2016 Top 10 Information and Communication Technologies (TechVision)

Information and Communication technologies poised to have the highest impact in 2016

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The research service delves deeper into information and communication technologies from various technology and market attractiveness metrics such as innovation landscape, patent, funding, market potential, applications impact, regional adoption and disruptive potential. Technologies covered in this report include: Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Computing, Context Aware Computing, Cyber Security, Mixed Reality, Natural Language Processing, Predictive Analytics, Software-Defined Anything, XaaS (Everything-as-a-Service) and 5G.

Table of Contents

1.0 Executive Summary1.1 TechVision - Top 50 Technologies for 2016 – Selection Methodology1.2 Top 10 Technologies In ICT Based On Innovation Index 1.3 ICT Technology Trends Analysis 20161.4 Key Findings: Cloud-based delivery models of Cognitive Computing platforms are driving rapid adoption across sectors2.0 Deep Dive Analysis -- Artificial Intelligence (AI)2.1 Increasing Demand for Intelligent, Responsive Applications and Machines Driving Growth 2.2 Government Funding and Venture Capital on the Rise; Microsoft Tops Patent Holders List2.3 ICT, Consumer Electronics, and Healthcare to have Highest Impact in Short Term2.4 United States has Highest Adoption Driven by Early Development 2.5 Start-ups Focusing on Sub-segments such as Deep Learning, Machine Learning, and Neural Networks2.6 Key Questions Pertinent to AI Technology3.0 Cognitive Computing3.1 Demand for Data-driven Intelligence and Accurate Simulative Capabilities Driving Exponential Growth 3.2 Increase in Venture Funding and Call for Collaborative Innovations 3.3 Advanced Cancer Research, Diagnosis, and Treatment in Healthcare are Experiencing Maximum Impact 3.4 Support for Enabling Technology Capabilities Facilitating High Adoption in the United States3.5 Focus Shifting Toward Cognitive Computing for Mobiles3.6 Key Questions Pertinent to Cognitive Computing Technology4.0 Context-aware Computing4.1 Increasing Demand for Responsive Applications and Relevant Content Delivery Driving Growth 4.2 Government Funding on the Rise for Healthcare Application Development — USPTO Tops Patent Filing List4.3 Consumer Electronics, Retail, and Healthcare to have Significant Impact in Short Term4.4 The United States has Highest Adoption Levels Driven by Key Innovators in ICT4.5 Stakeholders Focusing Primarily on Application Development4.6 Key Questions Pertinent to Context-aware Computing Technology5.0 Cybersecurity5.1 Increasing Concerns over Protection of Critical National Infrastructure is Primarily Driving Growth5.2 Government Investment and USA R&D Cluster Place North America at the Forefront5.3 Advanced Analytics is Gaining Popularity in ICT and Defense Security Solutions5.4 Europe’s R&D Cluster is Playing a Significant Role in Adoption5.5 Technology Innovation is the Key Strategy for Competitive Advantage5.6 Key Questions Pertinent to Cyber Security Technology6.0 Mixed Reality6.1 Improving Energy Efficiency and Compact Design will Boost Sales6.2 Venture Funding Primarily Driving Innovations across the Globe6.3 Gaming, Entertainment, and Education will Experience Maximum Impact in the Short Term6.4 North American and Asian Countries will Experience Rapid Penetration6.5 Technology Licensing is the Key Strategy for Expansion Among Large Corporates6.6 Key Questions Pertinent to Mixed Reality Technology7.0 Natural Language Processing (NLP)7.1 Increasing Demand for Automation Drives Growth7.2 Funding on the Rise for Applications in Media and Publishing—IBM Tops Patent Holders’ List7.3 ICT, BFSI, and Healthcare to have Maximum Impact in Short Term7.4 High Acceptance of Technology Enables the United States to Remain on the Top7.5 Start-ups Driving Key Innovations for NLP Applications7.6 Key Questions Pertinent to NLP Technology8.0 Predictive Analytics8.1 Demand for Agile BI Driving Analytics Market Globally 8.2 Venture and Government Funding Rising; USPTO has Granted Maximum Patents in the Last 3 Years 8.3 Predictive Forecasting Capabilities to have Maximum Impact on BFSI and Retail8.4 APAC has Recorded the Highest Adoption Rate Globally8.5 Innovators Focus on Internet of Things, Mobile BI, and Retail Applications8.6 Key Questions Pertinent to Predictive Analytics Technology9.0 Software-Defined Anything (SDx)9.1 Reduced Cost of Ownership and Improved Operational Efficiency are Driving Growth 9.2 Partnerships and Acquisitions are Primarily Driving Industry Growth9.3 Banking and Finance and Retail will Experience Maximum Benefits 9.4 Government Initiatives Driving Adoption in Europe and Asia9.5 Network and Data Centers are Key Areas of Focus9.6 Key Questions Pertinent to SDx10.0 Everything-as-a-Service (XaaS)10.1 Innovative Business Models from Start-Ups Boosting Market Potential10.2 Infrastructure-as-a-Service Solution Providers are Attracting Investors10.3 ICT, Automotive, and Healthcare Sectors are Experiencing Rapid Transformation across the Value Chain10.4 North America is Leading in Implementation due to the Presence of Key Innovators with Innovative Business Models10.5 Acquisition and Technology Licensing are Key Expansion Strategies10.6 Key Questions Pertinent to XaaS Technology11.0 5G11.1 Improved Capacity and Speed will Disrupt the Mature Wireless Technology Markets11.2 South Korean Innovators are Leading Technology Development11.3 Telecommunication Industry will Provide Enhanced Support for Internet of Things and Broadcast Services11.4 APAC is Geared Toward Building a Strong Service Provider Market11.5 Collaborative Projects – The Strategy to Boost Development Speed11.6 Key Questions Pertinent to 5G TechnologyLegal Disclaimer12.0 The Frost & Sullivan StoryThe Journey to Visionary Innovation12.1 The Frost & Sullivan Story12.2 Value Proposition: Future of Your Company & Career12.3 Global Perspective12.4 Industry Convergence12.5 360º Research Perspective12.6 Implementation Excellence12.7 Our Blue Ocean Strategy

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