Innovations in Transdermal Drug Delivery

Microneedle Technologies Creating Novel Opportunities in Transdermal Drug Delivery Industry

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With the healthcare industry moving toward patient convenience and comfort, pharmaceutical and medical device companies are continuously researching for the most effective, side effect free, convenient route of drug delivery. Transdermal drug delivery is a painless method of delivering drug formulation. Transdermal route of drug administration has several inherent limitations which can be overcome by technology innovations such as skin ablation (laser, radio frequency), electrical (iontophoresis and electroportation), mechanical (microneedle) methods. This research report focuses different technology innovations, key innovators in this space, industry trends, and impact across different therapeutic areas.

Table of Contents

1.0 Executive Summary1.1 Scope of the Research1.2 Research Methodology1.2 Research Methodology (continued)1.3 Key Findings2.0 Industry Overview2.1 Transdermal Drug Delivery: A Promising Method of Drug Delivery2.2 Evolution of Transdermal Drug Delivery Technologies2.3 Technology Innovations Addressing Conventional Transdermal Delivery Challenges2.4 Active and Passive Transdermal Drug Delivery Technologies3.0 Technology Snapshot and Trends3.1 Skin Ablation for Transdermal Drug Delivery3.1.1 Company Skin Ablation Innovations for Transdermal Drug Delivery3.1.2 University Skin Ablation Innovations for Transdermal Drug Delivery3.2 Transdermal Drug Delivery Assisted by Electrical Technologies3.2.1 Iontophoretic Transdermal System for Managing Pain and Migraine3.3 Ultrasound for Transdermal Drug Delivery3.4 Convenient, Easy-to-Use Microneedle Patch with Efficacy of Conventional Needle Injection 3.4.1 Different Delivery Strategies Using Microneedles3.4.2 Solid and Liquid Dose Microneedle Drug Delivery Device3.4.3 Dissolving Microneedle Patch Technology for Flu Vaccination3.4.4 Customizable, Metal-based Hollow Microneedle Technology3.4.5 Proprietary Microneedle Fabrication Technology3.4.6 Dissolvable Microneedle Patch to Deliver Chemotherapeutic Agent for Treating Skin Cancer3.4.7 Dissolving Microneedle Patches for Cosmetic Applications3.4.8 Recent Microneedle Patents for Antiaging3.4.9 Recent Microneedle Innovations from Patent Analysis3.4.10 Recent Microneedle Patents from Universities4.0 Impact Assessment and Analysis4.1 Transdermal Drug Delivery Solutions Impact Pain, Neurological and Hormonal Indications4.1.1 Phase 1 Clinical Trial Assessment Shows Active Research Across Therapeutic Areas4.1.2 Phase 2 Clinical Trial Assessment Shows Active Research Across Transdermal Cancer and Hormonal Therapy 4.1.3 Phase 3 Clinical Trial Assessment Shows Active Research for Transdermal Neurological Therapy4.1.4 Key Transdermal Therapy Clinical Trials Across Phases4.2.1 Active Industry Partnerships and Alliances in Transdermal Drug Delivery Industry4.2.2 Microneedle Technology Licensed from Universities4.2.3 Transdermal Technologies Licensed for by Key Companies4.3.1 Funding Assessment Indicates Market Interest Toward Microneedle Technology4.3.2 National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases is the Top Funding Federal Agency for Transdermal Drug Delivery4.3.3 Key Federal Funded Research Projects for Transdermal Drug Delivery5.0 Growth Opportunities & Strategic Insights5.1 Transdermal Drug Delivery Industry Innovation Ecosystem: Key Innovators5.2.1 Growth Opportunities: Advanced Microneedles5.2.2 Growth Opportunities: Transdermal Gene Delivery 5.2.3 Growth Opportunities: Smart Transdermal Patches5.3.1 Technology Roadmap of the Transdermal Drug Delivery Industry5.3.2 Technology Roadmap Overview5.3.3 Technology Roadmap of the Transdermal Drug Delivery Industry (Legend)5.3.4 Technology Roadmap of the Transdermal Drug Delivery Industry – Explained5.4 Technology Convergence for Advanced Transdermal Drug Delivery5.5 Emerging Cross Cluster Technologies are Set to Revolutionize the Future Transdermal Drug Delivery Industry5.6 Strategic Recommendations for Transdermal Drug Delivery Industry Growth6.0 Key Industry Contacts6.1 Key Industry Contacts6.1 Key Industry Contacts (continued)Legal Disclaimer




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Release Date : 09-Apr-18

Region : North America

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