Emerging Upstarts and Market Transitions in the Global Digital Oilfield Data Management Market

Strategic Assessment of Top 12 Companies to Watch

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The upstream oil and gas industry is moving toward an integrated ecosystem where end users will drive operational excellence from field to enterprise. While smart instruments and intelligent sensors have set the stage for more connected assets on-site, the ability to leverage raw data and derive actionable insights for improved productivity of operations has become imperative. This strategic insight provides a comprehensive competitive analysis of solution providers in the Big Data and Analytics market for the upstream O&G industry using Frost & Sullivan's Competitive Advantage and Market Positioning (CAMP) tool. As niche solution providers penetrate this space, strategic alliances and partnerships will ensure

Table of Contents

Executive SummaryKey FindingsKey Findings and Future Outlook Research Scope, Objectives, Background, and MethodologyResearch ScopeResearch Aims and ObjectivesKey Questions This Study Will AnswerResearch BackgroundResearch MethodologyKey Vendors Compared in This StudyDefinitions and SegmentationMarket SegmentationProduct Segmentation and EcosystemMarket Overview—Monetizing Data to Drive Operational Excellence from Field to EnterpriseA New Era of Intelligent FieldsMarket Tailwinds Driving AdoptionTechnology Advancements Fuelling GrowthCost Benefits of Successful ImplementationEnd User TransitionData Pools in the Upstream Oil and Gas IndustryBusiness Objectives for a Big Data and Analytics PlatformKey Applications for Big Data and AnalyticsSummary Section—Competitive Advantage and Market Positioning (CAMP) AnalysisCAMP—An IntroductionCAMP—An Introduction (continued)CAMP—Graphical RepresentationCAMP—Quadrants Explained CAMP Scale for Big Data & Analytics in the Upstream O&G IndustryCAMP Index for Big Data & Analytics in the Upstream O&G Industry (continued)CAMP Chart for Big Data & Analytics in the Upstream O&G Industry (continued)Company Profile 1: Ayasdi, Inc.—SnapshotCompany Profile 1: Ayasdi, Inc.—Solution ApproachCompany Profile 2: Ayata—SnapshotCompany Profile 2: Ayata—Solution ApproachCompany Profile 3: Datawatch—SnapshotCompany Profile 3: Datawatch—Solution ApproachCompany Profile 4: Flutura—SnapshotCompany Profile 4: Flutura—Solution ApproachCompany Profile 5: Karmasphere, Inc.—SnapshotCompany Profile 5: Karmasphere, Inc.—Solution ApproachCompany Profile 6: Mtell—SnapshotCompany Profile 6: Mtell—Solution ApproachCompany Profile 7: Neudesic LLC—SnapshotCompany Profile 7: Neudesic LLC—Solution ApproachCompany Profile 8: Pivotal Software, Inc.—SnapshotCompany Profile 8: Pivotal Software, Inc.—Solution ApproachCompany Profile 9: Predikto—SnapshotCompany Profile 9: Predikto—Solution ApproachCompany Profile 10: RapidMiner—SnapshotCompany Profile 10: RapidMiner—Solution ApproachCompany Profile 11: Skytree, Inc.—SnapshotCompany Profile 11: Skytree, Inc.—Solution ApproachCompany Profile 12: TempoIQ—SnapshotCompany Profile 12: TempoIQ—Solution ApproachData Storage Segment AnalysisEvolving Dynamics in the Data Storage Segment Cloud as an EnablerConclusionsData Integration Segment AnalysisEvolving Dynamics in the Data Integration Segment Data Integration Schematic—High Volume, Multiple Data Sources in the Upstream O&G Industry ConclusionsData Analytics Segment AnalysisEvolving Dynamics in the Data Analytics Segment Value-added Services—Maximizing Productivity of Field OperationsConclusionsData Presentation and Visualization Segment AnalysisEvolving Dynamics in the Data Visualization Segment Key Data Visualization Metrics for Enterprise PersonnelConclusionsConclusions and Future Outlook—Total MarketConclusionsThe Last Word—3 Big PredictionsLegal DisclaimerAppendixAbbreviations and Acronyms UsedMarket Engineering Methodology

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