African Artificial Intelligence (AI) Market, 2016

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This study provides an analysis of the African Artificial Intelligence (AI) market. The stakeholder scope includes international technology corporations and African start-ups; technology scope includes computer vision, deep learning, machine learning, natural language processing, neural networks, predictive analytics, and robotics; and the end-user scope includes a number of industries such as banking and financial services and insurance (BFSI), healthcare, manufacturing, mining, hospitality and media, amongst others. This study details the key components of an AI ecosystem and explains how AI converges with technologies such as analytics, Internet of Things (IoT), Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). It provides a snapshot of global AI trends in terms of key investments, strategy and competition, and also lists the acquisition-led strategies adopted by leading technology corporations including Google, Apple, Microsoft, Intel, Facebook, Salesforce and IBM.

This study provides an analysis of the African AI market, including the competitive landscape and the extent of AI market development across key African countries, along with the impact potential and extent of market penetration of various AI technologies and the degree of AI adoption across key industry verticals. It also gives an overview of the future trajectory of AI technologies adoption in Africa. It also offers a snapshot of the AI-powered business applications in Africa; and the key consumers of AI solutions across leading industry verticals. Further, it identifies the key market drivers and restraints that are urging businesses to adopt AI and analyses the key market trends that are prompting businesses in Africa to adopt AI. Moreover, this study discusses the product portfolio and acquisition-driven strategy of emerging international AI leaders like Cisco and IBM in the AI context. It throws light on the start-up landscape in some key African countries, along with the solutions offered, technologies adopted and industries impacted. The study also explains some of the key AI solutions that are addressing regionally relevant issues in the content. It explores key growth opportunities that businesses will look to invest in and the strategic initiatives they will adopt to accelerate their AI journey. It also throws light on the key predictions for the South African AI market, in terms of consumption and technological advancements.

Key Issues Addressed

  • What are the main components in an AI ecosystem? How does it converge with analytics, IoT, AR and VR?
  • What are the key global trends in terms of competition, strategy and investments?
  • What are the key market drivers and restraints for the development of the AI market in Africa?
  • How are emerging international leaders like IBM and Cisco advancing in the AI market?
  • Who are the innovative African start-ups disrupting the AI market and what do they do?
  • How is the African AI market growing in terms of market development, competition, impact potential and extent of adoption across industries?
  • What are the key trends shaping the African AI market?
  • What are the ethical dilemmas concerning AI in Africa?
  • How is AI addressing African regional issues and which are the companies developing these solutions?
  • What are the potential growth opportunities in Africa that businesses can capitalise on to improve performance and stay competitive?

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
Key Findings
2. Market Definitions
Market Definitions
3. AI Market—Research Perspective
Research Scope
Topical Areas Within AI
AI Technologies and Use Cases
AI Components and Ecosystem
AI—The Cornerstone of Analytics
Why and How AI will Help Unlock the Full Potential of IoT?
Why will AI with AR and VR be the Next Big Thing?
4. Global AI Market—An Overview
The AI Continuum
Positioning of Key Global Providers on the AI Continuum
AI—Global Competitive Landscape
Key Global AI Investment Trends
Key Global External AI Investments Technology-Wise
Strategy Adopted by Global Technology Corporations
5. Drivers and Restraints
Key Market Drivers
Key Market Restraints
6. Analysis of the African AI Market
Why are Businesses Adopting AI?
How are Businesses Looking to Realise Value from Adopting AI?
Degree of AI Development across Key African Countries
AI-powered Business Applications Landscape
Degree of AI Adoption across Key Industries
Impact Potential of AI across Industries and Use Cases
Key AI Consumers across Leading Industry Verticals
Positioning of Key Providers on the AI Continuum
AI Technologies—Market Penetration Analysis
Future Trajectory of AI Technologies Adoption in Africa
7. Industry Landscape—Powerful Examples of Emerging International AI Leaders in Africa
Cisco—Product Portfolio and Acquisitions
IBM—Product Portfolio and Acquisitions
8. Start-up Landscape—Market Insights and Competition
Competitive Start-up Landscape
Key AI Start-ups in South Africa
Key AI Start-ups in Egypt, Nigeria and Zimbabwe
9. AI Solutions Addressing Regionally Relevant Issues
AI-based Solutions Addressing Regionally Relevant Problems
10. Key Market Trends
Trend 1—Chatbots as a Customer Communication Channel
Trend 2—Rising Investments in Computer Vision and NLP Technologies
Trend 3—Surge in AI Adoption in the Banking and Financial Services and Insurance Industry
Trend 4—AI is Not Only the New BI But Also the New UI
11. Ethical Dilemmas Concerning AI
Ethical Dilemmas Concerning AI
12. Growth Opportunities and Enterprises to Action
Growth Opportunity 1—Mobile-based Services
Growth Opportunity 2—Bots and Automated Messaging
Strategic Imperatives for Success and Growth
13. The Last Word
The Last Word—3 Big Predictions
Legal Disclaimer
14. Appendix
List of Exhibits
15. The Frost & Sullivan Story


List of Figures & Charts

1. AI Market: Impact Potential of AI across Industries and Use Cases, Africa, 2016
2. AI Market: Market Penetration Analysis, Africa, 2016

1. Total AI Market: Topical Areas Within AI, Africa, 2016
2. Total AI Market: AI Technologies and Use Cases, Africa, 2016
3. Total AI Market: AI Components and Ecosystem, Africa, 2016
4. Total AI Market: AI and Analytics, Africa, 2016
5. Total AI Market: AI and IoT, Africa, 2016
6. Total AI Market: AI, AR, and VR, Africa, 2016
7. AI Market: The AI Continuum, Global, 2016 and 2020
8. AI Market: Positioning of Key Providers on the AI Continuum, Global, 2016
9. AI Market: Degree of Complexity versus Extent of Mass Adoption, Global, 2016
10. AI Market: AI Investments, Global, 2016
11. AI Market: Key AI Investments Insights, Global, 2016
12. AI Market: External Investment in AI-focussed Companies by Technology Category, Global, 2016
13. AI Market: Key External Investment Insights, Global, 2016
14. AI Market: Key AI Acquisitions Timeline, Global, 2013–2017
15. AI Market: Key Market Drivers, Africa, 2016
16. AI Market: Key Market Restraints, Africa, 2016
17. AI Market: Degree of AI Development across Key African Countries, Africa, 2016
18. AI Market: AI-powered Business Applications Landscape, Africa, 2016
19. AI Market: Degree of AI Adoption across Key Industries, Africa, 2016
20. AI Market: Key AI Consumers across Leading Industry Verticals, Africa, 2016
21. AI Market: Positioning of Key Providers on the AI Continuum, Africa, 2016
22. AI Market: Market Opportunity Matrix—AI Technology Adoption, Africa, 2016–2020
23. AI Market: Cisco Key AI Products/Services, Africa, 2016
24. AI Market: Cisco Key AI Acquisitions, Global, 2016
25. AI Market: IBM Key AI Products/Services, Africa, 2016
26. AI Market: IBM Key AI Acquisitions, Global, 2016
27. AI Market: Key AI Start-ups, Africa, 2016
28. AI Market: Start-ups Market Insights, Africa, 2016

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