World RNAi MarketsCurrent and Future Outlook


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The objective of this research service is to provide detailed analysis of the relatively small but rapidly emerging global RNAi market. The research service discusses the approaches to delivery of siRNA into cells, tissues and organs. In addition, this service provides an in-depth analysis of the global RNAi market split into four segments - RNA oligonucleotides market, vector-based siRNA market, therapeutic market and contract service market.The research service also discusses the competitive landscape and provides strategies for companies involved in the RNAi market as well as for companies wishing to enter this extremely lucrative market. The research service also provides decision support databases related

Table of Contents

World RNAi Markets—Current and Future Outlook, Executive SummaryExecutive SummaryExecutive SummaryWorld RNAi Markets—Current and Future Outlook, Glossary of TermsAbbreviationsAbbreviationsWorld RNAi Markets—Current and Future Outlook, Research and Forecasting MethodologyFrost & Sullivan's 12-step Market Engineering Research MethodologyFrost & Sullivan's 12-step Market Engineering Research MethodologyStep 1: Define Market Problems; Needs and OpportunitiesStep 2: Define Objectives and Goals of the Research ProjectStep 3: Design Optimal Research TeamStep 4: Launch Data Collection PhaseStep 5: Select Interview Strategy and Design of SurveyStep 6: Test the Survey DesignStep 7: Conduct Primary Market ResearchStep 8: Research Analysis: Finding "Point A"Step 9: Market Forecasting: Finding "Point B"Step 10: Develop Strategic RecommendationsStep 11: Confirm Results with Quality ControlStep 12: Market Monitoring and Customer Feedback ReviewFrost & Sullivan's Market Engineering Forecasting MethodologyOverviewStrategic Significance of the Market Engineering ForecastJudging Credibility and Accuracy of Market Engineering ForecastsForecast AssumptionsWorld RNAi Markets—Current and Future Outlook, Introduction to RNAiBackgroundBackgroundGene SilencingGene SilencingTechnologies for Gene SilencingTechnologies for Gene SilencingAptamersRibozymesPeptide Nucleic Acid (PNA) and PNA-DNA ChimerasAntisense OligonucleotidesCpG OligonucleotidesRNA Interference (RNAi)Comparision of Gene-silencing ApproachesComparison of Gene-silencing ApproachesRNAiIntroductionRNAi DiscoveryRNAi ApproachesWorld RNAi Markets—Current and Future Outlook, Methods of DeliveryIntroductionIntroductionDelivery TechnologiesDelivery by Chemical TransfectionsDelivery by ElectroporationDelivery Using Plasmid and Viral VectorsDelivery Using Cell-Penetrating PeptidesIn Vivo Delivery of siRNAsWorld RNAi Markets—Current and Future Outlook, Industry ChallengesIndustry Challenges and IssuesChallenges Facing the World RNAi MarketTime Frame AnalysisTime-frame Analysis of Industry ChallengesStrategic Analysis of the Global RNAi MarketIntroductionIntroductionResearch Measurement SystemResearch Measurement SystemMarket Drivers and RestraintsMarket DriversMarket RestraintsMarket ForecastTotal RNAi MarketRNA Oligonucleotide MarketVector-based siRNA MarketRNAi Therapeutic MarketRNAi Contract Service MarketTrends by ApplicationTrends by ApplicationAcademia Versus Pharma-biotechGeographic Trends in the RNAi MarketsTrends by Geographic RegionPricing AnalysisPricing AnalysisWorld RNAi Markets—Current and Future Outlook, Competitive EnvironmentCompetitive StructureCompetitive StructureMarket Share AnalysisMarket Share AnalysisWorld RNAi Markets—Current and Future Outlook, Market Engineering StrategyIntroduction to Strategic Recommendations Introduction to Strategic Recommendations Strategic AnalysisMarket Maturation ProcessStrategic AnticipationCustomer PrioritiesStrategic RecommendationsPorters Five Forces Analysis and RecommendationsTechnical Strategic Recommendations Recommendations for the Sales and Marketing Department Other Strategic RecommendationsWorld RNAi Markets—Current and Future Outlook, Frost & Sullivan Awards for the RNAi MarketAwards for the Global RNAi MarketsFrost & Sullivan AwardsBusiness Development Strategy Leadership AwardProduct Differentiation Innovation AwardProduct Quality Leadership AwardMarket Leadership AwardGrowth Strategy Leadership AwardWorld RNAi Markets—Current and Future Outlook, Database of Key Industry ParticipantsCompanies Exploiting RNAi TherapeuticsCompanies Exploiting RNAi TherapeuticsCompanies Exploiting RNAi ScreeningCompanies Exploiting RNAi ScreeningSuppliers of RNAi Tools and ReagentsSuppliers of RNAi Tools and ReagentsWorld RNAi Markets—Current and Future Outlook, Decision Support DatabasesNumber of Biotech CompaniesNumber of Biotech CompaniesGovernment R&D Investment in BiotechnologyGovernment R&D Investment in BiotechnologyPrivate Investment in BiotechnologyPrivate Investment in BiotechnologyPharmaceutical R&D ExpenditurePharmaceutical R&D Expenditure

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