The Future of Space, 2030 and Beyond

Impact of Industry Mega Trends on the Space Industry Until 2030 and Beyond: Connectivity and Surveillance Enabling a Global Migration to Next-Gen Technology

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This study covers key industry Mega Trends impacting the space industry, and the implications on space of ongoing technological developments. It identifies areas of opportunities for the space industry and also areas where the space industry will potentially add value in terms of helping the industry Mega Trend being realized. All space industry participants and a range of industry verticals will benefit from this visionary study that captures a ‘Big Picture’ perspective of the space industry and how it is looking to revolutionize industries across the globe. Technology companies who are looking to feed into the digital transformation Mega Trend across industries will also benefit from this study as they w

Research Scope

This research study includes:
Product Scope: Industry Mega trends and Space Mega Trends
Geographic Scope: Global
End-user Scope: All industries related to the space industry

Key Issues Addressed

  • What are the key industry Mega Trends and their significance for space?
  • What are the key trends within the satellite manufacturing domain?
  • What are the key trends within the launch services domain?
  • What are the key trends within the satellite operations domain?
  • What are they key trends within the downstream services domain?
  • What are the key trends within the deep space missions domain?
  • What are the key trends within the different industries and applications which use products and services from the space industry?
  • What are the future implications for industries and the space industry?
  • What will the space industry look like by 2030?
  • What are the major developments in the space travel industry?

Key Conclusion

What makes our study unique? We provide diverse research services focused on existing and evolving markets across the aerospace, defence and security markets, covering them at global and regional levels. We provide speacialist studies focused on specific product or market segments which provide deep dive opportunity for strategists and invesotrs who wish to learn about the future state of any ADS market or product int erms of addressable markets, opportunities and future disruptions.

Table of Contents

Executive SummaryFuture of Space—Key DevelopmentsFuture of Space—Top-Level SWOT for the Space IndustryNext-Gen Connectivity Landscape—Space SignificanceFuture of Space—What It Means to the WorldKey Evolutions to Look Out ForFuture of Space—The Internet of Everything PerspectiveResearch MethodologyResearch MethodologyMega TrendsGlobal Mega Trends to 2040— What is a Mega Trend?Key Sub-trends to Consider within Mega TrendsKey Sub-trends to Consider within Mega Trends (continued)Key Sub-trends to Consider within Mega Trends (continued)Key Sub-trends to Consider within Mega Trends (continued)Key Sub-trends to Consider within Mega Trends (continued)Growth Opportunities and Companies to Action5 Major Growth Opportunities Strategic Imperatives for Success and Growth Satellite ManufacturingSatellite ManufacturingIncreasing Satellite ProductionSerial Production, IIoT and Additive ManufacturingEvolution of Small Satellite Manufacturing Value ChainHigh Throughput Satellite Communication ServicesAll Electric Satellites—Disruption Enabling MigrationSatellite Missions (2016-2029)—Satellite SegmentsLaunch ServicesLaunch ServicesThe Rising Need for Increasing Satellite Launch CapacityGlobalization Driven by Small SatellitesIncreasing Private Investment in Launch ServicesAir Launched Rocket SystemsNew Business Models—Small Satellite Launch Services Satellite OperationsSatellite ServicesSatellites Across ApplicationsGround Station NetworksUberization of Satellite Mission Operations Downstream ServicesSatellite ServicesBroadband and Narrowband Services to Remote LocationsIncreased Navigation Systems and ServicesServices Adding Value to IoT SolutionsEnd-user Markets and ApplicationsEnd-user Markets and ApplicationsMaritime Surveillance and ManagementSatellite-based Maritime Surveillance—OpportunitiesAir Traffic Management, Connectivity and Unmanned SystemsAutomotive ITS and ConnectivityRail NetworksLogisticsPublic Safety and Disaster ManagementNational SecurityInternet of ThingsMediaLocation-based Services (LBS)SustainabilityBlockchainArtificial Intelligence (AI)Elon Musk and High Speed Air TravelSpace Missions and ExplorationFuture ScenariosSpace Tourism—Sub-orbital Flights & High Speed Air TravelRace to the Moon—Back and FutureDeep Space Missions—Where and Why Human Transportation Legacy and the FutureEcosystems and Business ModelsIntroduction and ImplicationsIncreasing Investment by the End-user Community Disruption of Tech GiantsHorizontal IntegrationIndustry ConsolidationDiversifying Roles in the Imagery Analytics Value ChainStart-up InvasionNext-gen Geospatial—Newer and Cheaper Solutions HTS Business Models—Enabling Service ProvidersSpace ManagementSpace ManagementSpace Debris and Congestion—Constellations and Concerns Space Weather ServicesSpace Situational AwarenessLegal DisclaimerAppendixAcronyms UsedList of ExhibitsThe Frost & Sullivan StoryThe Frost & Sullivan StoryValue Proposition: Future of Your Company & CareerGlobal PerspectiveIndustry Convergence360º Research PerspectiveImplementation ExcellenceOur Blue Ocean Strategy


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