South African Electric Vehicles Market, Forecast to 2022

The Key to a Sustainable Source of Fuel for Transport

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The South African electric vehicle (EV) market is still in its infancy, but is expected to grow at a slow but steady pace over the next five years. South Africa’s automotive sector is currently ranked 23rd in terms of manufacturing and is a key player in the international automotive value chain. The EV market is currently restrained due to a variety of factors which include unfavourable EV policy and a lack of infrastructure. International OEMs having a presence in the country have invested heavily in an attempt to grow the market locally. Their global strategies are slowly filtering down into the local South African market, with 20 BEV and PHEV offerings currently available. This number is set to increase ov

Research Scope

The scope of this study is to cover the passenger EV market in South Africa. The base year of this study is 2017 and forecasts are done until 2022. The geographic scope of this study will only cover South Africa.

The core objectives of this study are the following:

  • Provide a strategic overview of the South African EV market, including key trends and opportunities.
  • Present market size and forecasts of the EV market, along with details of the existing scenario for the industry and the required plan of action.
  • Give a detailed analysis of competitive factors and market shares of key manufacturers and their current product portfolio and capabilities.
  • Evaluate attractiveness across the South African market and estimate how scenarios will evolve in this market by 2022.

Key Issues Addressed

  • What is the current status of the EV market in South Africa and what will be the future market scenario in the short, medium and long terms?
  • What is the market size in South Africa in 2017, and how is it expected to grow in 2018 and by 2022?
  • Who are the major market participants and what are their market shares?
  • What is the impact of regulatory and macroeconomic trends on market growth?
  • What is the growth potential for the EV market in South Africa?


Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
Key Findings
2. Research Scope
Research Scope, Aim and Objectives
Market Definitions and Segmentation
3. Drivers and Restraints
Market Drivers
Market Restraints
4. Market Risks
Market Risks
5. South African Electric Vehicle Market Overview
Electric Vehicle Sales—2014–2022
Policy and Incentives
EV-related Initiatives in South Africa
6. EV Brand Segmentation
EV Brand Share
7. EV Infrastructure Development
South Africa’s Charging Infrastructure
Classification of EV Charging Infrastructure
Charging Infrastructure
Charging Infrastructure in South Africa
Infrastructure Developments
EV Infrastructure Landscape
Energy Efficiency within Mobility
8. EV in Public Transport
Integration of EVs in Public Transport
The City of Cape Town
The City of Johannesburg
9. EV Manufacturing in South Africa
Vehicle Manufacturing in South Africa
EV Manufacturing in South Africa
10. Transformational Shifts in Global EV Market
Transformational Shifts Reshaping e-Mobility
Top Findings Expected to Influence the Global EV Market
EV Market Outlook 2017—Global
Global EV Market
Global Shift to Phasing Out Petrol and Diesel
Global EV Markets—Europe
Global EV Markets—China
Market Developments
New EV Model Release
Emergent African EV Markets
11. Opportunity Analysis for EVs in South Africa
Opportunities in the EV Ecosystem for South Africa
EV Ecosystem Opportunities
12. Growth Opportunities and Companies to Action
Growth Opportunity 1—A New EV Ecosystem in South Africa
Strategic Imperatives for South Africa’s EV Industry Players
13. The Last Word
The Last Word—3 Big Predictions
Legal Disclaimer
14. Appendix
Abbreviations and Acronyms Used
List of Exhibits
15. The Frost & Sullivan Story


List of Figures & Charts

1. Total EV Market: Key Market Drivers, South Africa, 2018–2022
2. Total EV Market: Key Market Restraints, South Africa, 2018–2022
3. Total EV Market: Vehicles Available, South Africa, 2018
4. Total EV Market: Classification of EV Charging Infrastructure, South Africa, 2018
5. Total EV Market: Charging Infrastructure, South Africa, 2018
6. Total EV Market: Charging Infrastructure, South Africa, 2018

1. Total EV Market: Market Definitions, South Africa, 2018
2. Total EV Market: EV Sales, South Africa, 2014–2022
3. Total EV Market: EV Sales, South Africa, 2014–2017
4. Total EV Market: Brand Share, South Africa, 2017
5. Charging Stations Across South Africa, 2018
6. Automotive Market: Exports, South Africa, 2017
7. Automotive Market: Vehicle Production, South Africa, 2015–2017
8. Total EV Market: EV Sales, Global, 2017
9. Total EV Market: Sales by Brand, Global, 2017
10. Total EV Market: Sales by Region, Global, 2017
11. Total EV Market: Electric Car Stocks, Global, 2010–2016

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