Automotive Voice Recognition Market, Forecast to 2022

Voice Biometrics, Virtual Assistant and Deep Learning Emerge as Major Market Disruptors

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Voice Recognition (VR) technology is primarily focused only on infotainment use cases. However, Original Equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and Tier-I suppliers are significantly investing in biometric and machine learning technologies. Even though OEM’s are trying to adopt cloud-based and hybrid solutions, they are still dependent on embedded solutions as a back-up option, as hybrid and cloud-based solutions are facing infrastructure and security challenges. This report presents an analysis of the automotive voice recognition market and identifies the growth potential of various market segments. It also provides an overview of the level of OEM involvement in the voice recognition space and profiles key technolog

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
Key Findings
Key Developments in Voice Recognition
Voice Recognition Outlook
Application Roadmap for VR (2014–2022)
Voice Recognition Trends
Supplier Benchmarking
Summary of Key Vendor Activity
Voice Comparative Analysis
OEMs in Europe
OEMs in North America
2. Research Scope, Objectives, Background, and Methodology
Research Scope and Objectives
Geographic Definitions and Research Timeline
Regional markets covered in this study
North America
Research Aim and Objectives
Research Background
Research Methodology
Primary Research
Secondary Research
List of Key Participants
VoiceBox Technologies
3. Definitions
Automotive Voice Recognition—Introduction
Product Life Cycle of Voice Interface
Solution Segmentation
4. Automotive Voice Recognition Market Analysis
VR Value Chain Analysis
Voice Recognition Trends
Virtual Assistant
Voice Recognition
Through Smartphones
Voice Recognition through Wearables
Lip and face reading for voice commands
Cloud-based Solution:
Supplier Scorecard
Virtual Assistant Ecosystem
Voice Recognition—Virtual Assistant
Microsoft’s Cortana—Digital Personal Assistant
Apple’s Siri
Voice Recognition—Smartphone Apps
Biometric Solutions—Automotive Industry
5. Noise Cancellation
Harman HALOsonic—Noise Cancelation Technology
Microphone Technology
7. Technology Enablers—Profiles
Sensory, Nuance, iNAGO, Voicebox Technologies, SemVox, Maluuba
Product Offerings
Business Units
Solution type
Automotive Solution
Supporting platform
Promptu—Introduction and Overview
8. OEMs and Tier-I Suppliers—Efforts in the Voice Recognition Space
OEM’s VR Efforts
Ford’s Siri Eyes-Free OTA Update
Ford SYNC with Amazon Alexa
Volvo in Partnership with Microsoft
BMW with Microsoft: Mobility Companion
9. Automotive Voice Recognition Market Forecast
Automotive Voice Recognition Forecast
North America (2015–2022)
Europe (2015–2022)
China (2015–2022)
10. Key Conclusions
Future Outlook
The Last Word—3 Big Predictions
Legal Disclaimer
11. Appendix
Table of Abbreviations and Acronyms Used


List of Figures & Charts

1. Automotive Voice Recognition Market: Key Findings, Global, 2015
2. Automotive Voice Recognition Market: Use Cases, Global, 2015
3. Automotive Voice Recognition Market: Use Cases, Global, 2015
4. Automotive Voice Recognition Market: Application Roadmap, Global, 2014–2022
5. Automotive Voice Recognition Market: Trends, Global, 2015
6. Automotive Voice Recognition Market: Comparison, Europe, 2015
7. Automotive Voice Recognition Market: Comparison, North America, 2015
8. Automotive Voice Recognition Market: Vehicle Sales, Global, 2015–2022
9. Automotive Voice Recognition Market: List of Key Participants, Global, 2015
10. Automotive Voice Recognition Market: Introduction, Global, 2015
11. Automotive Voice Recognition Market: Solution Segmentation, Global, 2015
12. Automotive Voice Recognition Market: Virtual Assistant, Global, 2015
13. Automotive Voice Recognition Market: Sensory, Global, 2015
14. Automotive Voice Recognition Market: Nuance, Global, 2015
15. Automotive Voice Recognition Market: iNAGO, Global, 2015
16. Automotive Voice Recognition Market: VoiceBox Technologies, Global, 2015
17. Automotive Voice Recognition Market: SemVox, Global, 2015
18. Automotive Voice Recognition Market: Maluuba, Global, 2015
19. Automotive Voice Recognition Market: Market Penetration, Global, 2015–2022
20. Automotive Voice Recognition Market: Market Penetration, NA, 2015–2022
21. Automotive Voice Recognition Market: Market Penetration, Europe, 2015–2022
22. Automotive Voice Recognition Market: Market Penetration, China, 2015–2022
23. Automotive Voice Recognition Market: Future Outlook, Global, 2015




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