Intellectual Property (IP) Asset Management - Recent Trends and Future Outlook

Intellectual Property (IP) Asset Management - Recent Trends and Future Outlook

Collaboration with Ecosystem Participants will be a Winning Strategy in Future

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Increased globalization and the transition toward the knowledge economy have driven organizations to be increasingly dependent on their IP assets to generate, maintain, and extend their competitive advantage. Technological advancements are posing new challenges and opportunities for IP management. The study covers recent advancement in the industry and future outlook.

Table of Contents

1.1 Technological Advancements are Disrupting Every Industry Including IP Asset Management

2.1 The Report Highlights Recent Key Developments in the IP Industry

3.1 Intellectual Property (IP) Asset Management Must be an Integral Part of a Company’s Business Strategy

3.2 In the Age of Increased Automation, IP-intensive Industries Will Provide Significant Employment Opportunities and Higher Wages

4.1 Building IP Assets is Still a Priority for Companies and there is an Increased Focus on their Monetization

4.2 Technological Advancements are Posing New Challenges and Opportunities for IP Management

4.3 IP Function is Considered as Cost Center but Organizations are Working Toward Making it a Profit Centre

5.1 Digitization, Sudden Surge in Chinese Patenting Activity, and Emerging IP Marketplace are Key Trends Impacting the IP Industry

6.1 As part of Digitization Initiative, Companies are Implementing Dgital Tools and Workflows for Increasing Efficiency

6.2 AI will be Leveraged by Organizations to Increase Operational Efficiency of IP Team

6.3 Blockchain has Potential to Solve IP Ownership Issues

7.1 In 2015, Chinese Patent Office Became the First Office to Receive a Million Applications in a Single Year and this Trend is Continuing Since Then

7.2 In 2016, Chinese Patent Office Received Almost as Many as the Combined Total Received by Offices in the US, Japan, South Korea, and EU

7.3 Rise of Patenting Activity in China Helped in Improving its Ranking on Global Innovation Index by 7 Places Between 2014 and 2018

7.4 Utility Model Provides an Affordable Route for Protection of Inventions and is Well Adopted by Chinese Inventors

7.5 Patent Quantity vs Quality Issue in China

7.6 Companies Having Business Interest in China Must Have China Specific IP Strategy

8.1 Key IP Markets Related Developments in the Recent Past – The US is Witnessing Highest Activity

8.2 Key Issues Concerning IP Markets and Attributes of an Efficient IP Marketplace

8.3 Sale, Licensing, Buy, Assertion, and Defensive IP Pooling are Leading Transaction-based Business Models in the IP Marketplace

8.4 IP Auctions, Patent Ratings, and Patent-based Indices are New Business Models Adopted by IP Facilitators/Intermediaries

8.5 IP Insurance – Business Model and Key Companies

9.1 New Business Models for IP Management will be Centered Around Collaborations

10.1 Acronyms

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