
Mesroy International PLC
Micro Pharma PLC
ZAF Pharmaceuticals PLC
Market Entry Strategies for the Ethiopian Pharmaceutical Market
By setting up a sales office
By setting up a manufacturing unit through Joint Ventures
Only through Distributor/ Agent/Partnership
Current Opportunities for Manufacturing in the Ethiopian Pharmaceutical Market
Production of Essential Drugs
Production of Raw Materials
Production of Medical Supplies
Industry Zones to Setup a Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Unit in Ethiopia
Key Success Factors in the Ethiopian Pharmaceutical Market
Technology Transfer
Competitive Pricing Structure
Good Product Range and Quality
Well-established Distribution Networks
Improved Marketing Workforce and Strategies
Brand Recognition
Recent Happenings in the Ethiopian Pharmaceutical Market
7. The Last Word
8. Legal Disclaimer
9. Appendix
Key Essential Drugs List—Ethiopia
Important Contacts
The Frost & Sullivan Story

List of Figures & Charts

1. Pharmaceutical Market: Health Indicators, Ethiopia, 2011 and 2013
2. Pharmaceutical Market: Disease Indicators, Ethiopia, 2011 and 2013
3. Pharmaceutical Market: Structure of Main Regulatory Bodies, Ethiopia, 2014
4. Pharmaceutical Market: Key Regulatory Bodies, Healthcare Industry, Ethiopia, 2014
5. Doing Business in Ethiopia—Overview
6. Registration and License Requirements
7. Pharmaceutical Market: Products and Segment Definitions, Ethiopia, 2015
8. Pharmaceutical Market: Procurement Process, Ethiopia, 2014
9. Dispensing of drugs and pharmaceutical products to the patients happens in 4 different ways.
10. Members of the EPMSMIA
11. Pharmaceutical Market: Key Drivers, Ethiopia, 2016–2020
12. Pharmaceutical Market: Key Restraints, Ethiopia, 2016–2020
13. Pharmaceutical Market: Ways of Investment by a Foreign Investor in the Pharmaceutical Market, Ethiopia, 2015
14. Pharmaceutical Market: Exemption from Income Tax for Basic Pharmaceutical Products and Pharmaceutical Preparations, Ethiopia, 2015
15. Pharmaceutical Market: Export Incentives for Pharmaceutical Products and Pharmaceutical Preparations, Ethiopia, 2015
16. Pharmaceutical Market: Tax Regime, Ethiopia, 2015
17. Pharmaceutical Market: Trade Relations, Ethiopia, 2015
18. Pharmaceutical Market: Pharmaceutical Value Chain, Ethiopia, 2014
19. Pharmaceutical Market: Key Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Companies, Ethiopia, 2015
20. Pharmaceutical Market: Key Exporters, Ethiopia, 2015
21. Pharmaceutical Market: Key Distributors, Ethiopia, 2015
22. Pharmaceutical Market: Market Entry Strategy and Percentage Share of Key Companies, Ethiopia, 2015
23. Pharmaceutical Market: Opportunities for Manufacturing, Ethiopia, 2015
24. Pharmaceutical Market: Public Industrial Zones, Ethiopia, 2015

1. Pharmaceutical Market: Population, Ethiopia, 2008–2020E
2. Pharmaceutical Market: Population Split by Gender, Ethiopia, 2014
3. Pharmaceutical Market: Age-Sex structure of the Urban and Rural population, Ethiopia, 2014
4. Pharmaceutical Market: Gross Domestic Product of Ethiopia at Current Prices, 2013–2020E
5. Pharmaceutical Market: Inflation in Ethiopia at Average Consumer Prices, 2010–2020E*
6. Pharmaceutical Market: Structure of Public Healthcare, Ethiopia, 2013*
7. Pharmaceutical Market: Total number of Health Facilities, Ethiopia, 2013
8. Pharmaceutical Market: Total number of Hospitals by Region, Ethiopia, 2013*
9. Pharmaceutical Market: Top Causes of Deaths in Ethiopia*, 2013
10. Pharmaceutical Market: Total Out-of-pocket Health Expenditure, Ethiopia, 2013
11. Pharmaceutical Market: Total Health Expenditure, Ethiopia, 2013
12. Pharmaceutical Market: Market Share of Imported Drugs vs. Locally Manufactured Drugs, 2014
13. Pharmaceutical Market: Per Cent Import of Bulk Pharmaceuticals by Countries, Ethiopia, 2014
14. Pharmaceutical Market: Per Cent Import of Formulation by Countries, Ethiopia, 2014
15. Pharmaceutical Market: Modes of Pharmaceutical Imports, Ethiopia, 2013
16. Pharmaceutical Market: Per Cent Sales Breakdown, Ethiopia, 2013*
17. Pharmaceutical Market: Revenue Contribution of the Public and Private Sectors, Ethiopia, 2013
18. Pharmaceutical Market: Revenue Contribution of the Public and Private Sectors, Ethiopia, 2018

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