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  1. Growth Opportunities for Video Conferencing in Huddle Rooms, Global, Forecast to 2022
    Feb 2018
    Huddle room collaboration is a hot topic these days. The hype surrounding this trend has produced many misconceptions, making it difficult to grasp what huddle room collaboration entails. As organizations design smarter meeting spaces to foster collaboration, it’s time to take a closer look at huddle rooms and the growth opportunities in this mar...
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  2. Impact of the Star2Star and Blueface Merger
    Jan 2018

    Impact of the Star2Star and Blueface Merger

    Strategic Implications for Star2Star, Blueface, Channel Partners and UCaaS Competitors

    Region : North America

    On January 3rd, 2017, Sarasota, FL-based Star2Star Communications merged with Dublin, Ireland-based Blueface to form an entity with a market value estimated at $500 million (representing a multiple of current revenues). The new entity’s legal name will be StarBlue; however, the two companies will continue to operate under their original brands in...
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  3. Impact of the Cisco-BroadSoft Acquisition on the UCaaS Ecosystem
    Nov 2017

    Impact of the Cisco-BroadSoft Acquisition on the UCaaS Ecosystem

    Strategic Implications for Cisco, Technology Partners, Service Providers, Platform Vendors and End Customers

    Region : Global

    On October 23rd, 2017, BroadSoft announced its impending acquisition by Cisco, which marked the unified communications as-a-service (UCaaS) industry’s crossing of the Rubicon. With its inception in 1998, BroadSoft heralded the rise of cloud/hosted services and, for almost two decades, symbolized the next generation of business communications, sta...
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