Growth Opportunities in the Aerospace Manufacturing Market

Strategies and Tactics such as 3D Printing and Internet of Things to Accelerate Margin Growth in a Transforming Space

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The commercial aircraft market is at record production levels. However, military aircraft, commercial rotary wing aircraft, and business aircraft are all flat to declining markets. Defense budgets globally are under pressure, and the military aircraft market reflects that strain. Growth for most manufacturing companies in these markets will be difficult to find. The near term opportunities are available in margin improvements at all levels. Digital transformation of the workplace, new forms of production activities, and new scheduling efficiencies can improve bottom line growth. The primary objective of this experiential study is to uncover your company’s growth zone in the global aerospace manufacturing mark

Table of Contents

1. Executive Dashboard
Purpose of this Experiential Study
5-step Process to Transformational Growth
Strategic Imperatives for Aerospace Manufacturers
2. Growth Environment—Market Overview
Landscape of Collaboration Tools
Aerospace Manufacturing Landscape
Market Definitions
Issues and Problems by Manufacturing Area
Key Market Drivers and Restraints, Global, 2017–2025
3. Market Forecast
Revenue Forecast—Total Aerospace Manufacturing Market
4. Visioning Scenarios
Macro-to-Micro Visioning
Trends/Factors Impacting the Aerospace Manufacturing Market
Competitive Landscape Trends
Disruptive Technologies
New Business Models
Industry Mega Trends
Manpower Trends
Economic and Regional Trends
Top Predictions for the Aerospace Manufacturing Market
5. Growth Pipeline
Levers for Growth
6. Vision and Strategy: Growth Opportunities
Growth Opportunity 1—Shared Digital Design
Growth Opportunity 2—Design to Prototype
Growth Opportunity 3—Design to Manufacture
Growth Opportunity 4—Automate the Manufacture
Growth Opportunity 5—Shared Scheduling
7. Brand and Demand—Growth Opportunities
Growth Opportunity 6—Shared Product Development
Growth Opportunity 7—Become Known for Reliable Delivery
8. Technology—Growth Opportunities
Growth Opportunity 8—One Model
Growth Opportunity 9—Sharing the Schedule
Growth Opportunity 10—Professional Prototyping
Growth Opportunity 11—Automated Jigs and Tools
Growth Opportunity 12—Additive Manufacturing
9. Growth Opportunities Matrix
Identifying Your Company’s Growth Zone
Growth Opportunities 1–12—Vision and Strategy
Growth Opportunities Matrix
10. Growth Strategy and Implementation
Growth Strategies for Your Company
Prioritized Opportunities through Implementation
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List of Figures & Charts

1. Total Aerospace Manufacturing Market: Revenue Forecast, Global, 2016–2020

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