Role of Mobile Computing Applications in Supporting Integrated Care in Western Europe

Assessing Market Opportunities for Smartphones, Tablet Computers and Smart Wearables in the Integrated Care Environment

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Ageing demographics, chronic long-term conditions and rising healthcare cost have driven the demand for integrated care. Although the adoption of integrated care has traditionally been low in healthcare community, this is due to health system fragmentation, lack of connectivity, and lack of reimbursements from governments. With the objective of controlling healthcare spending and reducing patient readmission, major Western European economies are embracing Integrated Care as an alternative. Integrated care initiatives have certainly created the necessity for healthcare IT and mobile computing solutions in the healthcare infrastructure to increase work efficiency at integrated care facilities. Mobile health (mHe

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
Introduction to Integrated Care
State of Integrated Care in Western Europe Key Findings
Health Information Technology in the Integrated Care
Outlook on Integrated Care Foundation
Integrated Care Foundation
Project Sustain
Project Integrate
Study Scope
2. Integrated Care—Market Summary
Market Summary
Leading Chronic Diseases
Integrated Care Status
Market Drivers and Restraints
Unmet Customer Needs
Organizations Working Towards IC
Integrated Care Adoption-Western Europe
Growing Demand for Integrated Care in Western Europe
3. Integrated Care Outlook
The United Kingdom
Integrated Care Models Actively Being Deployed
Place-Based System of Care
Integration of Physical Health and Mental Health
Patient-Centered Medical Neighborhood Model
4. Mobile Computing Applications in the Integrated Care Environment
Introduction to mHealth Product and Services
Key Findings
Convergence—Mobile Solutions & Healthcare Technologies
Mobile and Tablet Computers in the Healthcare Facilities
Smart Watches in Healthcare Setting
Mobile Health Solutions—Potential across Care Setting
Dashboard Summary—Mobile Solutions in Integrated Care Setting
Mobile Health Ecosystem—Integrated Care Model
5. Competitive Landscape
Enterprise Healthcare Mobility Solutions & Offerings
Healthcare Mobility—Key Segment Participants
Competitive Landscape—Mobile Solutions, Western Europe, 2015
6. Market Potential Discussion
Market Impact of Top 10 Trends—Promising Market Opportunities
Market Opportunity—Clinical Care Segment
Mobile Health Solutions Business Model Framework
Mobile Health (mHealth) Platform Revenue Sources
7. Case Study—Integrated Care Pilots
Mobile Technology and Healthcare Adoption—Overview
Scale of Integrated Care Adoption—UK and Netherlands
Integrated Care Adoption—NHS, England
8. Integrated Care Pilots—Highlights
mHealth Solutions in the Integrated Care (UK & NL)—Key Findings
Successful Integrated Care Programs and Outcomes
Integrated Care Program Highlights
Evolving Models of Integrated Care Delivery
9. Electronic Observations and Handovers
eObservations System—Overview
eObservations and Handovers—Competitive Landscape
eObservations and eHandovers
10. Ambulatory Care Solutions
Ambulatory Care IT Infrastructure in the UK and Netherlands
Clinicians and Patients Digital Engagements—UK
Clinicians and Patients Digital Engagements—Netherlands
Virtual Patients Visits & eMonitoring Services
11. Acute Care Solutions
Acute Care Management in the UK and Netherlands
Acutqe Care—State of Acute Care and Electronic Systems Currently in Use in the UK and NL
Mobile Health Assessments in the United Kingdom and Netherlands
State of Acute Care and Electronic Systems Currently in Use in the UK and NL
12. The Last Word
3 Big Predictions
Legal Disclaimer
13. Appendix
List of Abbreviations
14. The Frost & Sullivan Story

List of Figures & Charts

1. Mobile Devices and Solutions Segment: Competitive Structure, Western Europe, 2015
2. mHealth Solutions: Business Model Framework, Western Europe, 2016–2020
3. Integrated Care Pilot Program Evaluation: Conclusions, UK & NL, 2015
4. Scale of adoption of Electronic Observation Systems, UK and NL, 2016
5. Hospitals that have Already Implemented Electronic Patient Observation Systems, UK & Netherlands, 2016

1. Healthcare Spending Comparison, Western Europe, 2015
2. Total Mobile Solutions Market: Western Europe, 2015
3. Integrated Care and mHealth Solutions: Impact of Top 10 Trends, Western Europe, 2015
4. Mobile Health Solutions: Revenue Sources, Western Europe, 2016–2020
5. Mobile Technology Adoption in Healthcare, Western Europe, 2015
6. Adoption of Integrated Care Programs in the UK, 2015
7. Adoption of Integrated Care Programs in Netherlands, 2015
8. Integrated Care Program, Population Coverage, UK, 2012–2020
9. E-Observation and Handover Market: Market Share, UK & NL, 2015
10. Digital Engagement Statistics, UK, 2015
11. Digital Engagement, UK, 2016
12. Digital Engagement, UK, 2018
13. Digital Engagement Statistics, Netherlands, 2015
14. Digital Engagement, Netherlands, 2016
15. Digital Engagement, Netherlands, 2018
16. Mobile Solutions Usage Assessment in the Clinical Setting, UK & NL, 2015
17. Percent Share of Electronic Systems in Usage, 2015, UK & NL
18. Adoption of Mobile Health Solutions Can Replace Conventional Systems and Accelerate Digital Engagement, 2016–2020

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