1. 29 Mar 2024  |  Europe

    European Managed Security Services Growth Opportunities

    Amidst Geopolitical Chaos, Finding a True Security Partner is Increasingly Essential

    This study focuses on the European managed security services (MSS) industry. Managed security service providers (MSSPs) supply their clients with comprehensive security solutions, including distributed denial of service (DDoS) protection, managed firewalls, and breach simulation services, predominantly through security operation centers (SOCs). Eme...

  2. 12 Mar 2024  |  Europe

    The State of the Cloud: Europe

    The Quest for Competitiveness in Bleak Economic Conditions Fuels Cloud Migration and Modernization

    As the European economy continues to suffer, growth, competitiveness, and digital resilience are top of mind for enterprises in the region. Cloud and the Internet of Things remain the foundational technologies powering digital transformation in European enterprises. Since 2010, Frost & Sullivan has conducted an annual survey of IT and business d...

  3. 23 Feb 2024  |  Europe

    Growth Opportunities in European Heavy-duty Electric Trucks

    EV Adoption in Regional Haulage to Ensure Future Growth Potential of HD Electric Truck Sales

    Countries across the world are moving toward a low-carbon economy. Electric vehicle adoption is gaining traction as a part of this shift, with rapid penetration expected beyond 2025 as the market for EV adoption matures and more EVs become available for commercial sale. In Europe, the transition to zero-emission vehicles is an important element ...

  4. 31 Jan 2024  |  Europe

    Western European Construction PPE Growth Opportunities

    Sustainability Targets and Multifunctional PPE Drive Overall Market Potential

    The Western Europe construction PPE market generated 1,579.2 million in revenue in 2023. Increased demand from the fall protection PPE segment is forecast to drive market growth during the forecast period. The hand protection PPE segment accounted for the largest market share, with the number of small and medium manufacturers increasing in Western...

  5. 19 Jan 2024  |  Europe

    European Non-invasive Prenatal Testing Market, Forecast to 2028

    Driving Progress in Screening Techniques Amplifies Accessibility and Adoption of NIPT, Cultivating a Broader Patient Engagement in Europe

    The European non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT) market will experience significant growth thanks to technological advancement, increasing awareness among expectant parents, and the rising incidence of chromosomal abnormalities in fetuses. The market has experienced a surge in demand due to its products non-invasive nature compared to traditional...

  6. 19 Jun 2023  |  Europe

    Managed SD-WAN Services, Europe, 2023

    Managed SD-WAN Services are Unlocking the Future Growth Potential of European Network Service Providers

    The managed SD-WAN services market in Europe is in its growth phase. Europe ranks second in the customer adoption of managed SD-WAN services, just behind North America, in the global managed SD-WAN services market. The managed SD-WAN market revenue in Europe is expected to exceed $724 million in 2022, with a year-over-year (YoY) growth of 56.9%. Th...

  7. 09 Mar 2022  |  Europe

    Middle Eastern Commercial Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) Growth Opportunities

    Military, Construction, and Oil & Gas to Drive Future Growth Potential for Drones in Countries with Less Restrictive Regulatory Frameworks

    Safety concerns regarding the use of drones are limiting growth for the commercial UAS market in the Middle East, with certain countries, such as Kuwait, Syria, and Iraq, banning drone operations of all types. However, other states, like Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), permit drone use in the commercial sector. Moreover, technological ad...

  8. 22 Jul 2020  |  Europe

    Analysis of the European Endpoint Security Market, Forecast to 2024

    A Stringent Regulatory Environment and Rising Privacy Concerns Among Consumers will Drive Demand for Endpoint Security Solutions i

    Data breaches are inevitable across every enterprise, and endpoints continue to be a popular vector of cyberattacks. In response, endpoint security tools have evolved from signature-based antivirus to advanced solutions. Endpoint security products include host-based software products that secure computing devices, including laptops, desktops, ne...

  9. 06 Jul 2020  |  Europe

    Western European Industrial Protective Clothing Market, Forecast to 2024

    Focus on Increasing Comfort for the End User is Driving the Market Toward Material and Design Innovation

    Protective clothing is used by various end industries, including manufacturing, oil and gas, automotive manufacturing, and construction to provide protection against work hazards for their workers. Increasing focus on employee wellness and safety has led to the evolution of the protective clothing market in Western Europe. Industrial protective clo...

  10. 03 Jul 2020  |  Europe

    Emerging Trends in the European Digital Used Passenger Vehicles Market, 2020

    Focus on Start-ups and White Space Driving Valuations, as 2 Million Used Vehicles Set to be Traded Online

    As more and more digitally native customers look to purchase a vehicle, the competition and business models to sell used vehicles online increases. With social distancing norms changing ‘business as usual’, COVID-19 acts as an accelerator for more dealerships, OEMs, and traders to sell online. There are multiple online used vehicle retail mode...