Growth Opportunities for Service Providers in the Internet of Things (IoT)

As the Industry Evolves from Device Connectivity to Predictive Computing, Service Providers will Find Growth Opportunities in Vertical Markets and Hor

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IoT is already having a major impact on businesses, governments, and consumers. Advancements in connectivity will increasingly enable solutions to integrate with enterprise management solutions and help businesses improve efficiency and increase productivity. To survive in this rapidly changing environment, companies must define their digital strategies and be cognizant of how IoT can help them gain a competitive edge. This insight provides an overview of the current IoT landscape, market metrics, analyst predictions, and growth opportunities for value chain participants.

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
2. Introduction
Defining the Internet of Things (IoT)
IoT Market Definitions
Fragmentation Breeds Innovation and Opportunity
The Magic Behind the Power of IoT—Microelectronics
Where is the Money?
Forces of Transformation
Where is the Money?
3. Top Predictions for IoT in 2017
Prediction 1—IoT Evolves to Use Sentient Tools
Prediction 2—Cognitive is the New Smart
Prediction 3—IoT Platforms Get Commoditized
Prediction 4—Drone Deliveries are Here
Prediction 5—IoT is a National Security Hazard
Prediction 6—The Convergence of Car and Home is Here
Prediction 7—AI Personal Assistant Race for Dominance
Prediction 8—Fog Computing Becomes Common
4. IoT Market Dynamics
Total IoT Connections
5. Growth Opportunities for Different Levels of the IoT Ecosystem
Growth Opportunities for Platform Vendors
Growth Opportunities for Solution Providers and System Integrators
Growth Opportunities for Connectivity Providers
6. The Last Word
Competition in IoT Heats Up
Legal Disclaimer
7. Appendix—Defining IoT
What Makes IoT Critical for Businesses, Governments, and Consumers?
Our Strategic Approach to IoT
A Truly End-to-End Perspective
Why Frost & Sullivan?
8. The Frost & Sullivan Story

List of Figures & Charts

1. IoT Market: Connections Breakdown by Application, Global, 2014–2023

1. IoT Market: Top 3 Needs for Internet in Healthcare, Global, 2016
2. IoT Market: Disruptive Opportunities in Healthcare, Global, 2016
3. IoT Market: IoT Evolution, Global, 2016
4. IoT Market: Personal Assistant Race for Dominance, Global, 2015–2017
5. IoT Market: Computing Capabilities, Global, 2016
6. IoT Market: Connections Market Size and Forecast, Global, 2014-2023
7. IoT Market: Connections Market Size and Forecast by Region, Global, 2014-2023
8. IoT Market: Connections Breakdown by Region, Global, 2016 and 2023

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