Global Connected Car Market Outlook, 2017 Updated Research Available

OEMs Plan to Embrace Servicification Model Targeting $50 Billion Aftersales Market While 200 New Start-ups Prepare to Disrupt the Industry with Unique Platform-based Business Models

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The 2017 connected car outlook offers a 360-degree perspective of the global connected car market, answering questions such as: Where are the avenues for growth opportunities? What trends are affecting the growth of the market in different regions? It discusses the outlook for technologies such as biometrics, human-machine interface (HMI), vehicle-to-everything (V2X), satellite communication, virtual assistants, and over-the-air (OTA) updates, to name a few. The research highlights market, technology, and regional trends so the reader will understand where opportunities await in the market. Top trends include data-enabled use cases, data monetization, voice recognition as HMI through personal assistants, biomet

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
2016 Highlights—Predictions versus Actuals
2017 Key Predictions
Trend 1—Data-enabled Use Cases
Trend 2—Data Monetization
Trend 3—Voice Recognition as HMI through Personal Assistants
Trend 4—Biometrics for Personalization and Authentication
Trend 5—Business and Revenue Model Strategies
Trend 6—Growing Software Dependency
Connected Car Regional Highlights
OEM Announcements and Updates
M&A and Partnership Summary
Emerging Opportunities
2016 Connected Car Senior Management Top-of-Mind Issues
Key Takeaways—Senior Management by the Numbers
2. Research Scope
Research Scope and Objectives
Vehicle Segmentation
Research Background
3. Global Connected Car Outlook—2017
2016 Forecast Highlights—Predictions versus Actuals
Global Connected Cars Forecast 2016–2017
Global Connected Cars Forecast 2016 to 2022
Global Telematics Subscriber Forecast 2016–2017
Global HMI Market Penetration 2016, 2017, and 2022
Smartphone Interfacing Technologies
4. Connected Car and HMI Market Trends
CES 2017 Automotive Learning
Data Monetization—Benefits to Value Chain Partners
Current-Business and Revenue Models
Product-as-a-Service—Connected Cars
Major HMI Market Trends
OEM Start-up Initiatives
5. Connected Car Start-up Avenues
Aftermarket Snapshot
Automotive OEMs’ IoT Platforms
Automotive Cybersecurity Activities
Disruptor Play
Mergers and Acquisitions
Connected Car and HMI Technology Trends
Introduction to Wireless Communication Systems
5G and Satellite Communication—Use Cases
V2X Snapshot
HMI Trends—Voice and Driver Monitoring (Biometrics)
HMI-related Trends—AR Head Up Display (HUD) and Networked Display
Biometric Authentication—Automotive Access System
Continental’s Innovative Biometric Solutions
Futuristic HMI—BMW’s HoloActive Touch
OEM’s VR Efforts—Ford SYNC with Amazon Alexa
OEM’s Wearables Efforts—Volvo in Partnership with Microsoft
6. Benchmarking Analysis
Connected Car Regional Feature Benchmarking
Telematics Regional Feature Benchmarking
Input and Output HMI Regional Feature Benchmarking
App Development and Delivery Models
App Hosting Models
European OEM App Integration Summary
North American OEM App Integration Summary
North American OEM Telematics Services Summary
European OEM Telematics Services Summary
Brazilian OEM Telematics Services Summary
Chinese OEM Telematics Services Summary
European OEM HMI Features Comparative Analysis
North American OEM HMI Comparative Analysis
7. Growth Opportunities and Companies to Action
Connected Cars—Value Chain
Growth Opportunity—Connected Cars
Strategic Imperatives for Connected Car Market Participants
8. Conclusions and Future Outlook
Key Conclusions and Future Outlook
Legal Disclaimer
9. Appendix
Market Engineering Methodology
Connected Car and HMI—Proposed 2017 Titles

List of Figures & Charts

1. Connected Car Outlook: Emerging Opportunities, Global, 2016
2. Connected Car Outlook: Passenger Vehicle Unit Shipment Forecast, Global, 2016–2022
3. Connected Car Outlook: Smartphone Interfacing Technology Benchmark, Global, 2016
4. Connected Car Outlook: Data Monetization Avenues, Global, 2016
5. Connected Car Outlook: Business and Revenue Models, Global, 2016
6. Connected Car Outlook: Product-as-a-Service in Connected Cars, Global, 2016
7. Connected Car Outlook: OEM Start-up Initiatives, Global, 2016
8. Connected Car Outlook: Aftermarket Snapshot, Global, 2016
9. Connected Car Outlook: Automotive Cybersecurity Activities, Global, 2016
10. Connected Car Outlook: Wireless Communication Systems, Global, 1999–2021
11. Connected Car Outlook: Communication Use Cases, Global, 2016
12. Connected Car Outlook: V2X Snapshot, Global, 2016
13. Connected Car Outlook: Biometric Authentication, Global, 2015–2025
14. Connected Car Outlook: Biometric Solutions, Global, 2016
15. Connected Car Outlook: BMW HoloActive Touch, Global, 2016
16. Connected Car Outlook: Connected Infotainment Feature Benchmarking, Global, 2016
17. Connected Car Outlook: Features of Telematics Summary, Global, 2016
18. Connected Car Outlook: Features of Input and Output HMI Summary, Global, 2016
19. Connected Car Outlook: App Development and Delivery Models, Global, 2016
20. Connected Car Outlook: App Hosting Models, Global, 2016
21. Connected Car Outlook: Automotive App Integration Summary, Europe, 2016
22. Connected Car Outlook: Automotive App Integration Summary, North America, 2016
23. Connected Car Outlook: Comparative Analysis of OEMs’ Telematics Services, North America, 2016
24. Connected Car Outlook: Telematics Services Business Model Comparison, Europe, 2016
25. Connected Car Outlook: Telematics Services Business Model Comparison, Brazil, 2011–2018
26. Connected Car Outlook: Telematics Services Business Model Comparison, China, 2016
27. Connected Car Outlook: HMI Comparative Analysis, Europe, 2016–2020
28. Connected Car Outlook: HMI Comparative Analysis, North America, 2016–2020
29. Connected Car Outlook: Key Conclusions and Future Outlook, Global, 2016

1. Connected Car Outlook: Senior Management Top-of-Mind Issues, Global, 2016
2. Connected Car Outlook: New Cars Sold with Connectivity, Global, 2016 and 2017
3. Connected Car Outlook: Connected Cars Forecast, Global, 2016–2022
4. Connected Car Outlook: New Embedded Telematics Subscriber Additions, Global, 2016–2017
5. Connected Car Outlook: HMI Technologies Penetration, Global, 2016, 2017, and 2022
6. Connected Car Outlook: IVI OS Market Share, Global, 2016 and 2025
7. Connected Car Outlook: Smartphone Interfacing Technology Penetration, Global, 2016 and 2020

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