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21 Feb 2024  |  Global

Impact of Composite Fabrication Technology Trends on Raw Materials

Increasing Focus on Lightweighting Ensures Future Growth Potential

Composite materials are made from two of more heterogenous materials comprising of the matrix (polymer) and reinforcement (fiber). Composite materials are virtually used in every industry and are witnessing a rapid growth in its demand. This is due to the increasing demand to make end products high-performance and energy efficient. A variety of...

31 Jan 2023  |  Global

Top 10 for 2023: Growth Opportunities for the Polymers & Composites Industry

Predictions for the Polymers & Composites Industry

As we begin 2023, the polymers and composites industry is at the forefront of sustainability conversations. On the one hand, these materials will be key to a net-zero future, with innovations enhancing the energy efficiency of end products such as wind turbines and electric vehicles. On the other hand, work to improve the sustainability of plast...

31 Jan 2023  |  Global

Growth Opportunities for Fibers in the Composites Market

Carbon Fiber to Experience Transformational Growth as Material Prices Decrease and Demand for Carbon Neutral Products Increases

This study presents an assessment of the fibers for composites market in 2022 and evaluates future prospects, including discussion of the different tiers of the value chain as well as volume and revenue estimates. The market segments covered include carbon fiber (CF), glass fiber (GF), and natural fiber (NF). The subsegments include the followi...

17 Jun 2022  |  Global

Global Aerospace Composites Growth Opportunities

Post-Pandemic Rebound in Air Travel Increases Aircraft Orders and Delivery Enhancing the Growth Pipeline

The analysis focuses on the primary regions and competitive environment at the sub-segment level and includes competitive structure and market share data at the overall level. The aerospace sector is one of the leading end-use industries in material development innovation, which has led to the adoption of composites in other major end-use industrie...

15 Jun 2022  |  Global

Frost Radar™: Global Composites Market, 2022

A Benchmarking System to Spark Companies to Action - Innovation That Fuels New Deal Flow and Growth Pipelines

From automotive to wind energy to consumer electronics, the structural components of countless products across industries depend on composites to provide the functionality demanded by crucial trends such as lightweighting, design flexibility, circular economy, and consumer appeal. The production of a composite demands that many companies work to...

25 Mar 2022  |  Global

Global Plastics and Composites Outlook, 2022

Sustainability-and- circularity-oriented Innovations to Drive Transformational Growth

Frost & Sullivan’s annual outlook for the plastics and composites industry provides an overview of the industry in 2021 and highlights disruptive, transformational, and competitive trends that are expected to impact industry growth in 2022. The protracted disruption of the supply chain because of natural calamities, ensuing force majeure events, ...

13 Oct 2021  |  Global

Growth Opportunities for Plastics and Composites in Advanced Energy Storage: Technology Analysis

Need for High Charge Density In Advanced Batteries Driving Demand for Polymers and Composites

Current lithium-ion batteries face challenges such as safety issues, high charging time, and low power density. With the rise in electrification, there is a need for advanced energy storage solutions, especially advanced batteries based on Lithium-ion and other battery chemistries. Materials used to manufacture these batteries are often unable to m...

08 Mar 2021  |  Global

Industry Convergence to Transform the Global Plastics and Composites Market, Outlook 2021

Distribution Channel Optimisation Driven by Reshoring and Digitally Enabled Business Models

Frost & Sullivan acknowledges that the global plastics and composites market is extremely diverse. The end markets of this industry have been undergoing varied degrees of transformation due to a number of Mega Trends such as the Covid-19 pandemic and international trade wars and product and end-user specific existing and emerging trends.--BEGIN PRO...

03 Mar 2021  |  Global

Convergence and Collaboration to Usher Circular Economy in the Plastics and Composites Industry

8 Transformational Growth Themes for Brand Owners Committed to Circularity

Having successfully supported diverse applications across demanding industries, polymers and composites have emerged as key enablers of innovation in product design and manufacturing. Their exceptional physical and chemical properties, coupled with ease of processing and lower cost, render them ideal for a diverse set of applications across industr...

26 Aug 2020  |  Global

Industry Convergence Powering the Global Automotive Composites Market

Innovation Culture Driving Transformational Growth Through Efficacious Alternatives and Enhanced Collaborative Metal Replacement Initiatives

The global analysis of the automotive composites market quantifies the consumption of polymeric composites for automotive applications, and intends to gauge the level of impact that industry developments and trendsincluding tightening standards, evolving regulations, upsurge in electric vehicle (EV) sales, and increasing shift in consumer preferen...

22 Apr 2020  |  Global

Global Outlook for Chemicals in the Plastics and Composites, CASE, and Construction Industries, 2020

Digital Transformation, 3-D Printing, and Circular Economy Trends, along with Relief from the Phase I US-China Trade Deal, Will Be Key Influencers

This research service analyzes the market for coatings, adhesives, sealants, and elastomers (CASE), plastics and composites, and construction chemicals in 2019 and looks forward to 2020. • CASE products are used in construction, infrastructure, manufacturing, transportation, water and wastewater, oil and gas, and power generation. ...

09 Apr 2019  |  Global

Lightweighting Series—Supply- and Demand-side Analysis of Composites in the Automotive Industry, Forecast to 2025

OEMs’ Focus on Reducing Vehicle Weight to Adhere to Emission Standards Presents Excellent Growth Opportunity for Composites

This research service analyses the global automotive composites market in the perspective of light-weighting initiatives undertaken by OEMs across the world. The main segments covered by product type are Glass Fiber-reinforced Plastics (GFRP), Carbon Fiber-reinforced Plastics (CFRP) and Natural Fiber-reinforced Plastics (NFRP). In terms of geograph...

27 Feb 2019  |  North America

Composite Material Use in Global Commercial Aerospace, 2019

While Use of Composite Material Continues to Grow, It Does Not Dominate the Commercial Aerospace Industry

Technically, composite material has been used in aviation throughout its history. Currently, high-tech composites are on the rise. Over the last decade, the commercial aerospace sector has had two carbon fiber composite aircraft introduced. The Boeing Company delivered the 787 Dreamliner, with Airbus quickly following suite with its new A350 XWB. ...

31 Aug 2017  |  North America

North American and European Building and Construction Composites Market, Forecast to 2023

Gradual Upsurge in Construction Activity Expected to Drive Growth

This research service analyzes the building and construction (B&C) composites market in North America and Europe. • Europe – Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Scandinavia, Spain, and Eastern Europe, among others • North America – The United States and Canada The main segments covered include the following: • Composite fibers ...

01 Sep 2016  |  North America

Lightweighting in Aerospace—Future of Composites

Composites will Experience the Fastest Growth while Metals will Continue to Dominate the Market

This research service identifies the major drivers and restraints, regional trends, and technology segment trends in the global aerospace lightweight materials market. The study covers 4 regions, namely, North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Rest of World. It provides an in-depth analysis of various materials, such as aluminium, titanium, steel,...

09 Jun 2016  |  Global

Trends in Automotive Plastics and Composite Coatings

Use of Plastics and Composite Materials in Automotive Applications to Increase Uptake of Compatible Coating Products

This market insight identifies the key trends in the global plastics and composite coatings market for automotive applications. Regulatory trends that are based on increasing fuel efficiency and reduction of carbon content across key regions have been analyzed. Opportunity drivers and restraints affecting the market have been discussed. This study ...

20 Apr 2016  |  North America

Electric Vehicle Plastics and Composites Market for Europe and North America, Forecast to 2022

Transition to Sustainable and Integrated Offerings to Boost Growth

The composites and plastics market for all applications in electric vehicles is primarily driven by the lightweighting trend in the electric vehicle industry. While Europe recorded a positive trend due to high electric vehicle production compared to North America, the North American region is showing positive signs of growth and is expected to surp...

09 Mar 2016  |  North America

Global Automotive Composites Market, Forecast to 2021

Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymers (CFRPs) to Offer Robust Growth Opportunities

This research service identifies the major industry drivers, restraints, regional trends, and technology segment trends in the global automotive composites market. The research covers 4 regions: North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Rest of World. The study provides an in-depth analysis of carbon, glass, and natural fibre composites along with a...


This issue profiles producing nanocomposite films from sugarcane waste, an acrylic-based conformal coating, and a metallic coatings to reduce slip problems in machinery.