Global Automotive Cybersecurity Market, Forecast to 2025

By 2025, 68.0% of Market Investments Will be Raised from Technology Providers, Semiconductor Companies and Tier-I Suppliers

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This study analyses the strategies, competitive landscape, business models, and future focus areas of OEMs, tier-I suppliers, and security start-up companies in the automotive cybersecurity market.Increasing vehicle connectivity has given rise to the risks of potential cyber-attacks in the industry. This has drastically increased customer awareness and need for robust cybersecurity solutions in connected vehicles. OEMs have started taking the cybersecurity issue seriously and are evaluating ways to ensure the deployment of strategic security measures across the automotive value chain. Partnerships and collaborations are playing a vital role for OEMs, as they lack the necessary capabilities within the organisati

Key Issues Addressed

  • What are the different business models adopted for vehicle cybersecurity and which one will garner value in the current and future ecosystem?
  • How does the competitive landscape look like? What are the different strategies adopted by OEMs, tier-I suppliers, and security startups?
  • What is the addressable opportunity for automotive cybersecurity from 2017 to 2025?
  • How is the cybersecurity demand in passenger and commercial vehicles?
  • What is the impsact of regional regulations on the market?

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
2017 Highlights—Predictions Versus Actuals
Executive Summary—Key Findings
Trend 1—Threat Vectors in Connected Cars Analysis
Trend 2—Automotive Cybersecurity Features Analysis
Trend 3—Connected Cars Vs. Connected Trucks Cybersecurity Analysis
Trend 4—Mergers and Acquisitions of Key Market Participants
Trend 5—Innovation Will be Key for Cybersecurity Start-ups
Trend 6—OEMs are Transitioning to Ethernet Networks
Executive Summary—Comparison of 2017 and 2025
2. Research Scope, Objectives, Methodology, and Background
Research Scope
Research Aims and Objectives
Research Background
Research Methodology
3. Automotive Cybersecurity—Overview and Market Analysis
Automotive Cybersecurity Current Market Outlook
Cybersecurity Emerging From the Shadows at CES 2018
Key Cybersecurity Features—2017 Overview
Automotive Cybersecurity Ecosystem
OEM Strategies and Key Focus Areas
Automotive Ecosystem Participants—Strategy Analysis
Automotive Ecosystem Participants—Strategies and Analysis
Automotive Cybersecurity Start-up Companies
OEM Ethernet Adoption for IVN
4. Passenger Cars and Connected Trucks Cybersecurity—Market Analysis, Business Models and Revenue Opportunities
Connected Cars—Market Demand Analysis
Connected Cars (CC)—Cybersecurity Analysis
Acquisition Analysis—Investments and Future Opportunities
Automotive Cybersecurity Market Opportunity
Global Connected Trucks—Market Demand Analysis
Connected Trucks—Cybersecurity Analysis
Automotive Cybersecurity—Business Model Analysis
5. Automotive Cybersecurity Market—Key Challenges and Regional Regulations
Automotive Cybersecurity—Key Challenges
Automotive Cybersecurity Regulations—Roadmap
Regional Regulations and Impact—US
Regional Regulations and Impact—Europe
6. Automotive Hacking Incidents—Overview, Incident Impact, and OEM Security Initiatives
Automotive Cyber Hacking Incidents—Highlights
Ethical Hacking—BMW’s Partnership With Keen Lab
Overview of RNA Hack Incidents and Data Security
VW Group Vehicle Hack Incident and Security Initiatives
BMW ConnectedDrive Hacking Incident
Overview of BMW Data Security
GM Security Capability
Mercedes-Benz Connectivity Services—Data Protection and IT Security
Overview of Toyota Data Security
7. Solution Provider Profiles—Security Start-ups, Tier-I Suppliers and Technology Companies
Arilou Cyber Security (Part of NNG Group) Solutions
NNG’s Navigation and Infotainment Solutions with Enhanced Security
Arilou Software IDPS Line Fit Solution
Argus Cyber Security
Continental AG’s End-to-End Solution
Harman Cybersecurity (TowerSec)
Trillium Incorporated
Karamba Security
SafeRide Technologies Ltd.
Upstream Security
Bosch Cybersecurity
Renesas Security Solutions
Irdeto (Part of Naspers)
Irdeto’s Cybersecurity Roadmap
Panasonic Cybersecurity
8. Growth Opportunity Analysis
Automotive Cybersecurity Companies
Growth Opportunity—Partnerships and Business Models
Strategic Imperatives for Success and Growth—Automotive Cybersecurity
9. Key Conclusions and Future Outlook
Key Conclusions and Future Outlook
The Last Word—3 Big Predictions
Legal Disclaimer
10. Appendix
Market Engineering Methodology
Table of Acronyms Used
List of Exhibits


List of Figures & Charts

1. Automotive Cybersecurity Market: Key Findings, Global, 2017–2025
2. Automotive Cybersecurity Market: Threat Vector Analysis, Global, 2017
3. Automotive Cybersecurity Market: Features Analysis, Global, 2017–2025
4. Automotive Cybersecurity Market: Connected Cars Versus Connected Trucks Analysis, Global, 2017–2025
5. Automotive Cybersecurity Market: Mergers and Acquisitions, Global, 2016–2018
6. Automotive Cybersecurity Market: Current Versus Future, Global, 2017 and 2025
7. Automotive Cybersecurity Market: Key Participants, Global, 2018
8. Automotive Cybersecurity Market: Key Cybersecurity Features, Global, 2017
9. Automotive Cybersecurity Market: OEMs Strategic Initiatives, Global, 2016–2018
10. Automotive Cybersecurity Market: Mergers and Acquisitions, Global, 2016–2018
11. Automotive Cybersecurity Market: Ecosystem Participants, Strategies and Analysis, Global, 2016–2018
12. Automotive Cybersecurity Market: Security Start-up Companies, Global, 2016–2018
13. Automotive Cybersecurity Market: OEM Ethernet Adoption, Global, 2017–2025
14. Automotive Cybersecurity Market: Connected Cars Analysis, Global, 2017–2025
15. Automotive Cybersecurity Market: Connected Trucks Analysis, Global, 2017–2025
16. Automotive Cybersecurity Market: Business Models and Pricing Parameters, Global, 2017
17. Automotive Cybersecurity Market: Key Challenges, Global, 2017
18. Automotive Cybersecurity Market: Regulation Roadmap, Global, 2015–2025
19. Automotive Cybersecurity Market: Regulations and Impact, US, 2017
20. Automotive Cybersecurity Market: Regulations and Impact, Europe, 2017
21. Automotive Cybersecurity Market: Hacking Incidents Highlights, Global, 2015-2018
22. Automotive Cybersecurity Market: Strategic Imperatives, Global, 2017–2025
23. Automotive Cybersecurity: Key Conclusions and Future Outlook, Global, 2017–2025

1. Automotive Cybersecurity Market: Threat Vector Analysis, Global, 2017
2. Automotive Cybersecurity Market: Strategic Analysis of Security Start-ups, Global, 2016–2018
3. Automotive Cybersecurity Market: OEM Ethernet Adoption, Global, 2017
4. Automotive Cybersecurity Market: Ecosystem Participants, Global, 2017
5. Automotive Cybersecurity Market: Comparative Sales Forecast Analysis of LV and Connected Cars, Global, 2017–2025
6. Automotive Cybersecurity Market: Key Investments and Future Opportunities, Global, 2016–2025
7. Automotive Cybersecurity Market: Addressable Market Opportunity, Global, 2017–2025
8. Automotive Cybersecurity Market: Connected Trucks, Demand Analysis, Global, 2017–2025

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