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06 Nov 2023  |  Global

Technological Advances that Overcome Challenges to Alternative Protein Development and Commercialization

A Visionary Perspective on R&D and Innovation Effort

The growing global demand for sustainable and ethical food sources has led to significant advancements in alternative proteins. From plant-based proteins to cellular agriculture and novel fermentation techniques, researchers and industry pioneers are leveraging biotechnology, data analytics, and process optimization to enhance the efficiency and sc...

19 Oct 2023  |  Global

Global Alternative Sweeteners Growth Opportunities for the Food and Beverage Industry

A Growing Consumer Preference for Clean label Products Enables the Market Expansion of Natural Sweeteners

The increasing prevalence of lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and obesity, coupled with a growing consumer inclination towards healthy lifestyles, are driving the demand for no- or low-calorie food products and, in consequence, the growth of the global alternative sweetener market. Additionally, the growing beverage market in both developed and ...

06 Oct 2023  |  Global

Growth Opportunities in the Alternative Workforce Space

Scaled-up On-demand Staffing Platforms to Drive Labor Transformation

The labor market is constantly evolving and introducing newer forms of employment, such as the retired workforce, platform workers, crowd workers, and temporary workers. Changing market dynamics have shifted companies’ focus from hiring and training to leveraging non-permanent talent as this model offers optimal flexibility and lower fixed costs....

05 Oct 2023  |  Global

Growth Opportunities in Global Positioning System (GPS) Upgrades and Alternatives

Balancing Equipment Upgrades with Security Concerns and Sustainability Goals

In this research service, Frost & Sullivan overviews the global GPS upgrades and alternatives market, highlighting growth drivers, restraints, and opportunities. The study also outlines the most relevant projects, representative contracts, and leading companies. With 2022 as the base year, the study period is 2023–2027. GPS is an essential techn...

15 Sep 2023  |  Global

Growth Opportunities in Alternative Protein Ingredients for Human Nutrition

A Focus on Sustainable Protein Diversification Will Fuel Growth and Innovation

Alternative protein ingredients are derived from alternative sources such as plants, microbes, and insects or through cell-culture techniques for human nutrition applications. This Frost & Sullivan research service covers the B2B market dynamics of plant protein, microbial protein, and insect protein ingredients for human nutrition applications. Th...

13 Dec 2021  |  Global

Emerging Protein Alternatives for Dairy Industry: Technology Analysis

Consumer Demand for Alternatives to Animal-based Dairy Products Drive Growth Opportunities for Plant-based Proteins

Next-generation buyers, primarily millennials and Gen Z, follow a healthier consumption pattern and tend to reduce their meat consumption for both sustainable and diet reasons. The rising number of lactose-intolerant people and the growing concern for animal welfare explain the rising number of health-conscious people and the global shift in prefe...

16 Feb 2021  |  Global

Global Animal Feed Ingredient Market Powered by Antibiotic Alternatives and Vertical Integration

Regulatory Ban on the Use of Antibiotic Growth Promoters to Stimulate New Product Development

Animal feed ingredients are micro-ingredients that improve the feed conversion ratio and overall animal performance. This study primarily focuses on assessing the growth opportunities for the animal feed ingredients, such as amino acids, enzymes, vitamins, organic acids, organic trace minerals, probiotics, prebiotics, omega-3 fatty acids, and antio...

24 Nov 2020  |  Global

Alternative Sugar-reducing Solutions Driving the Global Food & Beverage Sweeteners Market, 2025

Strategic Partnerships and New Product Development to Stimulate Growth Opportunities in the Sweeteners Space

This research service analyzes the global sweeteners market, covering North America, Latin America (LATAM), Europe, Asia-Pacific (APAC), and Rest of World (RoW; consisting of Middle East & Africa (MEA)). It focuses on alternative sweeteners: high-intensity sweeteners, low-intensity sweeteners/sugar alcohols, and high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) used...

12 Nov 2020  |  Global

Global Nutritional Lipids Market Powered by Changing Preferences for Alternative Sources, 2020

The Future Growth Potential Of Nutritional Lipids Market is Enhanced by Growth Opportunities in Omega-3 and Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT)

The concept of lipids has undergone a paradigm shift over the years. Initially, lipids (oils and fats) were considered as all ‘evil and were often blamed to be only a cause of cardiovascular and other chronic diseases. However, with the concept of nutritional lipids, this notion has changed. Nutritional lipids are the category of lipids that prov...

31 Mar 2020  |  Global

Innovation Landscape of Protein Alternatives in the F&B industry

Growing Concerns About Health Risks And Increasing Consumer Focus On Wellness Driving Adoption of Alternate Proteins

The rise in demand for high quality protein is driving up livestock production, which can lead to increased pressures in land and water use, possible resource scarcity and even increase in green house gas emissions. Red meat, being a popular choice of protein can potentially cause health issues on regular consumption. In addition, there is a growin...

27 Dec 2019  |  Global

Emerging Alternatives for Single-use plastics in Packaging

Circular Economy Initiatives Leading to Increasing Adoption of Sustainable and Environment-friendly Alternatives for Single-Use Packaging

Dumping of plastics in landfills and in marine environment are having adverse effects across the globe. Also, microplastics found in most of the water sources, affects both human and marine life. The current widely adopted crude-based plastics are degraded to reduce its adverse impact. However, degradation of plastics also requires energy intensive...

24 Dec 2019  |  Global

Breakthrough Technologies Advancing The Future Of Alternative Fuels Production

Advanced Solutions Enhance Conversional Efficiency and Drive Market Growth of Alternative Fuels

Title: Breakthrough Technologies Advancing the Future of Alternative Fuels Production Abstract: There is an increasing need for a substitute for fossil fuels to create a cleaner and more sustainable energy system. Alternative fuel along with renewable energy is the most desired clean energy option. Adoption of alternative fuels is driven by the pos...

17 Oct 2019  |  Global

Frost Radar in the Meat Alternatives Market

A Measurement System to Spark Companies 2 Action (C2A)—Innovation That Fuels New Deal Flow and Growth Pipelines

Meat alternatives or analogues are products that resemble the appearance, texture, flavor, and color of meat when hydrated and cooked but do not contain any meat. Most meat alternative products are based on soy or wheat gluten. Soy is used in the form of flour, protein concentrate, and protein isolate, and is popular because of its neutral flavor, ...

29 Jun 2019  |  Global

Technology Breakthroughs in Alternatives to Sweeteners

Growing Concerns About Health Risks And Increasing Consumer Focus On Wellness Driving Adoption of Natural Sweeteners

Growing consumer demand for naturally derived additives and raw materials and concerns about health issues due to consumption of artificial sweeteners have led to the increasing research activities on sugar substitutes and alternatives. Currently, a major trend in the F&B industry is the “clean label” trend that is being actively pursued by ing...


This Frost & Sullivan report focuses on the current state of the MVPD market, the rise of OTT video services, how consumers view each market, and what service providers need to do to retain subscribers.

24 Sep 2015  |  North America

Assessment of the US Dairy Alternative Food & Beverage Market

Emerging Opportunities for Companies Offering Plant-based Dairy Alternatives

The US market for dairy alternative food and beverage products is driven by the availability and familiarity of source materials, and their ability to provide options for people with special dietary needs. Food and beverage brand owners are responding to these consumer needs, providing the necessary impetus with new product lines. This study covers...


This weeks SPIE defines the elusive configurable systems and flexible processes challenge, along with an analysis of the critical issues at play. The report explains why using a cloud-based business solution model is another way to meet the expectations of todays communications marketplace.


This research service discusses strategic growth opportunities in the alternative fuel and alternate powertrains market in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). This service researches, analyzes, and forecasts the trends in the key ASEAN markets in Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia. It considers macroeconomic indicators, legislations, ...

31 May 2012  |  Europe

2010 Europe Consumer Attitudes and Perceptions Towards Sustainability, Environment and Alternative Powertrains

Diesel Powertrains to Maintain the Status Quo in Europe in the Short-to-Medium Term

The aim of this study is to understand consumers sustainability and environmental priorities in their lives and in their choice of vehicle. The study aims to determine consumer perceptions and attitudes towards different environmental and sustainability factors and evaluate the importance of each in determining the characteristics of the future po...


The current oil price is over $100 a barrel and clearly, the higher the price of oil goes, the more organizations have incentives to go and find alternatives. This study examines alternative methods that may be useful in augmenting oil and gas production due to the cost of producing traditional feedstocks, and certain improvements in the alternativ...