Contact Centers

Contact centers are slated to go through major changes in the coming future. The rise of cloud technology, big data and analytics and social media will change how contact centers are operated, bringing new found efficiencies to the incumbent outsourced contact centre model, making customer service and customer experience a significant differentiator and pushing it to the top of the priority list of organizations.

Frost & Sullivan’s Information Technology research and consulting programs look at conventional and unconventional technologies, with specific focus on top-level potential disruptors such as cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and IOT or the Internet of Things. In the contact center market, we look at:

  • Solution providers in varying segments
  • Big data analytics and their applications in contact centers
  • Web and mobile engagement
  • Complex sales, service, and support opportunities and issues
  • Web experience personalization

We work closely with the world’s largest IT firms and upcoming disruptive start-ups to predict macro and micro trends related to products, services, technology and business models that can define growth. Tailored, customized solutions provide clients with the best strategies for growth, supported by the right key data points researched to meet the client’s needs and the specific engagement. Our research spans broadly across the sector and provides deep insights into specific markets in the most significant areas of IT and the IT industry.

  1. 30 Dec 2015  |  Asia Pacific  |  Market Research

    Asia-Pacific Contact Center Outsourcing Market

    Market Continues to Grow, though the Pace has Slowed Down

    The research service includes analysis of the contact center outsourcing market in Asia-Pacific. Market sizing and forecasting are provided in terms of both seats and revenue. Revenue forecast is provided for 13 countries within the total Asia-Pacific market including Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Indonesia, the ...


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  2. 22 Dec 2015  |  North America  |  Market Research

    North American Contact Center Outsourcing Market

    Digital Transformation Drives Vendor Consolidation

    This market analysis study provides market sizing and forecasts for the North American contact center outsourcing market. The North American market revenue represents outsourced revenues associated with customer interactions that originated in North America, regardless of fulfillment model. This includes onshore, nearshore, offshore, home-agent, au...


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  3. 30 Oct 2015  |  Latin America  |  Market Research

    Latin American Contact Center Systems Market 2015

    Analytics, Workforce Management, and Quality Monitoring will Leverage Market Growth by 2020

    This research services provides market sizing and forecasts for premises-based contact center systems in Latin America. The product segments covered include: inbound contact routing, interactive voice response (IVR) and voice portal, outbound dialer, quality monitoring, workforce management, and contact center analytics. The study provides market f...


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  4. 22 Oct 2015  |  Europe  |  Market Research

    EMEA Contact Center Systems Market

    Analytics the Only Bright Spot in a Declining On-Premises Market

    This market analysis research provides market sizing and forecasts for premises-based contact center systems in the Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) region. The product segments covered are: inbound contact routing, IVR and voice portal, outbound dialer, quality monitoring, workforce management, and contact center analytics. The study pro...


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  5. 19 Oct 2015  |  Global  |  Market Research

    Global Contact Center Systems Market

    Emerging Regions Key for Growth in a Mature Market

    This market analysis research provides global market sizing and forecasts for premises-based contact center systems. The product segments covered are: inbound contact routing, IVR and voice portal, outbound dialer, quality monitoring, workforce management, and contact center analytics. The study provides global market sizing and forecasts by produc...


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  6. 29 Sep 2015  |  Global  |  Technology Research

    Impact of Gamification in Key Industries

    Motivate, Engage, Empower, and Achieve through Gaming

    Gamification is the use of game thinking and mechanics in real-life contexts to solve real-life problems. It is applied to non-game applications to encourage people for better engagement and adoption of processes. Gamification helps users to focus on completion of certain tasks, which are usually considered boring (filling out survey forms, shoppi...


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  7. 25 Sep 2015  |  North America  |  Market Research

    Enterprise Data Storage Market Insights

    Future Technologies and Trends Will Drive Market Growth

    This market insight identifies and discusses the current state of the enterprise data storage market. It highlights the major trends that characterize the market at present as well as the future technological trends that are expected to influence it. It identifies the effects of these trends on data centers globally. The study also analyzes the bus...


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  8. 23 Sep 2015  |  North America  |  Market Research

    2015 North America BPO Mergers & Acquisitions Update

    Contact Center Outsourcing Growth at Warp Speed

    The North American Customer Care Outsourcing market is going through monumental changes that impact service delivery models, locations of delivery centers, and market strategies. BPO service providers in the customer care, support and sales arena, are rapidly expanding their presence around the globe to tap into new clients, acquire expanded langua...


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  9. 18 Sep 2015  |  North America  |  Market Research

    Nearshore is All Grown Up

    Hot BPO Delivery Locations

    Frost & Sullivan believes that there is an increased acceptance and trust in utilizing nearshore outsourcing locations for customer care. Service providers claim that companies can reduce their operating expenses by 30-40% by considering nearshore delivery options. Popular site locations for the North American call volumes include Central America, ...


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  10. 16 Sep 2015  |  Asia Pacific  |  Market Research

    Analysis of the Asia-Pacific Contact Center Applications Market

    Omni-channel Integration Consolidates Communication Platforms

    Contact centers are actively transforming from call centers to customer engagement centers. This study breaks down the contact center applications market across 14 countries in Asia-Pacific based on 8 application segments: ACD, CTI, IVR, outbound systems, call monitoring, WFM, speech technology, and multimedia systems. It presents the market sizing...


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