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12 Sep 2023  |  Global

Growth Opportunities for Global Plastics in Consumer Goods & Household Applications

Product Developments in Plastics Made with More Recycled Content Support Sustainability Trends

This study presents an assessment of the global market for plastics in consumer goods and household products. Analysis covers the demand for plastics in consumer goods by end-use application, including housewares, furniture, footwear, and toys and sports equipment; and by plastic type, including commodity plastics, engineering plastics, thermoplast...

11 Sep 2023  |  Global

Growth Opportunities in a Circular Economy for Plastics

Increased Demand for Sustainable Solutions and Need to Make New Plastic Products with More Recycled Content Will Enhance the Growth Pipeline

This study will provide a comprehensive understanding of the circular economy for plastics by exploring two key areas: the market for recycled plastics and a qualitative analysis of methods to enhance plastics circularity. The research includes an overview of the demand for recycled PE, PP, PET, PVC, PA, and ABS in various industries. It expands on...

02 Aug 2023  |  Global

Global Circular Economy of Chemical Recycling of Plastic Packaging

Transformative Mega Trends Drive the Growth of Complementary Solutions to the Mechanical Recycling of Plastic Packaging Waste

This research service provides a comprehensive analysis of the chemical recycling of plastic packaging market. Chemical recycling is an important complementary solution to the well-established mechanical recycling of plastic packaging, enabling the processing of hard-to-recycle, mixed, and contaminated plastic waste. Chemical recycling offers a muc...

01 Aug 2023  |  North America

Frost Radar™: Mechanical Recycling Technologies in the Circular Economy of Plastic Packaging, 2023

A Benchmarking System to Spark Companies to Action - Innovation that Fuels New Deal Flow and Growth Pipelines

The plastic packaging industry is trying to increase the quality of secondary materials and introduce post consumer recycled content in new packaging to reduce plastic waste. Extended producer responsibility policies among fast-moving consumer goods companies, rising consumer awareness, and sustainability goals such as the European Union target of ...

30 May 2023  |  Global

Global High-performance Plastics Industry

Demand for Sustainable Solutions and the Need to Make High performance, Energy efficient Products will Enhance the Growth Pipeline

This study offers an overview of high-performance plastics (HPP) demand and its prospects in various end-use sectors. It is segmented into automotive, aerospace, industrial, infrastructure and construction, medical, and electrical and electronics industries. In addition, these segments are further bifurcated into the following: • Polymer: E...

18 May 2023  |  Global

Global Medical Plastics Market Growth Opportunities

Increasing Healthcare Expenditure Enhances Future Growth Potential in Developing Economies

Medical plastics are largely used across the healthcare sector for manufacturing diagnostic and therapeutic medical devices, equipment, surgical/non-surgical instruments, labware, prosthetics, implants, and healthcare packaging products. These offer various advantages over conventional materials such as metals, paper, and glass, including light wei...

25 Apr 2023  |  Global

Global Mechanical Recycling of Plastic Packaging Waste

AI-based and Robotic Sorting with Innovative Business Platforms Integrate Stakeholders to Enable Collaboration, Transparency, and Material Circularity

The circular economy approach involves initiatives across material and product life cycles, supporting sustainable resource consumption and waste prevention by assimilating high-tech solutions. The global resource management sector is transitioning toward greater digital technology adoption using disruptive smart technologies and platform-based sol...

06 Feb 2023  |  Global

Global Bioplastic Growth Opportunities

Visionary Perspective and Technology Development will Enable a Sustainable Future

Today, the vast majority of plastic is still made from fossil fuel and is designed to be durable. However, the twin challenges of reducing fossil fuel consumption and decreasing plastic waste brought in some significant changes to the plastic industry in 2022. Options to counter these challenges include the use of plastic that is biobased or bi...

30 Dec 2022  |  Latin America

Growth Opportunities in the Circular Economy of Plastic Packaging Recycling in LATAM

Extended Producer Responsibility Legislation and Recycling Targets Drive Investments in Recycling Infrastructure and the Transition to a Circular Economy

Latin America faces waste management problems, specifically plastic packaging waste—with annual volumes estimated to be nearly 13.1 million tonnes in 2022 and forecasted to reach 19.7 million tonnes by 2030. As recycling rates in the region do not exceed 10%, the consequences of plastic packaging become evident in the high levels of plastic in la...

21 Dec 2022  |  Global

Global Plastic Recycling and Additive Technology Growth Opportunities

The Development of Advanced Additives will Open the Door for Recycled Resins to be Used in High-value Applications

Additives form an integral part of the polymer recycling industry. They are extensively used to modify the properties of plastic products during the compounding and processing stages. This study includes discussion about the challenges associated with recycling and the demand for recycled polymers. Four additives—stabilizers, compatibilizers, imp...

11 Aug 2022  |  Global

Global Construction Plastics Growth Opportunities

in APAC and MEASA and He Renovation Wave Strategy Proposed by the European Union will Enhance the Growth Pipeline

This Frost & Sullivan study presents an assessment of the global construction plastics market in 2021 and its future growth prospects. It discusses the different tiers of the value chain and estimates volume and revenue for construction plastics. The study is primarily segmented into the five end-use segments where the following end products ar...

08 Jul 2022  |  Global

Global Automotive Plastics Growth Opportunities

Tightening Regulations, Evolving Mega Trends, and Rapid Vehicle Electrification to Shape Growth Strategies

Frost & Sullivan’s global automotive plastics market analysis assesses the current state and prospects for major plastic segments across key applications and powertrain types. The study quantifies the consumption of vital plastics in automotive applications, analyzing the impact of tightening sustainability regulations and evolving trends in the ...

25 Mar 2022  |  Global

Global Plastics and Composites Outlook, 2022

Sustainability-and- circularity-oriented Innovations to Drive Transformational Growth

Frost & Sullivan’s annual outlook for the plastics and composites industry provides an overview of the industry in 2021 and highlights disruptive, transformational, and competitive trends that are expected to impact industry growth in 2022. The protracted disruption of the supply chain because of natural calamities, ensuing force majeure events, ...

04 Mar 2022  |  Asia Pacific

Taiwan Plastic Waste Management Growth Opportunities

Transformational Growth of Waste Recycling to Boost New Era of Circular Economy and Sustainability

Taiwan is on a mission to change its consumption and production patterns and shift towards a global, green supply chain model. The country has taken concrete steps to promote a circular economy and align its environmental and economic goals. It aims to achieve resource efficiency by incorporating high levels of recycling into its waste management s...

08 Feb 2022  |  South Asia, Middle East & North Africa

MEASA Plastics Growth Opportunities

Urbanization and Expanding Middle Class Population Accelerate the Growth Pipeline

This study presents an assessment of the plastics industry in MEASA in 2021 and evaluates its future prospects. The current size of the plastics industry in the region is assessed by factors such as end-use sector growth, substitution potential, political, socioeconomic, regulatory, environmental, raw material trends, and technology adoption. These...

28 Jan 2022  |  Asia Pacific

South Korean Plastic Waste Management Growth Opportunities

Increased Adoption of Advanced Recycling and Digital Technologies Will Drive a Circular Economy in Plastic Recycling

South Korea has one of the highest per capita plastic packaging consumption rates globally, as well as one of the highest rates of collection and recycling. The country is strongly pushing the circular economy of plastic recycling through new policies and initiatives and is building on country-wide programs, such as waste disposal fees based on vol...

15 Nov 2021  |  Global

Growth Opportunities for Global Plastics in Electrical and Electronic Equipment

Innovation Culture Enhanced by Plastics Developed with Higher Percentage of Recycled Plastic Content

This study presents an assessment of the global market for plastics in electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) in 2020 and evaluates future prospects. This analysis covers the demand for plastics in EEE by end use and plastic type. Market segmentation is broken down into 5 end-use types: consumer electronics, consumer appliances, wires and cab...

12 Nov 2021  |  Asia Pacific

China Plastic Waste Management Growth Opportunities

Industry Convergence Along Entire Value Chain with Rising Adoption of Recycling Technologies will Support China’s Transition to the New Plastic Economy

Plastic waste generation will increase in the coming years in China, mainly due to the fast development of the Chinese economy and progressing urbanization, posing significant environmental concern. Therefore, the incorporation of sustainable approach to manage plastic waste becomes critical. In 2018, China came out with plastic wastes ban to focus...

22 Oct 2021  |  South Asia, Middle East & North Africa

Indian Plastic Packaging Waste Recycling Growth Opportunities

Extended Producer Responsibility and Plastic Waste Neutrality in Companies Propel Future Growth Potential of Circularity

A signatory to the Paris Agreement on climate change, India is working toward reducing carbon dioxide emissions in the country. India generates 8.5 million tons of plastic waste with a waste collection rate of 70% to 80% as observed in the last four years. A lack of source segregation and robust infrastructure for sorting plastic waste is the main ...

13 Oct 2021  |  Global

Growth Opportunities for Plastics and Composites in Advanced Energy Storage: Technology Analysis

Need for High Charge Density In Advanced Batteries Driving Demand for Polymers and Composites

Current lithium-ion batteries face challenges such as safety issues, high charging time, and low power density. With the rise in electrification, there is a need for advanced energy storage solutions, especially advanced batteries based on Lithium-ion and other battery chemistries. Materials used to manufacture these batteries are often unable to m...