Securing the Power Grid - Innovations in Energy Cybersecurity

A Deep Dive Into The Cyber Security Technologies Being Developed For A Secure Power Grid

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With the addition of smart meters and AMI, the need to provide cybersecurity to the energy and power infrastructure has also increased significantly. The Energy infrastructure is slowly turning from a mere physical infrastructure to a cyber-physical one with the addition of smart devices those are connected by communication networks. These nodes provide easy entry points for the attackers and other unauthorized persons. As the fiel only emerging the cybersecurity solutions are also just evolving. The differences between the requirements of the legacy Internet and the network requirements of the smart grid also generate restrictions for the direct adoption of cybersecurity solutions developed for the former. Thi

Table of Contents

1.0 Executive Summary1.1 Research Scope1.2 Research Process and Methodology1.3 Key Findings1.3 Key Findings (continued)2.0 Smart Grid and Grid Cybersecurity Overview2.1 Interoperability is One of the Major Features Smart Grids Must Possess2.2 Generation Sector is More Secure Compared to Distribution Sector2.3 The Backbone Network is Used for Inter Domain Communication and the LAN is Used for Intra Domain Communication2.4 DNP3 and IEC 61850 Are the Most Commonly Used Communication Protocols2.5 Communication Protocols in Cybersecurity2.6 Securing Cyber Critical Utility Assets for the Operation of Electrical Grids: NERC CIP Version 52.7 Some of the Other Commonly Adopted Standards2.8 Drivers and : Organizational Challenges Call for Attention 2.8.1 Drivers: Government Funding and Projects Play a Very Significant Role in Taking Smart Grids Closer to Reality2.8.2 Challenges: High Cost is a Major Deterrent in the Initial Adoption of Technologies 3.0 Need for Grid Cybersecurity3.1 Data Latency and Throughput are the Differentiating Factors3.2 Time Criticality is Very Important in Power Communication Networks as it Ensures Availability3.3 Ensuring Availability is the Most Important Feature of a Smart Grid Communication Network3.4 Integrity Ranks above Confidentiality as the Consequences of Unauthorized Access are More Dangerous4.0 Case Study: Ukraine Cyberattack4.1 A total of 225,000 People/Customers Were Affected4.2 Phishing and Malware Played a Prominent Role in the Attack4.3 Level of Automation Was an Important Factor that Drew the Attackers5.0 Cybersecurity Requirements at Different Stages of a Grid5.1 Falsified Data Injection and Denial of Service are Very Dangerous5.2 Attacks on Distribution and Transmission5.3 Integrity Attacks Play a Dominant Role in Distribution and Transmission 5.4 Data Latency is not a Problem in AMI and HAN6.0 Cybersecurity Countermeasures6.1 Network and Cryptographic Countermeasures are Used to Secure the Smart Grid6.2 Network Countermeasures: Attack Detection6.3 Network Layer and Physical Layer Mitigation are Used6.4 Insertion Of A Security Layer Could Be Very Effective 6.5 Data Aggregation Can Bring Down the Network Overhead6.6 Encryption And Authentication Play Important Roles In Securing The Grid6.7 Profile and Detect Methods can Cause Delays7.0 Recent Developments, Projects, and Overview of Stakeholders7.1 Project for Protection of Medium Voltage Sector and AMI7.2 Development of Solutions for Platform, Protocols, and Privacy7.3 Singapore UK Joint Cybersecurity Venture7.4 Key Stakeholders in the Cybersecurity Arena7.4 Key Stakeholders in the Cybersecurity Arena (Continued)8.0 Growth Opportunities 8.1 Growth Opportunity 1: Secure Power Grids for the Future8.2 Growth Opportunity 2: Adoption of Cybersecurity for Energy is being Encouraged Globally8.3 Growth Opportunity 3: Development of Smart Grids8.4 Growth Opportunity : Smart Meter rollout is expected to grow significantly APAC in the future8.5 Strategic Imperatives for Success and Growth9.0 Analyst Insights 9.1 Development of Proactive Cybersecurity instead of a Reactive One is Needed9.2 Risk Assessment Can Help Secure against Large-scale DoS and Integrity Attacks10.0 Key Contacts10.1 Key ContactsLegal Disclaimer 11.0 The Frost & Sullivan Story 11.1 The Frost & Sullivan Story11.2 Value Proposition: Future of Your Company and Career11.3 Global Perspective11.4 Industry Convergence11.5 360º Research Perspective11.6 Implementation Excellence11.7 Our Blue Ocean Strategy

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