Contact Centers

Contact centers are slated to go through major changes in the coming future. The rise of cloud technology, big data and analytics and social media will change how contact centers are operated, bringing new found efficiencies to the incumbent outsourced contact centre model, making customer service and customer experience a significant differentiator and pushing it to the top of the priority list of organizations.

Frost & Sullivan’s Information Technology research and consulting programs look at conventional and unconventional technologies, with specific focus on top-level potential disruptors such as cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and IOT or the Internet of Things. In the contact center market, we look at:

  • Solution providers in varying segments
  • Big data analytics and their applications in contact centers
  • Web and mobile engagement
  • Complex sales, service, and support opportunities and issues
  • Web experience personalization

We work closely with the world’s largest IT firms and upcoming disruptive start-ups to predict macro and micro trends related to products, services, technology and business models that can define growth. Tailored, customized solutions provide clients with the best strategies for growth, supported by the right key data points researched to meet the client’s needs and the specific engagement. Our research spans broadly across the sector and provides deep insights into specific markets in the most significant areas of IT and the IT industry.

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18 Sep 2015  |  North America

Nearshore is All Grown Up

Hot BPO Delivery Locations

Frost & Sullivan believes that there is an increased acceptance and trust in utilizing nearshore outsourcing locations for customer care. Service providers claim that companies can reduce their operating expenses by 30-40% by considering nearshore delivery options. Popular site locations for the North American call volumes include Central America, ...

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16 Sep 2015  |  Asia Pacific

Analysis of the Asia-Pacific Contact Center Applications Market

Omni-channel Integration Consolidates Communication Platforms

Contact centers are actively transforming from call centers to customer engagement centers. This study breaks down the contact center applications market across 14 countries in Asia-Pacific based on 8 application segments: ACD, CTI, IVR, outbound systems, call monitoring, WFM, speech technology, and multimedia systems. It presents the market sizing...

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14 Sep 2015  |  North America

North America Hosted/Cloud Contact Center Market

Strong Performers Differentiate in a Highly Fragmented Market

This market analysis research provides market sizing and forecasts for hosted contact center services. This includes public cloud services as well as dedicated hosted solutions. The market segments covered are: hosted IVR, hosted ACD, hosted customer chat, hosted outbound contact, and hosted agent performance optimization (APO) applications. The st...

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03 Sep 2015  |  North America

BPO Enabling Technology Part II

Radically Transforming Client Relationships

This Market Insight is Part II of Frost & Sullivans series on the topic of technology- enabled Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). The studys emphasis is on customer care outsourcing for service, sales and technical support in North America.Consumer behavior is changing at a frenzied pace, and BPO service providers are re-tooling operational proc...

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26 Aug 2015  |  North America

2015 Europe Contact Center Outsourcing Buyers Guide

Negotiating a Changing Landscape

This research study provides analyst commentary on the most important market forces affecting outsourcing trends in Europe for 2015 . This extensive Market Insight will provide enterprise organizations with a fundamental assessment of North American outsourcing providers and their capabilities in a single report. The study includes a profile of 23 ...

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13 Aug 2015  |  North America

North America Contact Center Systems Market

Analytics the Only Bright Spot in a Declining On-Premises Market

This market analysis research provides market sizing and forecasts for premises-based contact center systems in North America. The product segments covered are: inbound contact routing, IVR and voice portal, outbound dialer, quality monitoring, workforce management, and contact center analytics. The study provides market forecasts by product segmen...

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12 Aug 2015  |  North America

Boosting Small Midsized Businesses Email Marketing Effectiveness

Powerful Email Platforms Help SMBs Become more Competitive

Email continues to be one of the most widely used marketing channels. It affordably and immediately delivers attractive, rich, targeted, and multichannel content and calls to actions. It is simultaneously dynamic, with customer able to act on it immediately, and passive, where they can set it aside to review at their own convenience. Small-midsized...

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12 Aug 2015  |  North America

Enhancing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for Small Midsized Businesses (SMB)

Smart CRM Strategies, Tactics, and Solutions for SMB Growth

Small midsized businesses (SMBs) become successful by addressing customers needs. Customer relationship management (CRM) software has become critical to SMBs by automating their ability to identify profitable sales opportunities and to develop customer loyalty and lifetime value, including social media referrals. But there are business, economic, ...

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11 Aug 2015  |  North America

Enabling Successful eCommerce for Small Midsized Businesses

Customer Expectations for Excellent Mobile and Omnichannel Service are Shaping eCommerce

eCommerce has become the primary customer engagement channel. Customers now invariably investigate sellers and products online before buying by visiting their web sites and checking out other customers experiences on social media. eCommerce has also become a popular customer sales channel. It dominates the market for buying soft virtualized prod...

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29 Jul 2015  |  Africa

Analysis of the South African Contact Centre Market

The Growing Opportunity for Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Providers in South Africa's Contact Centre Market

To be successfully employed in a contact centre in South Africa, an individual is expected to have a good command of the English language as well as advanced numeracy, technology, and customer service skills. However, skill shortages are a major challenge in the South African contact centre market. Also, a recent change in the requirements to recei...

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