1. 10 Nov 2022  |  North America

    Category Management: Class 1–3 Wiper Blades Aftermarket in North America

    Total Category Revenue Up 30% in 2021

    The North American class 1–3 wiper blades aftermarket is experiencing a major shift in demand from conventional to beam product types. This change offers significant growth potential for suppliers that can properly position their products with distributors and consumers. Frost & Sullivan expects total revenue in the wiper blades aftermarket to ri...


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  2. 28 Oct 2015  |  Asia Pacific

    Industrial Internet of Things Market in Asia-Pacific

    With the Physical World Closely Knit with the Virtual World, Most Aspects in the Manufacturing Value Chain will Improve

    This private market insight provides information on the industrial Internet of Things (IoT) market in the Asia-Pacific region. It specifically looks at industries and how IoT will impact them. It discusses the major trends and the prevailing scenarios in Asia-Pacific with regard to IoT. The study also provides the major drivers and restraints. Ther...


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  3. 28 May 2015  |  Global

    World LED Lighting Markets (2015 Update)

    LED Lighting will go Mainstream in 2015 and be a Fully Established Global Market by 2019

    By late 2014, LED lighting was closing in on 40% penetration of the global lighting market. It was the second consecutive boom year, confirming the breakthrough in the key regions of Europe, North America, and China. Driven by enhanced controllability and energy efficiency, the revolution will continue and momentum will build throughout 2015. This ...


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  4. 13 May 2015  |  Europe

    The European Building Automation Market

    European Buildings' Directive Towards Near Zero Energy Buildings Sets the Pace of Market Adoption

    While the building automation (BA) market in Europe has been mature, it is starting to see a revived growth. This growth is mainly being driven by a strong focus on energy efficiency and by an overall performance of buildings. However, the building automation market is also going through a renaissance because of a wave of new technology developmen...


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  5. 05 May 2015  |  Europe

    European Home Automation Systems Market

    Value-added Resellers to Drive Mass Commercialisation

    The home automation market has undergone major changes in the last couple of years with respect to technological innovation, competitive landscape, new business models, new distribution channels, and the introduction of smart products. With high growth projected across Europe in line with increased connectivity and convergence, Frost & Sullivan exp...


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  6. 22 Apr 2015  |  North America

    Cybersecurity Implications in the US Chemical Industry

    Modernization and Greenfield Opportunities

    As critical infrastructure industries move towards a more connected and integrated operating ecosystem, it becomes crucial for end users to focus on the expanding threat surface areas. This research service identifies the emerging trends and evolving business models for cybersecurity in the US chemical industry. It was developed based on a series o...


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  7. 20 Apr 2015  |  Asia Pacific

    Cities Turn Ubiquitous—The Internet of Buildings in Asia-Pacific

    Internet-of-Things Drives the Buildings Industry With Inter-industry Participation

    Abstract: Rapidly-evolving building technologies, together with key market participants pushing for technological advancement in order to gain a competitive advantage are the driving forces for Internet of Buildings (IoB). The growing emphasis on energy efficiency of buildings and strong regulatory support aim to achieve a completely integrated and...


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  8. 17 Apr 2015  |  North America

    Connectivity and Convergence in Oilfields

    Building Blocks of a Billion Dollar Connected Oilfield Market by 2020

    A highly profitable blue ocean market emerges in oilfields for a solution provider who offers a connected platform to host diverse applications and addresses the need to enhance connected efficiency across wide geographical assets. Offering high-end enterprise-wide managed oilfield services through a connected platform will enable the solution prov...


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  9. 08 Apr 2015  |  Global

    Mega Trends and Their Impact on Advanced Manufacturing

    The Convergence of Global Mega Forces to Diversify the Opportunity Roadmap for Manufacturing End Users

    Using Frost & Sullivans Visi-MAP 2.0 framework, this strategic insight looks to distill key macro forces into 8 converging themes, namely, collaborative manufacturing, control-on-the-go, e-convergence, expert systems, frugal engineering and manufacturing, knowledge management systems, risk management, and service delivery innovation, further ana...


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  10. 16 Feb 2015  |  Global

    Analysis of the Global Fire and Safety Market

    The Revival of the Construction Sector Accelerates Market Demand for Fire Systems

    The global fire and safety market is mature. It comprises a number of large participants that manufacture fire and safety systems. The market is mainly driven by construction activities and the strict enforcement of fire codes. This research service discusses the influence of market dynamics related to distribution channels, vertical markets, and c...


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