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This Mobility TechVision Opportunity Engine (TOE) profiles advancements in automotive lightweighting, ADAS, autonomous and electric vehicles, and traffic management. Innovations include advancements in metals and alloys, artificial intelligence for autonomous vehicles, ADAS, plastic 3D printing, electric bikes, traffic management platform, sealing ...

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14 Oct 2019  |  North America

Impact of Electric Vehicles on Power Demand, Forecast to 2040—A Perspective on Key Global Growth Markets

With Electric Vehicles (EVs) Set for Transformational Growth, Grid Modernization Initiatives and Disruptive Technologies Will Form the Critical Elements of the EV Power and Utility Ecosystem

Falling battery prices, stringent emission regulations, rapid increase in public charging stations and innovation in eMobility business models are all drivers for growth in the electrification of transport over the next decade. Although the overall increase in electricity consumption is lower than many people might expect, the proliferation of EVs ...

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02 Aug 2019  |  Asia Pacific

Strategic Analysis of the Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure in China, 2018–2025

With the Increase in the Number of Electric Vehicles, Public Charging Points in Operation are Likely to Reach 4 Million Units by 2025

About 1.05 million units of electric vehicles (EVs) were sold in China in 2018. Battery electric vehicle (BEV) segment dominated the Chinese EV market with a 74.8% share, or sales of 788,000 units, in the year. The country is implementing the China V emission standard. Shanghai and Guangzhou are likely to pioneer the upgrade to the China VIB standa...

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03 Jul 2019  |  Global

Growth Opportunities in the Circular Economy for Global Electric Vehicle Battery Reuse (Second-life) and Recycling Market, Forecast to 2025

Reuse Currently Dominates the Market with Recycling Expected to Significantly Drive Market Growth from 2021 Onwards

The global electric vehicle reuse and recycling market stands at $61.5 million as of 2018 and is expected to reach $7809.1 million by 2025, recording a CAGR of 99.8%. The reuse segment is currently in full swing in terms of revenue; however, over the years, recycling of EV batteries is going to gain traction. With escalating metal prices specially ...

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This Mobility Technology TechVision Opportunity Engine (TOE) highlights innovations in electric vehicles, self-driving cars, fuel cell powered and electric ships. It also covers a high performance HUD system, a personalized driving experience using voice assistance, a technique that uses data to design cleaner engines, and smaller fuel tanks for hy...

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06 Jun 2019  |  South Asia, Middle East & North Africa

Strategic Analysis of the Indian EV & Hybrid Electric Vehicle Market, 2017–2030

With the Push from the Indian Government towards All-electric Vehicles, the Penetration of EVs and FHEVs is Expected to Reach as High as 2 Million Vehicles by 2030

Tightening emissions standards coupled with plaguing pollution levels have begun to shift the dynamics of the Indian automotive market. While xEV (electric and hybrid vehicles) have gained traction in developed nations internationally, they are yet to do so in the Indian market. However, projections show that in 2030 about 2 million xEVs will be so...

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31 May 2019  |  Europe

Global Electric Vehicle (EV) Market Sales, H1 2018

Approximately 1.6 Million EVs are Likely to be Sold in 2018

This study analyzes the global EV market in the first half of 2018. The geographical scope includes China, France, Germany, Japan, Norway, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the United States. The global EV market is likely to reach sales of 1.6 million units in 2018, up from 1,284,435 units in 2017. Approximately 18 new models are likely to b...

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03 May 2019  |  Asia Pacific

Malaysian eMobility Sector in the Context of Electric Vehicle (EV) Developments in Southeast Asia, Forecast to 2022

Malaysia Targets to Become a Regional EV Hub by 2030

The aim of this study is to provide a strategic assessment of the eMobility sector in Malaysia in the context of electric vehicle developments in Southeast Asia between 2017 and 2022. The Malaysian EV market is currently in the very initial stages of growth. However, the Malaysian Government's EV policies and continuation of new model launches cont...

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08 Apr 2019  |  South Asia, Middle East & North Africa

Understanding Indian Consumers’ Priorities, Preferences and Willingness to Purchase Hybrid and Electric Vehicles, 2017

65% Customers want Electric Vehicles to Look Exceptional

Understanding consumer needs is quintessential for driving future mobility developments. This research focuses on consumer awareness and their willingness to pay for hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles (EVs). The respondents were questioned based on numerous factors such as technology awareness, preferred vehicle range, features, ease of charging...

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25 Mar 2019  |  North America

Global Electric Vehicle Market Outlook, 2019

Over 2.8 Million Electric Vehicles are Likely to be Sold in 2019 With China Being the Leader With 57% Market Share

About 2 million electric vehicles were sold globally out of which 68.7% were battery electric vehicles (BEV) and 31.3% were plugin hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) recording a y-o-y market growth of 57.3%. China retained its market leadership for the 5th consecutive year with a 55.5% share, selling approximately 1.1 million electric vehicles (75% of...

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