Truck and Trailer Technologies

  1. 18 Dec 2021  |  Asia Pacific

    Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Commercial Vehicle (CV) Growth Opportunities

    Sales Volume in the Region is Expected to more than Double by the End of the Decade, Driven by Rising Infrastructure and Economic Activity

    The overall commercial vehicle volume in ASEAN is expected to reach 1.7 million units by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 7.9% between 2020 and 2030. The region has experienced rapid industrialization, moving away from agriculture and toward manufacturing of electrical and electronic components and machinery. Post the pandemic, there has been a revival i...

  2. 15 Dec 2021  |  North America

    North American Technological Advances in Trailer Growth Opportunities

    Innovative Aero Devices, Smart Trailers, and Trailer Electrification Shape the Market by 2030

    The North American trailer market plays a vital role in the transportation sector. Nearly 75% of all Class 8 trucks are tractors. Each tractor requires a trailer to haul goods. More than 250,000 trailers are produced each year against an average of 162,000 tractors over the same period. The average trailer to tractor ratio ranges between 1.4–1.8,...

  3. 10 Dec 2021  |  North America

    Global Electric Truck Battery Growth Opportunities

    Battery-powered Trucks will be a Viable Alternative, Majorly Driven by Falling Battery Prices and Improving Economics

    With the framing of stringent emission norms and strong regulatory push, the automotive industry is fully prepared to shift toward electric powertrains. Although automakers have been investing in various alternative powertrain technologies to achieve low/zero emission, Electric Vehicles (EV) look promising for OEMs. They and battery manufacturers a...

  4. 25 Nov 2021  |  North America

    Global Heavy-duty Commercial Vehicle Transmission Market Growth Opportunities

    Automated Manual Transmission to Gain Top Share by 2030 and Rise in Refuse Applications Drives the Adoption of Fully Automatic Transmission

    The global transmission market for heavy-duty (HD) commercial vehicles has changed drastically in the past few years. Manual transmission (MT) was the go-to option for all drivers in the North American market due to its robust gears, the expertise required, and low initial cost. However, drivers—especially those new to the industry—have embrace...

  5. 23 Nov 2021  |  Europe

    Frost Radar™: European Manufacturers of Hydrogen Fuel Tanks for Commercial Vehicles, 2021

    A Benchmarking System to Spark Companies to Action—Innovation that Fuels New Deal Flow and Growth Pipelines

    Hydrogen is emerging as an energy carrier to better manage and store excess electricity generated through sustainable solar and wind systems. The development of hydrogen fuel cells for mobility applications is gaining traction, and with the various public and private sector initiatives to propel hydrogen mobility come immense growth opportunities f...

  6. 29 Oct 2021  |  North America

    Global Electric Commercial Vehicle Start-up Profiles and Growth Opportunities

    Government Incentives and Emissions Goals Enable Future Growth Potential

    The rising demand for cleaner vehicles to mitigate the effects of climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions pushes governments at federal and state levels and city municipals in North America and Europe to move quickly toward policies favoring electric vehicle (EV) adoptions. Major European cities are forecast to ban diesel vehicle entry ...

  7. 19 Aug 2021  |  Asia Pacific

    Theme VII: Innovations in Last Mile Delivery—Voice of Industry Thought Leaders

    Intelligent Mobility Event, Japan, 2021

    The e-commerce boom, increasing internet penetration, intensifying urbanization and a work-from-home economy brought on by COVID-19 have accelerated the demand for last-mile delivery. There has been significant growth in last-mile delivery for a number of years, posing challenges for businesses and also driving steady innovation and progress. Then ...

  8. 19 Aug 2021  |  Global

    Theme VI: Developments in Commercial Vehicles 2025—Voice of Industry Thought Leaders

    Intelligent Mobility Event, Japan, 2021

    Economic recovery post the pandemic, increased demand for freight, and replacement of aging truck fleets will all provide a boost to commercial vehicle (CV) sales in 2021. The shift in last mile delivery will be the most significant trend impacted by COVID-19, resulting in the emergence of tailored last mile delivery solutions that address dynamic ...

  9. 14 Jul 2021  |  North America

    North American Light Commercial Vehicle Growth Opportunities

    The Overall LCV Market in North America is Expected to Grow to 5.0 Million Units by 2025, with New Product Development in EVs Helping it Achieve a Penetration of 6.2%

    The overall light commercial vehicle (LCV) market in North America was at 3.74 million units in 2020 with pickups contributing 88% of those volumes. Within the LCV segment, the lower weight segment, class 1/2a (<=8,500 lbs.) made up 57% of the market while the higher weight segment, class 2b/3 (8,501-14,000 lbs.), made up the rest. Ford was the mar...

  10. 01 Jul 2021  |  Global

    Global Fuel Cell Trucks Growth Opportunities

    The Prospect of Fuel Cell Trucks in Hydrogen Economies is Intriguing for Companies That Pursue Zero-emission Mobility Solutions

    Globally, countries are increasingly adopting policies to increase the pace of transition toward zero emission. Governments are evaluating different pathways to achieve carbon neutrality, and investments, and activities in the energy sector are directed around it. Commercial vehicles currently are among the major carbon emitters, with very high per...


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