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22 Oct 2021  |  Global

Global Fragrances Market Growth Opportunities

Innovations in Delivery Technologies and Strong Consumer Inclination Toward Natural Fragrances are Boosting the Growth of the Fragrances Market

Fragrances are complex blends of natural and/or synthetic ingredients that give a distinctive scent when added to any consumer products. Many cosmetics and home-care brands list “fragrance” on the product label, but very few name the specific ingredients (whether natural or synthetic) that make up a fragrance. The factors driving the global fra...


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30 Jun 2020  |  Global

Growth Opportunities for Natural Fragrances in Personal Care

Industry Needs and Stakeholder Collaborations Driving Innovations in Natural Fragrances

The fragrance technology segment is at present in the cusp of change with the ever rising need for developing new fragrance molecules that can cater diverse consumer segments across the globe. The segment has been characterized by significant innovations in natural fragrance and renewable ingredient development over the past three years. Increasing...


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29 Sep 2017  |  Global

Breakthrough Delivery Technologies For Flavors And Fragrances

Controlled Release of Volatile Active Compounds Made Possible Using Advanced Encapsulation Technologies

in a controlled manner to provide long-lasting effects. With the demand for nutrition providing foods and customized products that provide different flavor and fragrance profiles, new developments in delivery technologies are expected in future. This research service titled “Breakthrough Delivery Technologies for Flavors and Fragrances” focuse...


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16 Feb 1999  |  Europe

European Fragrances Markets


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