Growth Opportunities in the Nordic Region Facility Management Market

Service Innovation and Contract Integration to Drive Growth and Industry Transformation

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The facility management (FM) market in the Nordic region is one of the most advanced in the world, but it's also one of the most mature and revenue growth is becoming hard to find. Companies need to innovate around technology, new business models, emerging value propositions, and creative new service offerings to find ways to deliver profitable and sustainable growth in the long term.The Nordic FM market also has one of the most competitive supply bases with a blend of local and international participants operating alongside each other. FM services are commoditizing and organic growth is limited which means only the most dynamic firms will keep growing and remain profitable. The industry will continue to mov

Research Highlights

This study takes a deep look at the growth opportunities in the Nordic (Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden) FM market in the wake of these market transformations and disruptions. The study includes growth forecasts, service segmentations, comprehensive market metrics, competitive analysis, service trends, customer sector trends, and a mapping of the most attractive opportunities for growth until 2025.

This study also looks at opportunities in adjacent and converging service markets, such as energy management, sustainability, FM technology, and workplace change management. All of these will have a transforming effect on FM in the Nordics over the coming years.

Key Issues Addressed

  • Which are the fastest growing service delivery models for FM services in the Nordic region?
  • How will the FM market evolve until 2025, in terms of growth opportunities?
  • What will the competitive landscape look like by 2025 and what type of companies will be leading the way?
  • Which are the fastest growing customer segments and in which Nordic countries?
  • What types of services will see growth and which will be the most challenged by the maturation of the market?
  • How will suppliers react to the need for dynamic new value propositions in the marketplace?
  • What impact will technology and new business models have on the future of FM in the Nordics?
  • What are the 5 most attractive growth opportunities for FM services in the Nordic region?

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
Key Findings and CEO 360 Degree Perspective
Key Transformations of FM in the Nordic Region
Nordic Region FM Market in Numbers
Associated Research and Multimedia on FM
2. Executive Dashboard
Purpose of this Experiential Study
5-Step Process to Transformational Growth
Strategic Imperatives for FM Suppliers
Nordic Region FM Market Dashboard
3. Growth Environment—Market Overview
Market Definitions
FM in the Nordics—Introduction
FM in the Nordics—Today’s Context
FM Service Provider Landscape
Drivers and Restraints
4. Market Forecasts
Market Engineering Measurements
The Nordic Region FM Market Universe
Revenue Forecast—Nordic Facility Management Market
The Nordic FM Market by Customer Sector
The Nordic FM Market by Service Segment
ESC and EPC Market—Revenue Forecast
The Nordic FM Market by Region
Competition in the Nordics—Competitive Environment
Competition in the Nordics—Market Share Evolution
Competition in the Nordics—Main Players by Country
Competition in the Nordics—Service Strategies
M&A Activities in the Nordics
5. Visioning Scenarios
Drivers of Change in the Nordics
Barriers to Change in the Nordics
Benchmarking the Nordics Against Other Markets
Macro-to-Micro Visioning
Trends/Factors Impacting the Nordic FM Market
Top Predictions for the Nordic FM Market
6. Growth Pipeline
Levers for Growth
Top 5 Growth Opportunities in the Nordic FM Market
Growth Opportunity 1—Workplace Optimisation and WCM
Growth Opportunity 2—Energy Management
Growth Opportunity 3—Data Analytics
Growth Opportunity 4—XaaS Business Models
Growth Opportunity 5—Self-Delivery of Services
7. Growth Opportunities Matrix
Identifying Your Company’s Growth Zone
Growth Opportunities 1–5: Vision and Strategy
Growth Opportunities Matrix
8. Growth Strategy and Implementation
Growth Strategies for Your Company
Prioritised Opportunities Through Implementation
Legal Disclaimer
9. Appendix
Abbreviations and Acronyms Used
List of Exhibits


List of Figures & Charts

1. FM Market: Market Engineering Measurements, Nordics, 2017
2. FM Market Universe: Market Size by Service Delivery, Nordics, 2017
3. FM Market: Revenue by Customer Sector, Nordics, 2017
4. FM Market: Revenue by Service Segment, Nordics, 2017
5. FM Market: Market Size by Country, Nordics, 2017
6. FM Market: Competitive Structure, Nordics, 2017
7. FM Market: Key Drivers of Market Transformation, Nordics, 2018–2025
8. FM Market: Key Barriers to Market Transformation, Nordics, 2018–2025

1. FM Market: Revenue by Service Delivery Model, Nordics, 2017 and 2025
2. FM Market: Dashboard of Key Measurements, Nordics, 2017
3. FM Market: Service Spheres, Nordics, 2017
4. FM Market: Service and Delivery Model Definitions, Nordics, 2017
5. FM Market: Key Market Drivers and Restraints, Nordics, 2018–2025
6. FM Market: Universe Revenue Split by Service Delivery, Nordics, 2017
7. FM Market: Revenue Forecast by Service Segment, Nordics, 2017–2025
8. FM Market: Percent Revenue by Customer Sector, Nordics, 2017
9. FM Market: Revenues by Customer Sector, Nordics, 2017 and 2025
10. FM Market: Revenues by Service Segment, Nordics, 2017 and 2025
11. ESC and EPC Market: Revenue Forecast, Nordics, 2017–2025
12. FM Market: Revenue Share by Country, Nordics, 2017
13. FM Market: Revenues by Country and Contract Type, Nordic, 2017
14. FM Market: Market Share, Nordics, 2017
15. FM Market: Company Market Share Forecast of Top 5 Participants, Nordics, 2017 and 2025
16. FM Market: Leading Players by Country, Nordics, 2017
17. FM Market: Percent of IFM Sales of Total FM Sales by Competitor, Nordics, 2017
18. FM Market: Life Cycle Assessment and Country Benchmarking, Nordics, 2017
19. FM Market: Impact of Top 5 Opportunities, Nordics, 2017–2025
20. FM Market: Top 5 Growth Opportunities, Nordics, 2017–2025

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