Innovations in Artificial Organs (Technical Insights)

Impact and assessment of key innovations in artificial organs

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Artificial organs are support devices that are either attached to the human body or implanted in the human body to restore the function of an ailing organ or to completely replace a native organ. Artificial organs can be segmented into 7 main categories, that is, cochlear implants, artificial heart, artificial liver, artificial pancreas, artificial eyes, artificial lungs and artificial kidneys. The artificial organs market is a hotbed of innovation with a lot of research and development being undertaken by companies and universities across the globe. The research study covers innovations across 7 segments, their technologies, and the impact. Technology adoption in the report demonstrates the level of current ad

Table of Contents

Executive SummaryScope of ResearchResearch Process MethodologyResearch Methodology (continued)Key FindingsIndustry OverviewIndustry SnapshotCochlear Implants—IntroductionCochlear Implants—TrendsCochlear Implants—Market Share AssessmentArtificial Heart—IntroductionArtificial Heart—TrendsArtificial Heart—Trends (continued)Artificial Heart—Market Share AssessmentArtificial Heart—Market Share Assessment (continued)Artificial Heart—Key PlayersArtificial Liver—IntroductionArtificial Liver—TrendsArtificial Liver—Trends (continued)Artificial Pancreas—IntroductionArtificial Pancreas—TrendsArtificial Pancreas—Market Share AssessmentArtificial Pancreas—Market Share Assessment (continued) Artificial Eyes—IntroductionArtificial Eyes—TrendsArtificial Eyes—Trends (continued)Artificial Lungs—IntroductionArtificial Lungs—TrendsArtificial Lungs—Key PlayersArtificial Kidneys—IntroductionArtificial Kidneys—TrendsArtificial Kidneys—Trends (continued)Industry Value ChainImpact Assessment and AnalysisImpact Mapping of Drivers and ChallengesMarket Impact—Drivers ExplainedMarket Impact—Challenges ExplainedDiffusion of InnovationIndustry Landscape—Adoption: North AmericaIndustry Landscape—Adoption: South AmericaIndustry Landscape—Adoption: EuropeIndustry Landscape—Adoption: Asia PacificFunding AssessmentFunding Assessment—Cochlear implantsFunding Assessment—Artificial HeartFunding Assessment—Artificial Heart (continued)Funding Assessment—Artificial LiverFunding Assessment—Artificial PancreasFunding Assessment—Artificial EyesFunding Assessment—Artificial LungsFunding Assessment—Artificial kidneyOpportunity EvaluationAssessment of PartnershipsAssessment of Partnerships (continued)Assessment of Partnerships (continued)Recent Mergers and AcquisitionsTechnology Management StrategiesTechnology Roadmap ConclusionKey Contacts & PatentsKey contactsGlobal PatentsGlobal Patents (continued)Global Patents (continued)Global Patents (continued)Global Patents (continued)Legal DisclaimerThe Frost & Sullivan StoryThe Frost & Sullivan StoryValue Proposition: Future of Your Company & CareerGlobal PerspectiveIndustry Convergence360º Research PerspectiveImplementation ExcellenceOur Blue Ocean Strategy

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