Profiling of the Top 50 Healthcare Service Providers in APAC

A Deep-dive Analysis of the Business and Financial Health of Leading Healthcare Companies in the Region

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Growing demand for healthcare services has created opportunities for growth and expansion in Asia-Pacific. In some countries, healthcare services companies are expanding out of their home ground, while others are strengthening and increasing their local capacity to serve the increasing demand in emerging markets. This profiling of the top 50 healthcare service providers explores the 50 largest healthcare companies in APAC, covering primary care through to specialized service providers, on qualitative and quantitative assessment, up to their latest activity and plans in 2015.

Table of Contents

Executive SummaryExecutive SummaryExecutive Summary—Distribution of Companies by Geography, Number of Operating Countries, and Type of ServiceExecutive Summary—Regional SnapshotExecutive Summary—Movement in Ranking of Top 20 CompaniesExecutive Summary—New Entrants in the Top 50 RankingResearch MethodologyScope of ResearchResearch MethodologyResearch Methodology (continued)Research Methodology (continued)Research Methodology (continued)Research Methodology (continued)IHH Healthcare BerhadIHH Healthcare Berhad—OverviewIHH Healthcare Berhad—Financial HighlightsIHH Healthcare Berhad—SWOT AnalysisIHH Healthcare Berhad—SWOT Analysis (continued)Ramsay Health Care LimitedRamsay Health Care Limited—OverviewRamsay Health Care Limited—Financial HighlightsRamsay Health Care Limited—SWOT AnalysisRamsay Health Care Limited—SWOT Analysis (continued)Bangkok Dusit Medical Services Public Company Limited Bangkok Dusit Medical Services Public Company Limited—OverviewBangkok Dusit Medical Services Public Company Limited—Financial HighlightsBangkok Dusit Medical Services Public Company Limited—SWOT AnalysisBangkok Dusit Medical Services Public Company Limited—SWOT Analysis (continued)Sonic Healthcare LimitedSonic Healthcare Limited—OverviewSonic Healthcare Limited—Financial HighlightsSonic Healthcare Limited—SWOT AnalysisSonic Healthcare Limited—SWOT Analysis (continued)Aier Eye Hospital Group Co. Ltd.Aier Eye Hospital Group Co. Ltd.—OverviewAier Eye Hospital Group Co. Ltd.—Financial HighlightsAier Eye Hospitals—SWOT AnalysisAier Eye Hospitals—SWOT Analysis (continued)Bumrungrad Hospital Public Company Limited Bumrungrad Hospital Public Company Limited—OverviewBumrungrad Hospital Public Company Limited—Financial HighlightsBumrungrad Hospital Public Company Limited—SWOT AnalysisBumrungrad Hospital Public Company Limited—SWOT Analysis (continued)Healthscope LimitedHealthscope Limited—OverviewHealthscope Limited—Financial HighlightsHealthscope Limited—SWOT AnalysisHealthscope Limited—SWOT Analysis (continued)Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Ltd.Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Ltd.—OverviewApollo Hospitals Enterprise Ltd.—Financial HighlightsApollo Hospitals Enterprise Ltd.—SWOT AnalysisApollo Hospitals Enterprise Ltd.—SWOT Analysis (continued)PT Mitra Keluarga Karyasehat TBKPT Mitra Keluarga Karyasehat TBK—OverviewPT Mitra Keluarga Karyasehat TBK—Financial HighlightsPT Mitra Keluarga Karyasehat TBK—SWOT AnalysisPT Mitra Keluarga Karyasehat TBK—SWOT Analysis (continued)Ryman Healthcare LimitedRyman Healthcare Limited—OverviewRyman Healthcare Limited—Financial HighlightsRyman Healthcare Limited—SWOT AnalysisRyman Healthcare Limited—SWOT Analysis (continued)MIRACA Holdings Inc.MIRACA Holdings Inc.—OverviewMIRACA Holdings Inc.—Financial HighlightsMIRACA Holdings Inc.—SWOT AnalysisMIRACA Holdings Inc.—SWOT Analysis (continued)Raffles Medical Group Ltd.Raffles Medical Group Ltd.—OverviewRaffles Medical Group Ltd.—Financial HighlightsRaffles Medical Group Ltd.—SWOT AnalysisRaffles Medical Group Ltd.—SWOT Analysis (continued)Primary Health Care Ltd.Primary Health Care Ltd.—OverviewPrimary Health Care Ltd.—Financial HighlightsPrimary Health Care—SWOT AnalysisPrimary Health Care—SWOT Analysis (continued)Phoenix Healthcare Group Co. Ltd.Phoenix Healthcare Group Co. Ltd.—OverviewPhoenix Healthcare Group Co. Ltd.—Financial HighlightsPhoenix Healthcare Group Co. Ltd.—SWOT AnalysisPhoenix Healthcare Group Co. Ltd.—SWOT Analysis (continued)Regis Healthcare LimitedRegis Healthcare Limited—OverviewRegis Healthcare Limited—Financial HighlightsRegis Healthcare—SWOT AnalysisRegis Healthcare—SWOT Analysis (continued)Fortis Healthcare LimitedFortis Healthcare Limited—OverviewFortis Healthcare Limited—Financial HighlightsFortis Healthcare Limited—SWOT AnalysisFortis Healthcare Limited—SWOT Analysis (continued)PT Siloam International Hospitals TbkPT Siloam International Hospitals Tbk—OverviewPT Siloam International Hospitals Tbk—Financial HighlightsPT Siloam International Hospitals Tbk—SWOT AnalysisPT Siloam International Hospitals Tbk—SWOT Analysis (continued)KPJ Healthcare BhdKPJ Healthcare Bhd—OverviewKPJ Healthcare Bhd—Financial HighlightsKPJ Healthcare Bhd—SWOT AnalysisKPJ Healthcare Bhd—SWOT Analysis (continued)Estia Health LimitedEstia Health Limited—OverviewEstia Health Limited—Financial HighlightsEstia Health Limited—SWOT AnalysisEstia Health Limited—SWOT Analysis (continued)BML Inc.BML Inc.—OverviewBML Inc.—Financial HighlightsBML Inc.—SWOT AnalysisBML Inc.—SWOT Analysis (continued)Chularat Hospital Public Company LimitedChularat Hospital Public Company Limited—OverviewChularat Hospital Public Company Limited—Financial HighlightsChularat Hospital Public Company Limited—SWOT AnalysisRamkhamhaeng Hospital Public Co. Ltd.Ramkhamhaeng Hospital Public Co. Ltd.—OverviewRamkhamhaeng Hospital Public Co. Ltd.—Financial HighlightsRamkhamhaeng Hospital Public Co. Ltd.—SWOT AnalysisMetlifecare LimitedMetlifecare Limited—OverviewMetlifecare Limited—Financial HighlightsMetlifecare Limited—SWOT AnalysisHarmonicare Medical Holding Ltd.Harmonicare Medical Holding Ltd.—OverviewHarmonicare Medical Holding Ltd.—Financial HighlightsHarmonicare Medical Holding Ltd.—SWOT AnalysisJapara Healthcare Limited Japara Healthcare Limited—OverviewJapara Healthcare Limited—Financial HighlightsJapara Healthcare Limited—SWOT AnalysisSummerset Group Holdings Limited Summerset Group Holdings Limited—OverviewSummerset Group Holdings Limited—Financial HighlightsSummerset Group Holdings Limited—SWOT AnalysisVibhavadi Medical Center Public Company LimitedVibhavadi Medical Center Public Company Limited—OverviewVibhavadi Medical Center Public Company Limited—Financial HighlightsVibhavadi Medical Center Public Company Limited—SWOT AnalysisBangkok Chain Hospital Public Company Limited Bangkok Chain Hospital Public Company Limited—OverviewBangkok Chain Hospital Public Company Limited—Financial HighlightsBangkok Chain Hospital Public Company Limited—SWOT AnalysisChina Cord Blood CorporationChina Cord Blood Corporation—OverviewChina Cord Blood Corporation—Financial HighlightsChina Cord Blood Corporation—SWOT AnalysisMessage Co. Ltd. Message Co. Ltd.—OverviewMessage Co. Ltd.—Financial HighlightsMessage Co. Ltd.—SWOT AnalysisTMC Life Sciences BerhadTMC Life Sciences Berhad—OverviewTMC Life Sciences Berhad—Financial HighlightsTMC Life Sciences Berhad—SWOT AnalysisVirtus Health LimitedVirtus Health Limited—OverviewVirtus Health Limited—Financial HighlightsVirtus Health Limited—SWOT AnalysisTsukui Corp.Tsukui Corp.—OverviewTsukui Corp.—Financial HighlightsTsukui Corp.—SWOT AnalysisChiang Mai Ram Medical Business Public Company LimitedChiang Mai Ram Medical Business Public Company Limited—OverviewChiang Mai Ram Medical Business Public Company Limited—Financial HighlightsChiang Mai Ram Medical Business Public Company Limited—SWOT AnalysisSikarin Public Company LimitedSikarin Public Company Limited—OverviewSikarin Public Company Limited—Financial HighlightsSikarin Public Company Limited—SWOT AnalysisConcord Medical ServicesConcord Medical Services—OverviewConcord Medical Services—Financial HighlightsConcord Medical Services—SWOT AnalysisPT Sarana Meditama Metropolitan TbkPT Sarana Meditama Metropolitan Tbk—OverviewPT Sarana Meditama Metropolitan Tbk—Financial HighlightsPT Sarana Meditama Metropolitan Tbk—SWOT AnalysisNonthavej Hospital Public Company LimitedNonthavej Hospital Public Company Limited—OverviewNonthavej Hospital Public Company Limited—Financial HighlightsNonthavej Hospital Public Company Limited—SWOT AnalysisArvida Group LimitedArvida Group Limited—OverviewArvida Group Limited—Financial HighlightsArvida Group Limited—SWOT AnalysisAikchol Hospital Public Company LimitedAikchol Hospital Public Company Limited—OverviewAikchol Hospital Public Company Limited—Financial HighlightsAikchol Hospital Public Company Limited—SWOT AnalysisVision Eye Institute LimitedVision Eye Institute Limited—OverviewVision Eye Institute Limited—Financial HighlightsVision Eye Institute Limited—SWOT AnalysisKovai Medical Center & Hospital Ltd.Kovai Medical Center & Hospital Ltd.—OverviewKovai Medical Center & Hospital Ltd.—Financial HighlightsKovai Medical Center & Hospital Ltd.—SWOT AnalysisHealth Management International Ltd.Health Management International Ltd.—OverviewHealth Management International Ltd.—Financial HighlightsHealth Management International Ltd.—SWOT AnalysisFalco SD Holdings Co. Ltd.Falco SD Holdings Co. Ltd.—OverviewFalco SD Holdings Co. Ltd.—Financial HighlightsFalco SD Holdings Co. Ltd.—SWOT Analysis1300SMILES Limited1300SMILES Limited—Overview1300SMILES Limited—Financial Highlights1300SMILES Limited—SWOT AnalysisPT Sejahteraraya Anugrahjaya TbkPT Sejahteraraya Anugrahjaya Tbk—OverviewPT Sejahteraraya Anugrahjaya Tbk—Financial HighlightsPT Sejahteraraya Anugrahjaya Tbk—SWOT AnalysisInternational Healthway Corporation LimitedInternational Healthway Corporation Limited—OverviewInternational Healthway Corporation Limited—Financial HighlightsInternational Healthway Corporation Limited—SWOT AnalysisSingapore O&G Ltd.Singapore O&G Ltd.—OverviewSingapore O&G Ltd.—Financial HighlightsSingapore O&G Ltd.—SWOT AnalysisThai Nakarin Hospital Public Company Limited Thai Nakarin Hospital Public Company Limited—OverviewThai Nakarin Hospital Public Company Limited—Financial HighlightsThai Nakarin Hospital Public Company Limited—SWOT AnalysisIndraprastha Medical Corp. Ltd.Indraprastha Medical Corp. Ltd.—OverviewIndraprastha Medical Corp. Ltd.—Financial HighlightsIndraprastha Medical Corp. Ltd.—SWOT AnalysisConclusion & RecommendationsKey Conclusions—Growth Strategies Adopted by Healthcare Service ProvidersKey RecommendationsMarket Engineering Methodology

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