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08 Aug 2019  |  Global

Outlook of Medical Tourism in India 2019

Current Scenario and Growth Prospects

Medical tourism is a booming industry that allows foreign patients to cross international borders to avail necessary medical treatment. Rising healthcare costs, inadequate healthcare facilities, increase in accessibility of better healthcare services and increasing awareness of one’s personal health are factors which are driving the growth of thi...

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21 Jul 2019  |  Global

Market Assessment of Global Refurbished Medical Imaging Equipments

Quality Refurbishment Processes, Regulatory Relaxations, Persuasiveness of Circular Economy and New Marketing Channels Fuels the Market Adoption of Refurbished Imaging Equipments

Advancements in medical imaging technology are serving to achieve state-of-the-art healthcare management across the globe. However, not all hospitals and independent diagnostic imaging centres have access to these advanced medical imaging equipment. This phenomenon is predominant due to the budget constraints and continues consolidation of the heal...

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25 Jun 2019  |  Global

Medical Device Innovations Furthering FemTech

Disruptive Innovations Enabling Unique Solutions in Women’s Health

FemTech is a technology terminology coined by the Danish entrepreneur Ida Tin, the founder of Clue, a popular fertility tracking digital solution. FemTech is short for “female technology”, an umbrella term that clubs together devices, software and solutions for the benefit of women. FemTech solutions addresses a whole host of health considerati...

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The latest issue of Advanced MedTech TechVision Opportunity Engine (TOE) profiles a diverse range of early-stage and pre-commercialization technologies. Mining deep into academia research, TechVision has unearthed innovative and potentially transformative technologies that are currently being developed in research labs and in universities across th...

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29 Apr 2019  |  North America

Global Medical Technologies Industry Predictions, 2019

2019 Growth Opportunities in Medtech Across Patient Centricity, Technology Adoption, Data Democratization and Invasion by Non-traditional Participants

The study is a comprehensive analysis of the key forces shaping the global medtech industry in 2018 and the resultant themes that would govern the market dynamics in 2019 and beyond. The key medtech industry challenges of lack of innovation in conventional segments, increasing focus on efficiencies, changing device ecosystem to digital enablers, em...

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12 Apr 2019  |  Global

Global Medical Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic Coatings Market, Forecast to 2023

Increasing Preference for Minimally Invasive Surgery and Awareness about Healthcare-associated Infections Drive the Coatings Demand

Medical coatings range from lubricious to antimicrobial to hydrophobic; each type of coating is used on a multitude of devices for many different applications to serve different purposes. For instance, lubricious coatings help in the easy traversing of medical consumables such as a catheter into the patient, thereby reducing the patient’s discomf...

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09 Jan 2019  |  Global

Growth Opportunities in Precision Medical Imaging, Forecast to 2022

A Market Opportunity Assessment of Medical Imaging‘s Flourishing Contribution to Personalized Medicine Initiatives

The precision medicine paradigm has found its early roots in genetic profiling, as genomics have proven their potential in helping clinicians decide on the right treatment for the right patient at the right time. Not far behind is medical imaging, which is rapidly developing its own, image-based approaches to tailoring decisions and care pathways t...

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29 Dec 2018  |  Global

Digital Pathology: Roadmap to the Future of Medical Diagnosis

Digital Pathology solutions and Artificial Intelligence tools are destined to transform efficiency and workflow of Pathology services

Digital Pathology encompasses the use of optmized pathology workstations, whole slide imaging, image analysis, image management, laboratory information management system, use of machine learning, data handling and storage. Pathology is one of the most important fields in medicine, as the service provides investigation and validation platform in lie...

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26 Nov 2018  |  Global

Global Biomedical Adhesives and Sealants Market, Forecast to 2022

Rising Healthcare Expenditure, Coupled With Increasing Technology Adoption Rates, Likely to Boost Growth

This research study covers the global market for adhesives and sealants used for biomedical applications. Adhesives and sealants in this study cover synthetic products such as cyanoacrylates, polyethylene glycol, and acrylates, along with their natural counterparts such as collagen, fibrin, and albumin. It also covers specific product trends relate...

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The latest issue of Advanced MedTech TOE collates innovations spanning the medical devices, imaging, and diagnostics fields. A key commonality among most of these innovations is the strong influence of digital technology, imparting better capabilities or helping reach a larger market. Some of these innovations are teleconsultation platforms that br...

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