Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia Transformational Health Insights, 2017–2022

Rapid Growth, Reforms, and Partnerships are Transforming Healthcare Systems in Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia

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Southeast Asia (SEA) is emerging as the gold mine for both local and international healthcare vendors. Within SEA, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia still have unexplored and under-served markets providing boundless opportunities for healthcare vendors with innovative products and services. To be able to capitalize on the market, medical device manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, and digital health vendors need to understand the market trends unique to each of these 3 countries. However, the healthcare industry in these countries evolves rapidly, as they constantly find ways to upgrade the quality of the healthcare systems. Due to the turbulence in the market, there is a need to understand the key trends as well as predictions for each of these countries to foresee how the future would be like. This research highlights the key trends and provides some predictions and suggestions to healthcare vendors. This research will help vendors align their strategies accordingly and develop innovative solutions and products that will help them to capitalize on the opportunities in these markets. Research has found that medical tourism will continue to be one of the major focus areas for Malaysia and a lot of investments are already being done by the private sector. In Singapore, the opportunity is in the areas of aged care and home care markets, as the government is actively promoting step down care. In Indonesia the opportunity lies in digital technological solutions that enhance the operational efficiency, as the country is revamping its healthcare system. Healthcare and non-healthcare participants need to understand where and how they can capitalize on the opportunity in the long run. This study, however, does not provide an in-depth analysis of the market dynamics for each of these countries.

Project Scope
• Geographic Coverage: Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia
• Market Segmentation: Advance Medical Technology, Life Sciences, and Digital Health
• Base Year: 2016
• Forecast Period: 2017–2022
• Study Period: 2010–2022

Key Questions This Study Will Answer
• What are the key trends in the healthcare industry in Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia?
• What is the impact of these trends on the medical devices, pharmaceutical, digital health, and healthcare services markets?
• What does it mean to the healthcare vendors operating in Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia?
• What are the predictions for the healthcare industry in Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia? How will the current scenario change in the future?
• What are the implications of these predictions for healthcare vendors?
• What are the strategic imperatives for growth and success in Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia?

Table of Contents

Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia Transformational Health Insights, 2017–2022Executive SummaryKey FindingsKey Questions to be AnsweredScope and SegmentationMalaysia Healthcare—Market OverviewMalaysia—Market OverviewMalaysia—Market Overview (continued)Malaysia—Market Overview (continued)Malaysia Healthcare—Key TrendsKey Trends Impacting Malaysian Healthcare in 2017Key Trends Impacting Malaysian Healthcare in 2017 (continued)Impact Analysis of Key TrendsImpact Analysis of Key Trends (continued)Malaysia Healthcare—2017 PredictionsMalaysia Healthcare—2017 PredictionsMalaysia Healthcare—2017 Predictions (continued)Prediction 1—Senior Living OfferingsPrediction 2—Medical Tourism will GrowPrediction 2—Medical Tourism will Grow (continued)Prediction 3—Private Healthcare InvestmentPrediction 4—Privatization of Public HealthcarePrediction 5—Innovative BreakthroughPrediction 6—Primary Healthcare ServicesPrediction 7—Growth in the Diagnostics MarketPrediction 8—Medical Devices Standard and QualityPrediction 9—Halal Pharmaceutical MarketSingapore Healthcare—Market OverviewSingapore—Market OverviewSingapore—Market Overview (continued)Singapore Healthcare—Key TrendsKey Trends Impacting Singapore Healthcare in 2017Key Trends Impacting Singapore Healthcare in 2017 (continued)Impact Analysis of Key TrendsImpact Analysis of Key Trends (continued)Singapore Healthcare—2017 PredictionsSingapore 2017 PredictionsPrediction 1—Medical Tourism Receipts will FallPrediction 2—The NEHRPrediction 3—Chronic Disease ManagementPrediction 4—Population Heath ManagementPrediction 5—Step Down CarePrediction 5—Step Down Care (continued)Prediction 6—Investment to MalaysiaIndonesia Healthcare—Market OverviewIndonesia—Market OverviewIndonesia—Market Overview (continued)Indonesia Healthcare—Key TrendsKey Trends Impacting Indonesia Healthcare in 2017Impact Analysis of Key TrendsIndonesia Healthcare—2017 PredictionsIndonesia 2017 PredictionsPrediction 1—Healthcare Facilities DevelopmentPrediction 1—Healthcare Facilities Development (continued)Prediction 2—Healthcare Foreign Direct InvestmentsPrediction 3—Adoption of Digital HealthPrediction 4—E-KatalogPrediction 5—BPJS Focus on Preventive InterventionPrediction 6—Hospital AcquisitionsGrowth Opportunities and Companies to ActionGrowth Opportunity 1—Medical TourismGrowth Opportunity 2—Primary CareGrowth Opportunity 3—Home Care and Aged CareGrowth Opportunity 4—Population Health ManagementGrowth Opportunity 5—Public Healthcare5 Major Growth OpportunitiesStrategic Imperatives for Success and Growth—MalaysiaStrategic Imperatives for Success and Growth—SingaporeStrategic Imperatives for Success and Growth—IndonesiaConclusionConclusionConclusion (continued)Legal DisclaimerThe Frost & Sullivan StoryThe Frost & Sullivan StoryValue Proposition—Future of Your Company & CareerGlobal PerspectiveIndustry Convergence360º Research PerspectiveImplementation ExcellenceOur Blue Ocean Strategy




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