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04 Mar 2022  |  Asia Pacific

Taiwan Plastic Waste Management Growth Opportunities

Transformational Growth of Waste Recycling to Boost New Era of Circular Economy and Sustainability

Taiwan is on a mission to change its consumption and production patterns and shift towards a global, green supply chain model. The country has taken concrete steps to promote a circular economy and align its environmental and economic goals. It aims to achieve resource efficiency by incorporating high levels of recycling into its waste management s...


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28 Jan 2022  |  Asia Pacific

South Korean Plastic Waste Management Growth Opportunities

Increased Adoption of Advanced Recycling and Digital Technologies Will Drive a Circular Economy in Plastic Recycling

South Korea has one of the highest per capita plastic packaging consumption rates globally, as well as one of the highest rates of collection and recycling. The country is strongly pushing the circular economy of plastic recycling through new policies and initiatives and is building on country-wide programs, such as waste disposal fees based on vol...


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12 Nov 2021  |  Asia Pacific

China Plastic Waste Management Growth Opportunities

Industry Convergence Along Entire Value Chain with Rising Adoption of Recycling Technologies will Support China’s Transition to the New Plastic Economy

Plastic waste generation will increase in the coming years in China, mainly due to the fast development of the Chinese economy and progressing urbanization, posing significant environmental concern. Therefore, the incorporation of sustainable approach to manage plastic waste becomes critical. In 2018, China came out with plastic wastes ban to focus...


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