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This edition of IT, Computing and Communications (ITCC) Technology Opportunity Engine (TOE) provides a snapshot of the emerging ICT led innovations in artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR). This issue focuses on the application of information and communication technologies in alleviating the challenges faced across industry sectors ...

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18 Sep 2018  |  North America

Virtual Reality in Healthcare

A Look at Growth Opportunities, Leading Vendors and Market Dynamics as Healthcare Braces for the Fourth Digital Wave

This report looks broadly at the role of reality technologies in healthcare, investigating the landscape for established and emerging products and vendors; top growth opportunities for major healthcare use cases; and the potential adoption trajectory and competitive dynamics impacting the market. Virtual reality refers to an interactive, immersive...

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This Oil and Gas TOE profiles innovations in smart wearables, digital twins, extraction efficiency, and virtual reality for the oil and gas industry. The TOE also focuses on pipeline monitoring and leak detection as well as safer drilling tools. The TOE further covers digitalization solutions that help improve the operational efficiency and reduce ...

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This edition of ITCC TOE provides a snapshot of the emerging ICT led innovations in artificial intelligence, Big Data analytics, virtual reality, and 5G. These are used in a wide variety of applications across industry sectors including healthcare, telecom, and hospitality. Also, the innovative solution offerings in the TOE help companies in dealin...

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27 Jul 2017  |  Global

Global Virtual Reality Ecosystem, 2017

Immersive Technologies Creating New Opportunities Across Vertical Industries

This study aims to analyse Virtual Reality (VR) and its applications across vertical industries 2017. Research Scope: The research scope of the study includes the following: • Technology Trends (which includes smartphone, tethered and all-in-one headsets, tracking technology and platforms) • Industry Trends (which includes consolidation, exp...

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Today, we find ourselves balanced at the edge of a new phase in consumer technology. You have likely experienced it already: Instead of seeing people simply typing at a laptop or hunched over a smartphone or Kindle, you see them, as if pulled from a Sci-Fi movie, heads up, sporting virtual reality (VR) headsets.

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24 Mar 2017  |  Global

Innovations in Virtual Reality

This Aerospace and Defense TOE highlights and clarifies key innovations in virtual reality for aerospace and defense applications, such as combat vehicles, aircraft or ship design, flight crew training, firearms or warfighter training. Aerospace and Defense TechVision Opportunity Engine (TOE) delves into the technologies and applications that shap...

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30 Dec 2016  |  Global

Future Applications of Virtual Reality (Immersive Computing)

Emerging Applications and Opportunities for Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) is an interactive three-dimensional (3D) environment that is computer generated. Immersion into VR is an individual’s perception of having a physical presence in the non-physical world or the virtual world. Technology advancement in in VR in the recent years has led to significant improvements in quality, reductions in overal...

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